Win one for the fans

The trip back from Minnesota was great. Everybody was having a good time and really nothing has changed. I think that is the great part of this team. Regardless of winning or losing, we are always pretty much the same. It doesn?t matter what the situation is. I remember during the series against the Angels at home when we were trying to clinch and we didn?t and then we failed again in the first game in Seattle. But we were still the same the next game in the clubhouse. We were still relaxed and screwing around. This team has a lot of character, resilience and tenacity. We easily forget the past.

As we head into Game 3, the atmosphere now is as loose as always. But we never take anything for granted. This isn?t a team where we?re going to sit back and be relaxed and think that we have everything wrapped up. It?s not over until that last out and that last win, after that we can relax and chill out a little bit.

To see Mark Ellis get injured again was really hard for all of us. Elli is in a class with guys like Jason Kendall, Eric Byrnes, Bobby Higginson, Darin Erstad. Those guys are some of the more hard-nose guys in the game. He?s been through this before, too. I remember watching Elli a couple of years ago separate his shoulder on a freak collision in Spring Training. He came back from that adversity and had an outstanding year last year. And now this year he has had — again — two freak accidents involving his hands. It just breaks our hearts to see him go down. The fact that he won?t be able to help us is harder on him than anyone. We?re going to miss him in the lineup. It really hurts to watch him because he is the type of player where he would rather be in the lineup more than anyone. I talked to him after he broke his finger and he seemed OK, and I?m sure he?s bummed out. He went down while he was battling a war against Joe Nathan and that?s all you can ask.

Game 3 at Oakland should have a good atmosphere. We?re going to have about 35,000 fans out there and that will be great. Hopefully the fans will be nice and loud and be involved. We just came from the Metrodome and those fans are some of the loudest fans I have ever heard. They were on their feet for something as minuscule as a single.

I hope that our fans can be that involved and give us that home-field advantage that we?re looking for.

It?s good to be back home and it?s good to come back to our fans in Oakland. Last time we left this place we weren?t 100 percent sure that we were ever going to see this place again. For all of those die hard A?s fans that haven?t seen a World Series since 1989, we hope to bring that back to them.



    I’m a die hard A’s fan who lives and has lived in Maryland my whole life. I know it sounds weird having an A’s fan in Maryland who’s never been to Oakland but ever since I saw the team when I was like five I’ve loved them. I was born in 1991, so I’ve never seen an A’s world series. Hopefully you can do me a favor and bring me that

    -Alex Suggs


    Thanks Barry, for your insight into your world as a player. Here’s a little insight from our world as fans; we’ll be there friday-saturday, loud and proud, in every pitch, every swing and every catch. You’ve always been my #1 starter.


    Whaddup Barrold – smiles on the mutha truckin’ plane!! Yeah there were smiles across Oakland when you guys took those 2 at the dome. We will see you guys tomorrow afternoon loud and proud, and we’ll bring our brooms!



    We are flying early early from DC and I can hardly wait to watch you guys!! I haven’t been able to sleep I am so excited. I wanted to tell you that I heard about what you are doing for the wounded troops. It really means so much. I am an Iraq veteran, I just came home in April this year. I spent a year over there and last year was the only year of my 25 years of existence I missed a game in the Oakland Coliseum! That is why I made sure that I am at the playoffs this year. I won’t ever take baseball for granted. Thanks for being so great, in and off the field. Plus, you are the only guy that has ever signed an autograph for two different times. Go A’s!!!


    I’m a Italian A’s fan, from when I was a kid in the ’70: I learned English following the AFN Radio broadcast and I became a die-hard A’s fan without having seen a single player face (no satellite dishes in the ’70). Then it’s come the 1989 title, then this millennium A’s and I have been able to travel in USA, so coming 3 times in Oakland to see live games (1 you pitched vs Phillies): when I was kid my baseball hero was Vida Blue, now as grown kid you are my choice, so I’m very glad to read your blog. A message : win for us too, Barry, win for us , for all the A’s fans in the world.


