I cant explain how it feels

I honestly don?t think I?m going to be able to effectively communicate the emotions of this moment very well. It?s unprecedented, this feeling. I?ve never been here. How can I quantify it in any way?

I guess I?ll just start with how great it is to get this out of the way. It?s not just about me and Eric Chavez. It?s about Mark Ellis and Adam Melhuse, who were on the team in 2003. It?s about Ken Macha and Ron Washington and Brad Fischer, who have been on the coaching staff since we started going to the playoffs in 2000. It?s about Billy Beane. It?s just unbelievable that we can finally move forward past all that negative energy associated with not getting past the first round. We?ve broken that curse of being the great team that can?t get over the hump, all that b.s. everyone talks about. It?s over.

Now we go to go into this new territory, this place we?ve never been. I mean, it just hit me that we?re going to be playing a seven-game series now. That?s a trip all by itself. It?s a totally different animal than a five-game series, and we get to see what that beast is all about.

The emotions today, until we got that big lead late in the game, were crappy. I was clammy, I was anxious ? I was not enjoying myself in any way. I was like Justin Duchscherer right before he has to pitch. Just sweating rockets and dealing with clammy hands. Especially with my boy Dan Haren out there on the mound. That was hard. He?s been like my protιgι since he got here, or whatever you want to call it, and we have a bond that I can?t really describe. I remember the two of us talking in the dugout in Tampa early last season, when both of us were really having a tough time, and we were both thinking about how the heck we?re going to each win five games in a row just to get back to .500 for the year. So to go from there to here with him, and see him pitching in the game that finally got us over the top, I was a mess.

When Jay Payton caught that last out and everyone went to the pile, I don?t know if anyone noticed, but I just kind of hung out on the fringe of the pile, walking around it. It was a pretty cool vantage point, but I hope I get to be in that pile in a couple weeks or so. I can?t be in it now because I?ve heard too many stories about guys getting hurt in there, and right now I have to think about that kind of stuff. Unless it?s a World Series situation and I have a couple of months to recover from a broken finger or two or whatever, I have to stay out of there.

Let me say this about Chavvy: Today was almost like poetic justice. The guy has taken a lot of heat, and to have him be the guy who comes out and sets the tone today was so cool to see. He gave us the momentum we never lost, and I?m so happy for him right now. I?m happy for my family right now, too. They?ve had to sit through a lot of nerve-wracking baseball over the years, so to be able to share this with them is really special.

My mind?s starting to settle down a little bit now, and while the celebration in the clubhouse was winding down I started to think about Tim [Hudson] and Mark [Mulder] a little bit. It?s a little bit bittersweet in a sense, getting to this point without them, because they were such a huge part of this team and the A?s legacy. Both of them got in touch with me after I won the first game of the series, and that meant a lot to me, so I?m looking forward to getting in touch with them again. I know they?re happy for me right now, and it?d be nice to share it with them in some small way.

I really don?t know what else to say at this point. I?d love to be able to get all deep and philosophical for you, but I don?t really have that in me right now. I?m spent. I feel like I just finished a triathlon, physically and emotionally, and I?m spent.

The good news is I can make it up to you. The Oakland A?s are going to one of two teams left in the American League by the time we get going again Tuesday, and I?ll be checking in with you on a regular basis the rest of the way.

Thanks for all your love and support. It?s definitely feeding the fire.


  1. zitogal75@aol.com

    It helps to have people rooting for you, especially old teammates and friends. Mark Mulder and Tim Hudson were with you at the start and they are still with you today. I wish you and all the A’s the best of luck in the next few weeks.

    – Christy

  2. minnievho@yahoo.com

    Oh my gosh Barry you guys finally did it!I cannot start to explain how happy I feel right now.Having been thru 4 years of heartbreak.I actually cried in 02 and 03.Best of luck the rest of the way.Hope to see you in person at the World Series!

  3. alan.zucker@gmail.com

    Hey Barry –

    Thanks for sharing!

    You guys deserve this. Way cool to see Chavvy rock it.


  4. keehnmachine18@aol.com


    I’m really proud to be one of the only A’s fans in Wisconsin. Bring one home for all of us that should have been born in California. From one left handed pitcher to another, you’re the greatest. Good luck Barry! GO A’S.