    You can bet we’ll be making noise tomorrow! It was all I could do to not shout out loud in my office when that last out was called! On both games. Thankfully my boss said I could have the day off tomorrow to be there for game three. Regardless of the outcome of this series, I wanna say thanks to you and the rest of the team for making this season so entertaining.


    I’m glad you guys are pumped and ready to go. you guys will do fine. I have faith in you guys. Well, good luck and have fun out there.


    Barry, You are the man. I’m from California but im attending college in Missouri and im hoping you guys can make it to the world series vs the cards so everybody will just shut up about them aroudn here and i can show them who really is the most legit team in the mlb.


    Barry, I’ll be watching the game from home(Milpitas). But I’ll be cheering loud and proud. I love the A’s!!!…I’m so glad you guys are FINALY getting the recognition you guys deserve.


    Hey Barry,
    I am glad you guys are 2-0. It is so cool how you guys are so calm and having so much fun out there playing. That is why i love watching you guys play. I will be watching you here back home in Michigan. Good Luck. Keep having fun.



    Barry, I am 57 yrs old (more than old enough to be your Father) I hope that I am somewhat in tune with kids your age. Let me start by saying that I live in Vancouver, WA now but have been a devout fan of the A’s since 1970. I remember the first time I stepped foot in the Colliseum. So much to say yet so little time. I wish you all the best in your new career. I know you are a free-agent and that after this season you will probably end up being a NY Yankee. I have personally prayed that the A’s will advance in the play-offs and move on to the World Series. Just remember where you started and who gave you your start. Thanks for all the thrills. GO A’S!!!


    Barry, I wish you and the rest of the team luck tomorrow. I will be watching the game on tv and believe me I will be cheering louldly.


    It’s upsetting to see Ellis out, not only from the team’s perspective, but from a personal perspective. I appreciate your thoughts in this regard. I’m confident that some guys will step up and fill in the offensive production gap – hopefully D’Angelo gets the butterflies out on defense. As far as playoff history is concerned, as a fan who’s followed the A’s closely forever, there is a different quality about this team than I saw in the last 4 playoff appearances. I hope you guys keep doing the little things that it takes to win. Don’t let up until you’ve got that trophy! I’ll be losing my voice for you as always 🙂


    y’all r on a roll keep it going i am the biggest a’s fan in the world.
    i have pix of u wen u beat the rangers 9-0 that was my favorite game ever


    remember we the A’s came to play rangers well i live in texas but u guys stayed at esteban loazia’s house i was there my friend and i we had fun


    Hey good luck Barry I think you guys could go a long way in the playoffs, and PLEEEEEEEEASE stay in Oakland!!!


    hey man!

    don’t even worry about the fans not being loud enough tomorrow. u guys r 2-0 and r playing great! i also know u guys r going to avenge ellis? injury by bombarding the twins with runs tomorrow. this will give the a’s fans an even greater reason to cheer u guys on tomorrow. this will make us fans go even crazier. we will not only be cheering u on from the coliseum, but from all over the bay area. as for myself, i?ll be cheering for u guys from my car and then mi casa. i have class until 1:10 tomorrow and i have a 40 min drive home to concord. i’m going to run from class to my car and from my drive way to my living room, so that i don’t miss anything.

    lets go oakland, lets go!!!


    The pitching, small ball and defense – awesome to watch. And every win is a team effort. “A different hero every game.” So true. We are the luckiest fans in baseball – the A’s have been incredibly consistent for years, and you all look like you’re having so much fun. You guys deserve this. Keep having fun, no matter what the outcome. And Mr. Zito, please don’t leave us. I know you deserve a lot; you’re a phenom pitcher. But to watch you go from being the kid playing guitar on the pier for money to the “wise old man” on the team and then have you leave us, well it’s just wrong. I wish you luck in the future, I just hope it’s with the A’s. Tell Elli, we’re gonna miss his “effortless” D. Go A’s!


    Hi Barry,

    You and my beloved A’s rock!! I had my car painted green and gold, “go A’s” and “A’s rock” are all over my car. You go, boys, let’s bring the World Series to Oakland! I have tickest for game 4 of ALDS, I hope I am not going, but I will go to ALCS for sure! bring on the Yankees!!!!

    Anni from San Ramon


    Smiles on the plane <~~
    That’s good to know! 🙂

    …but about Ellis, that’s definitely a bummer. I know how frustrating it can be to have to sit on the side wanting to contribute for the team after a freak injury. I feel bad for him 😦

    I Love him & will miss him in the line-up.

    I’m sure the fans are gonna be loud as all can get out tomorrow , I just hope i’ll be able to sleep tonight thinken’ about it. This excitement is off the charts! ( Like a lil kid goin’ to Disneyland or somethin’)

    Well, GOOD LUCK & GO A’S!!!


    Hey Barry- This is so cool to be able to connect to the team! I was watching ESPN last night and caught Eric Byrnes talking us up… how refreshing to have someone shed some light on the teams talent! As he put it we’ve got all the twinkies!!!! My sister will be there tomorrow, I will be home getting calls from her, hearing the crowd and the drummers.. The next best thing. Right now I’m watching the game from 8/28; against the Red Sox.. just nice to hear a game.. what will we all do in the off season… I’ll be watching recorded games!!! I’ll be screaming at the TV at home… tell the team we have faith!


    I loved watchin’ your curves out on the mound last tuesday. My heart was literally in my throat the whole game… partly because of the emotions involved in watching the A’s first postseason game since 2003, and partly because it was so heart-wrenching to think that you might not be with us next year.

    So here’s hoping that we get to watch the best curves in baseball do it again for Oakland next year. We HELLA love you Barry.

    Um beijo na bunda,




    Hey Barry,
    Welcome home.What a bummer about Ellis.I will try to have faith that even with this stepback you guys will still come thru with a victory.Go all the way A’s and please please find a way to stay in Oakland.


    I am going to “ditto” all the remarks made by everyone else. We’ll be there screaming our loudest, cheering you all on to victory tomorrow.

    I am going, and I am so excited! I should get some sleep right now, but I cannot sleep. It is going to be so much fun!

    Haren is an excellent pitcher too, and I actually met a man at my church tonight that told me he was married to Dan’s first cousin. Shoot, I was even excited to meet a “man, who is married to a cousin of an A’s player!” Haha!

    He said they remember seeing Dan as a kid tearing it up. He’ll do the same tomorrow.

    Good luck to you all! Tell Ellis that we are all sorry he was hurt, but we’re still proud of him. He is the leagues best second baseman! 🙂


    Z – thanks for the sentiment. As fans, we look forward to seeing you guys back on the home turf. Most of all, win it for yourselves. This team deserves it. As much as I dig other versions of this team, the 2006 model is my favorite because you guys grind each and every time out.


    I am super excited and proud of you guys! I know all of us A’s faithfuls will be there weather we have tickets or have to chance it! All of us a so proud to see you guys come home to your fans after takin’ the Twins on there own turf! Now you are on your turf and all those cheers you hear will be from your fans! The fact that it will fall on my birthday just makes it better! I give you guys major props for over coming most to all injuries and kickin’ some major butt this season!

    I have always and will always be an A’s faithful! It will be

    hard to watch you go, if you decide to just know no matter which way it goes! You will always have fans! Let’s go Oakland go out thereand kick some Twins!!


    yo yo zito! Great words in your blog! I grew up in Alameda and had the great fortune of seeing so many legends on the mound, at the plate and in the field for the A’s. Can’t tell you how PUMPED I am for this ’06 crew of heroes! Even had a dream -no kidding- about a week ago that the A’s hit two, back-to-back, in fact, inside-the-park grand slams against the Twins!!! hehehe…nice dream eh? Even called my brother to tell him I was personally responsible for Kots’ insider…hehehe…

    But seriously, I’m super stoked on what you guys are pulling off. Here you are, a team of come-togethers, not deep pocketed b*&tches like the yanks, who buy there way into the series, but rag-tag fight hard in the trenches kinda boys who don’t look back! EXACTLY! Well put! Look forward to the next 9 innings! Nada mas! “Get the W” is the only thing on the mind. NICE!