    Madison, WI

  5. bonscottacdc@netzero.net

    Hey Zito,
    Congratulations on advancing to the ALCS. I’m very happy for you and the A’s. I am also happy for myself and all your fans as we still get to see you pitch in Oakland. Take care and have fun!

    Steve Evans

    Hayward, CA

  6. hischild49@juno.com

    Congratulations on winning the first round! This makes me very happy and excited for the A’s! I hope and pray with all my heart that the A’s can win the WS. You are an excellent pitcher and I hope that you always stay with the A’s!

    Best Wishes!


  7. soccermeg828@sbcglobal.net

    Hey Barry!
    That was such an amazing game! I’m so proud of Haren! I wish I could have been there, but I watched from a sports bar. I felt nervous before the game, because (well atleast in soccer) a 2-0 lead is the most dangerous lead you can have, because anything can happen. In a lot of sports, winning is determined by the mindset of the team, and you guys were so mentally ready for this! I never thought about it, but I guess it makes sense that you could get hurt in the pile. We don’t want you injured Barry, good watching out!!! I was so excited for Chavvy! Make sure you guys don’t party TOO hard. Thanks for keeping this blog!


  8. hrhodes@slc.edu


    You are awesome. The A’s are awesome. I knew that this moment would be so special for you and Chavvy because you’d been so tantalizingly close and had it ripped away. Chavy’s one of my favorites and I’m SO glad that he (and you!) got to experience it today.

    I love the A’s, I love this blog, and I’m so glad that you guys wrapped it up in three before I went crazy. Rest, recuperate, enjoy, repeat. This is a magical year.

    Give a hug to the guys from me. And tell Haren to update his blog, dammit! I want to know what he has to say about today!



  9. chelle_young@yahoo.com

    I cannot believe you had time to blog about today’s game already. I just got home about an hour and half ago from the game. It took two hours just to leave the park, but the wait was worth it!

    What an incredible game! I am still smiling! I also was sitting next to a man that caught one of Frank Thomas’ foul balls! I had to ask him if I could hold it! Haha!

    I am so proud of the team! When the bases were loaded, and Scutaro was up, I told my friend, “He’ll hit it so one of them can run home.” The next thing I knew, Scutaro was the “lone A” on the field. I was like, “Where did everyone go?” Gosh, those guys run fast! πŸ™‚

    That was my first play-off game, and I will remember the feeling the rest of my life! Thank the team for the awesome day! Get rested up, so you can beat those Tigers in the next series. You’re playing them, you know that, right? πŸ™‚ Not, that I care about the Tigers, I just don’t like the Yankees!

    Yep, I’m still smiling!

  10. dbsantana@mac.com


    Were we loud enough in the stands for you?

    I feel like we all got a huge monkey off our backs…thank you, thank the whole team, and we’ll see you in the ALCS

  11. toomuch4diabolicslugs@yahoo.com

    No need to philosophize from this side of it… that happened all week on the field! It’s a dauntingly huge sort of happiness to attempt to describe, especially given that now there’s a chance to enlarge it. Scoot said it just fine with that last double though πŸ˜‰

    I’m still grinning all silly, and that certainly isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

  12. neco-home@comcast.net



  13. rcz115@yahoo.com

    YEAAAHH!!! Finally!! Way to go! I hope you guys face the Yuckees next so you guys can pay them back for 200 and 2001!! GO GET ‘EM!!

  14. crazy_smile90@hotmail.com

    Hey Barry,
    Congratulations on advancing to the ALCS! I can’t wait to see what the A’s are going to do in the second round. Good luck to you and everyone else too! GO A’S GO!!

  15. kylespencer123@hotmail.com

    Yes, I am so happy for the team and fans, glad we could do it!! great job A’s, now lets go get the Tigers/Yankees!!!

  16. pachyderm42003@yahoo.com

    Congrats Barry and rest of the 2006 Oakland Athletics. Whoever the A’S face in the ALCS, you guys will ready for them. CHOKELAND NO MORE!!


    -Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan

  17. wbagford@aol.com

    Hey Barry! Congratulations to you and all the guys–all I can say is that when Payton caught the final out, I was jumping up and down right with you guys! Wish all the guys luck for me! I know you guys have all the talent and ability to go all the way!! πŸ™‚


  18. lilroadrunner13@yahoo.com

    YEAH GO A’S!!!