    Tonight I linked into your blog, and I have a couple deep rooted questions needing attention:

    On the 89, 90, 91 teams, the monster bashers were the deciding factor, as were excellent starters and bullpens were deep. The club was able to generate strength from the experience, skill and comeraderie between Parker, Hendu, McGwire, Canseco. Now, how rockin is Frank Thomas’ influence for the hitters? His experience, power, and light-heartedness…do these add up to a pivotal player that the young bros like Swisher, Kielty, and Kendall can look up to?

    And, looking at the big picture, the starting rotation of pitchers for the A’s has had a sort of revolving door appearance in the past. I was happy when, in the offseason last year, not too many changes were made, esp in light that Billy Beane switched up nearly half the solid crew from 04. What you guys have now is actually generated from such a rockin’ 2nd half of the ’05 season. Would you concur? I liked what you said about your conversations with Haren. I believe you are probably a beacon for some of the younger players in rotation.

    I look forward to Friday’s gameday. Unfortunately, biz prevails and I won’t even catch one inning, but my heart is in there every Minn. out and every Athletics run!

    Thanks a million! Joel


    Barry, you pitched masterfully Tuesday, Hurt was Hurtful, and Marco made a big difference–again.
    I hope I never forget where I was on National Mark Kotsay Day. Did he get a key to the city of Minneapolis?

    I like the way you’ve backed up Street — he’s gotten the outs the A’s have needed, and not even a Twinkie-dome lucky strike rattled him. I get the idea that he knows how to compete, and will continue to rise to the October intensity level.

    I’ve been crazy about the teams since the days of John Jaha, but you guys this year have a heavy-water, old-soul confidence that gives everything a more stable feel than I remember those previous years. Please hand Mark Ellis a very cold, good beer–and some Dakota-style kielbassa or something gnarly and meaty. He’s gonna have to fit his good hand into a gold glove next April!

    Stay on ’em–I’ll be there for every game, hollerin’ like a good nut-job-fan should.

    We believe in you! –Chris, Oakland


    WOW! what a bunch of great fans the A’s have. even reading the fans comments is exciting. I’m proud to be an A’s fan and promise to yell my head off today from behind the bullpen.

    thanks to Byrnes for shutting up those ESPN guys with the FACTS even.

    we’re all sad for Ellis. he’s one of the pillars in the foundation of the team and will be missed.

    tell all the guys we’re there for them and ready to see some new history happen today.



    I am soooo jacked up for this game today. Congrats on the filth you were dealing on tuesday! You have great Swisher Buckeye juju working, and I am looking forward to another great game. Terrible news about Ellis.. always thought of him as a clutch performer, and the best fielding 2b in the game. Go A’s, Go Buck’s, and Go Athleticsnation!



    You guys were just amazing in MN. Thanks for blogging, it’s so cool reading what’s happening on the inside.

    Can’t wait for today’s game. I’m so jealous that my husband gets to go to the game without me (but he promised to be extra loud!). At least I got to go to your first game way back when 🙂

    Thanks for the ride! You are the coolest.


    Thanks for taking the time to blog for us Barry! I’ll be screaming and yelling at the TV from my couch in Davis for the game today. Good luck! I’ll be devastated if you leave Oakland next year. PLEASE STAY!




    Dear Z-Great Zito
    I have been an A’s fan from way back when Catfish Hunter and Rollie Fingers were on the mound. I’m embarrassed to say that my daughter and I are in a house filled with SF Giants, but that?s why we are the happiest in our home!!! You guys have faced adversity in the past and came out on top. We love you guys so JUST WIN BABY!!


    Mr. Zito
    I cant express enough thanks! For writing this blog, pitching that way you did game 1, all year long… dont let it end now! Make sure we dont let up now. Lay it on thick. I know we’ll be there goin crazy as ever as long as you guys continue to battle and dig and grind out what may be the toughest win this year.

    LETS GO A’S!!!



    hey Barry, I’m really happy for where we are now. As a die hard A’s fan, I’m hoping to shut everybody?s mouth and show them that we can pass this first round.

    Let hope for a good game by Haren today, he’s a good pitcher and we he has his stuff going, he’s unbeatable.

    Btw, thx for keeping your blog updated, that’s shows you’re a very good person and that you really care about the team and the fans.

    Let’s hope for a win today, to wrap things up.

    Go A’s…thanks Zito

    Muahhhh, from Sasha…



    There is NO DOUBT in our minds that you are a master. You have won the hearts of millions of A’s fans with your skill, humble nature, and leadership.

    I’ll pray for you and the team to win more games and bring the World Series back to Oakland, where it belongs.

    Yes, we will cheer for you and for the team from the top of our lungs. We owe that to this team.

    To us, Zito, you are a HERO!!! Let the fans have some thing to look forward for many years to come. Keep the A’s Alive. You are the difference maker. YOU ARE A WINNER!!! Stay with us.


    Yes everyone I am a Yankees fan(and for that matter I like the Twins too)but I can assure you ALL I am rooting for the A’s. I would pick the A’s over the Twins ANY DAY! I just adore this blog, Zito along with Andy Pettitte is not only my favorite pitcher in the game..but my favorite overall athlete in all of sports. This has been a great season and so far a great series! Good luck to Danny today and to all of the A’s in sweeping the series. There is no team in sports with more enjoyable players than the A’s and I will never get tired of watching this team! Also..what a wonderful blog, Barry you are a very well spoken and bright man. Let’s go A’s! Win it today!!!


    Hey Z and all the fans! I had to pull together a corporate outfit involving the green and gold today. It turned out hot! Oh I wish I was going to the game! Lots of us fans will be cheering from work/home to our best ability, just the way you are all going to play. Lots of love to Ellis, hope it?s a quick recovery. GO A?S!!!!!!


    Hey Zito,

    Nice words about Mark Ellis. The media around here are such Debbie Downers when it comes to talking about Mark. I’m just nervious right now since all sports page print and the Internet all article referring to past failures.


    -Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan.


    Dear A’s,

    Just want let you know how awesome it is to see you guys playing so well together and getting the job done!

    Send those Twins packing on the next flight home to MN!

    GO SCOOTER!! I know your friends back home are rooting you on!

    Get’r DONE!


    Sorry Barry,

    The last world series in Oakland was in 1990, but we don’t want to talk about that,… but being a die hard A’s fan for my entire life, I gotta say that this is the best oppertunity the A’s have had in a while. So lets finish ’em off today!!!



    What a shame so many of us can not enjoy watching this game today! I live in RI but I will catch about an hour of the game before I leave work (I am a nanny) and head off to my classes for the evening(I am a college senior studying Special Education). I am decked out in my A’s colors today and of course represtenting the ever so talented Danny Haren by wearing his jersey ! I hope for the A’s and everyone involved with the team, the fans, and those who doubt them that they go out there today and sweep the series and show what a talented group of men then really are!I know alot of people are still doubting the level of success the Athletics can achieve this year but I surely am not one of those people. I feel they have the depth in both pitching and position players and the will and drive to take it all this season.
    Ps. Best wishes to Ellis, it is a shame to see such a talented and personable player miss out on rest of the postseason but we are all behind him and can not praise him enough for a season well done!

    Let’s go A’s!