    Barry, you’re awesome!! (as if you really needed to hear that one again) Your start really set the tone for the rest of the series. In so many ways, you are the true leader of this ballclub. Thanks fo updating this blog so often, and best of luck against Detroit/New York!! I’ll be rooting for you guys all the way until my skin literally turns green/gold and I lose my voice!


  19. lfbleachergrl3@aol.com

    Hi Barry, Words just can’t explain how happy I am being able to see you guys advance to the ALCS I’m so proud of you guys you all deserve to go all the way and we all know that you guys can do it we have lots of faith in you guys and we will be backing you guys up all the way Go A’s Baby!!!

  20. tsimshatsui.geo@yahoo.com

    congrats! we are finally over the hump. nobody gave us a chance, but the A’s showed everybody who the ’06 A’s are! GO A’s!

  21. sophiahardenzito@theathletics.net

    congratulations Barry. World Series? I think so. I’m so glad that the big 3 still keep in touch once in a while. GO OAKLAND.

  22. chucky123198@aol.com

    oh Barry i was so mad today because i couldnt get tickets for the game, but the feeling went away as soon as chavy hit that hr! i was so full of adrenaline that by the 4th inning i was so tired and i just wanted it to be over cause i felt like my heart couldnt take it anymore!
    i was chanting along with the crowd even though i was at home watching the game on tv.

    And i totally know what you mean about the bittersweetness of finally getting to the ALCS but 2 main players (Mulder, Hudson)

    are missing. Hopefully well get to see Mulder in the World Series.

    Barry i wish you and the team the best, and just show all those peole who didnt believe you guys were going to make it to the ALCS championship wrong, just show them what this clubhouse is made of, pure talent!!!!

  23. steven.nam@aya.yale.edu

    Barry, I’m speechless. I love it when good things happen to good people. You know Tim and Mark are enjoyin’ the ride as well.

    We’re all behind you, all the way.

  24. lisancal@aol.com

    Oh my goodness, Barry…I am so-so-SO very happy about the win today and i’m so proud of the team. You guys are somethin’ special…The chemistry, focus & mindset of this team is what I LOVE the most. It’s what Baseball’s all about!
    It’s funny, the way you explain the clammy hands, being a mess & anxious. I totally felt that way today & I wasn’t even in there playing! So, I can imagine how you felt, haha! Poor thing. But ya know what? You showed your resilience & the anxious part just shows how much passion you have for the game. That’s a good thing. Shows you care πŸ™‚

    I’m SO happy for Chavez & Bradley πŸ™‚

    Scu-TAR-O is my absolute hero today. He was AWESOME this series!

    …and I hope Swisher’s ankle is feeling better ( that scared the **** outta me)!

    Well, for the team – Just keep doin’ what you’re doin’ ’cause it’s working!

    God Bless & Love Ya much ~


  25. wacker65@earthlink.net

    barry ..congratulations to you and all the A’s. i wrote to you about 4 months ago to give the letter to your dad. i worked with him in las vegas and remember when you were. born.. lots of luck and say hi to joe and robbie

    chip richards


  26. ae_86_drift@yahoo.com

    Mr Zito,
    Congratualation on your team and yourself’s current success. Hopefully see the yankees follow suit. But most wishfully for you to come don a pin strip next season and taking the 4 train to work everyday. Please do come to the yankees…


  27. jls82@georgetown.edu

    I’m stuck out here on the east coast, but I wore my hat to work tonight and I had to tell someone to please leave me alone for a minute because there was an on-field celebration happening. I’m thrilled, but sad I couldn’t be there. I went through every other year of the playoffs with you guys, so maybe it’s better that I’m not there….superstitious.

    Anyway, you made a lot of people very happy tonight. So thanks for that and I’ll be in the left field bleachers in spirit, if not in person

  28. patan71@hotmail.com

    Barry, The Man. What a great moment. Congratulations from an A΄s fan since 1976. You were amazing in game 1 against my neighbor Santana. It was a mixed feeling moment but i was a fan of you first. Luck in the ALCS and the WS.
    Edgar from Merida, Venezuela.

  29. amit@berkeley.edu

    Dear Barry,

    CONGRATULATIONS! You earned it and I’m sure you’ll have a great career no matter where you go next year. But I hope to see you in an A’s uniform for another 8 wins this postseason. You cant spell Athletics without ALCS!