    Sorry Barry,

    The last world series in Oakland was in 1990, but we don’t want to talk about that,… but being a die hard A’s fan for my entire life, I gotta say that this is the best oppertunity the A’s have had in a while. So lets finish ’em off today!!!



    Hey Barry!
    I wish I could be there in Oakland for the game! I grew up in Sacramento, CA and fell in love with the A’s when I was 6. Unfortunately, I now live in SC and will have to watch it on ESPN (yuck!). But I will be cheering my heart out for you all in my living room!

    I know that you guys can do it today! The team has been great this year and I would love to see you all make it to and win the WS this year!

    Go A’s!!!



    WOW! So we are about to clinch! I sure hope we do it today. I am living in Vancouver, WA. but, I am originally from the Bay area and moved from there to my current location back in ’76 and still continue to support my A’s. Barry I wish you and all the team the best of luck and hope that you win it all. Please Barry don’t become a Yankee after this year, that would really **** and not just because they pay more but because of who they are. You are better than that/them.


    It was great to see the A’s knock off the Twinkies in Minneapolis!! Your kind words about Mark were wonderful. It is so disappointing for him not to be in the field. We wish him the best from all his fans in South Dakota. Good Luck A’s…


    Barry…I’m a Braves fan pulling for the A’s. Good luck the rest of the way and am looking forward to seeing you and Huddy bring a championship to Atlanta next year. 🙂


    Zito and team,
    Bring the Yanks in town and play them just like you played Twinkies! . Our prayers are with you and the team. You guys are MARVELOUS.

    Santana, go to sleep and dream on for “May be” another season.

    This World Series belongs to the A’s.

    Alex—Union City, CA


    hey zito i m telling you man if it wasnt for the fact that you will end up pitching against the yankees i would tell you to go all the way your a fantastic pitcher just in the wrong uniform put some thought into your off season free agent status look up the pin stripes and come win the world series


    I hope we win this game (game 3). Sorry to hear about Ellis. I hope he feels better and hopefully his fingers would heal ASAP. Much love to you and your boys.

    Have fun celebrating tonight. =)


    I’m sitting here at my apt. at USC watching the game, studying for mid term’s and wishing so badly that I could be in oakland cheering on my team. Living in L.A. and going to SC, which you know all about :), and not being able to be there for this amazing time for the A’s has been so hard for me. But sweeping the twins and playing so well has made my crazy week that much better. Keep it goin and I cant wait to come home for the next series!

    SC is so proud of you!

    Angela- Concord/L.A., CA


    CONGRATULATIONSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *all smiles*!!!!


    The A’s game if OVER, and you guys offically won the first round of the ALDS. I LOVE YOU ALL! CONGRATULATIONS!!! AND GOOD LUCK WITH THE SECOND ROUND AND THE WS. =)


    Hiya Barry and the TEAM!!!! CONGRATS ON BEATING THE TWINS!!!I just wish i could hear the party that is going on right now. Feel really bad for mark ellis-gotta be hard on the you said a real bummer. wow! just enjoy the celebration.frank thomas looked like he was one happy big guy!!! when they showed him on espn going into the clubhouse-and street three for three in saves-mean street he is!!!! peace and love to all.


    It’s on baby.. ALCS.

    Zito, you lead the way. It was another ballsy performance by you–in the pressure cooker against Santana–and you persevered eventhough it didnt look like you had your best stuff. What a warrior. Let’s do it all the way this time,z. I’m so stolked! F YA!


    New York, NY






    -Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan.


    Congratulations guys,

    Thank you all for giving us a “Tremendous” season. Go all the way and bring us the World Cup. God is standing beside you.

    YES, WE WON!!!!!!

    “YANKERS” watch out! Here comes The American League West champion, (Minnesota Sweeper), THE OAKLAND ATHLETICS OF UNITED STATES.

    I love this team!

    Alex–Union City, CA



    I am so happy I can barely breathe. You and your teammates have made me so truly ecstatic that I don’t think anything could get me down. That is the beauty of baseball. That’s why I love the game. Get some rest for ALCS Game 1 and let’s shock the world.

    Thanks so much for writing, for pitching, and for letting us share in both.

    I will always, always love the Oakland Athletics.


    Hi, Barry: I have become a totally huge fan of the A’s since your arrival on the team. I watched you grow up throwing around a baseball to your dad, and really love the strength of your family. Your values and your heart show in every word you say, every move you make. I could NOT be more delighted that when my attention turned to baseball because of you, the focus of it all turned out to be such a gentleman, and world-class talent to boot. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the A’s will finally win the World Series. This team is seasoned, has been through the post-season losses with such class, and now, with luck and perseverence, maybe you guys can show us all how to get the job done! I can’t claim to be your biggest fan, because I have a LOT of competition, but I am honored to be amongst a contingent who can enjoy every minute of our obsession!!!!


    Thanks Barry. You and the team are exhibiting a lot of class and exhuberance. I’m proud to be an A’s fan and I’m glad my sons get a chance to experience some of the same things I did growing up. Looking forward to the next round. San Mateo/Half Moon Bay, CA


    I just watched you and the team sweep from a bar in downtown Mahnattan where I go to school. I love sitting next to the ubiquitous Yankees fans with my A’s home cap on talking about how you’re going to Moneyball them to next October and how, when I was 6 years old, I had to run out of my San Jose home with my mom and infant brother during the “6.9 in ’89” earthquake wearing the same A’s hat I still brandish today, 17 years later, albeit slightly more greasy and frayed.

    Break a leg kid. I got your back in New York.


    Hey dude,

    I’m 37 years old, and I’ve been an A’s fan since 1974. After 31 years, you are absolutely my very favorite A’s player of all time. You’re such a well rounded, interesting guy who happens to have the greatest curveball in MLB history. This series win was maybe the most satisfying of any I can remember. It’s been 16 long years for me waiting to see the A’s in the ALCS once again.

    Are you getting the feeling that this team is destiny? I do. You’re the leader of a quietly competitive team, that I think has alot more bullets in the chamber for anyone who crosses our path.

    I’m stoked! I’m happy for you and all of the vets on this team who has been waiting for this chance to shine. This is just the beginning. Keep it rollin’ my friend. May your last few trips to the Mcafee mound be your best. Peace bra! A’s nation. DJ


    It was good to see your comments about Hudson and Mulder and it’s been a pleasure to watch you grow and mature as a player and a person. You guys embody why I love baseball. I know next year you will take the next step and sign a big money contract with a more “professional” (if that’s the right word) team, but I hope you will always look back on your youth with the oakland A’s fondly. It would be fiting for you to end it with a world series ring. Best of luck in the ALCS!


    hey barry..that was a beautiful blog…and you said you didnt know what to say…you guys have done an awesome job this season and keep it up..oh also by the way…me and my friend sandi created a weaties box and that cd for you and gave it to you the final saturday home game against the angels…we were wondering if you guys ever listened to it..please do so and send me feedback(given on the cd cover) and let me know what you think..and we will always be cheering for oakland green and yellow..keep up the great work..8 more wins and the Championship is back where it belongs….OAK TOWN!!!!


    Alright Nick…I’ve been smokin for 10+ years now and I think its time to quit. But I need a buddy. It’s time to kill the nicotine. Your dip is awesome, but the children should not see the effects. You are a roll model for many youth in the area and the chaw dip is unnecessary. I will quit smoking if you are ready to quit chewing. I agree, it’s a tough gig. Even if you continue, have fun whatever you do but make them think its Big League Chew. You guys have the best team to go all the way. There is no superstar, F. Thomas is the closest…walk him and watch the runs flow in…why did you take my post off the web??
    This will be a WS for the ages…God bless the Tigers but wait until they revisit the patience of their pitching.

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