  30. javalon9@yahoo.com


    “There will always be a faster gun / But there’ll never be another one like you…”


  31. tet_lmt@msn.com

    let’s go oakland. i have been a huge scutaro fan since my first a’s game opening week in 04. he rocks! and i hope they finally start selling scutaro gear! no offense barry, you rock, but he has been solid this year for you guys!

  32. simonheuer@hotmail.com

    As an A’s fan stuck in minnesota, 2003 playoffs ******. Thank you guys so much for the sweep. you have no idea how awesome it is to be an A’s fan right now. KEEP IT UP!!


  33. redsox_gurl8@yahoo.com

    Congrats Barry! You guys did an awesome job. It’s cool that you have a close relationship with Haren. It makes the road to to the series more fun and exciting when you have a great friend on your side. Im back home now and I finally got to watch the game. how awesome is that. well dont party too much. lol. Ill be rooting for you guys back here in Boston.

  34. mizzpatrickstar@yahoo.com

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO ROUND 2 HERE WE COME!!!… im soooo happy right now that im pretty much feeling what youre feeling and its a pretty **** deeep feeling… i love this team and im sooo happy for all of you guys.. thanks for the hardwork you guys.. you deserve it… and thank you Mr. Barry Zito for updating us on this awesome blog….. one more time WOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!



  35. belles_etoiles@hotmail.com

    I could not be more proud of you guys! The A’s performance this week has just been outstanding. As soon as Chavez hit that HR in the 2nd I knew that you guys would finish this. I can’t wait for the next ound to start! Everyone rest up and we’ll be ready to cheer you all on next week!
    Jenn Kesler


  36. myr.mlb@gmail.com

    For someone who can’t explain it, that was a pretty affecting post, dude.

    I’m so excited for you guys, and for the A’s fans who have been in this thing for the long haul. What a ride this season has been; what fun you guys have been to support, and to follow. It kinda gets me where I live to see you mention Mark and Huddy, because honestly, I’ve only been following the A’s for about a year – and it’s in large part because of the emotional experience I had reading “Aces.” I watched you guys on the field tonight and I couldn’t help but think of them as well. But you’re not where you guys are now, if they’re not where they are, so I try not to dwell.

    Danny buckling down and getting himself out of a couple jams, listening to that crowd chant for Marco, watching Chavvy deliver, Swish’s hilarious airplane victory run as he came into score – there were a hundred different things about today’s game I don’t want to forget. I’m so, so proud of all of you. And so, so excited. Best of luck in the LCS.

  37. afocusedwoman@hotmail.com

    Congratulations and a job well done by ALL the A’s. And a big congrats to the fans for making some noise! Let’s get ready for round 2!!!!!!!!! LET’S GO A’s!!!

  38. slucerotoo@yahoo.com


    Marco…. SCUTARO…

    Awesome, awesome, awesome game Barry…. proud to say I was there… screamin’ my head off….

    We don’t need no stinkin’ E-S-P-N love, we just want the “rings”…


    Steve in Hollister

  39. honolulublues@gmail.com

    Congratulations on making it to the ALCS, Barry. I’m happy you and your team finally made it past the ALDS. First time in sixteen years, quite impressive. My Tigers are looking to make it to the ALCS for the first time in nineteen years, so a lot of us Tigers fans have been cheering for Oakland, because of the similarity there. Also ’cause you guys dismantled the freakin’ Twins, and that was pretty sweet.

    Good luck in the next round. I am looking forward to a Tigers/A’s ALCS. That would be off the hook. If it’s A’s/Yankees, however, A’s all the way!

    Congrats, and thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    Alexandra S., Detroit, Michigan

  40. junemcdonald_69@msn.com

    Barry, thanks for taking the time to share with us what today meant for you and the rest of the A’s. I was on a business trip in NYC this week, (just got home) and I wasn’t able to watch any of the three games live, so reading your blog — certainly has made up for it. Thanks again! Good luck on the next round!


  41. haahaahaa_98@yahoo.com

    Excellent work! Best of luck in the ACLS. No time to watch the games but the coverage on mlb.com is fantastic and the gametracker will be on starting Tuesday.
    hh from Central Europe

  42. manoverboard21@msn.com

    Congratulations to all you and all the Oakland A’s Barry! Thanks for taking the time to let us experience baseball in a new way.

  43. ccsaefong@yahoo.com

    I AM BARRY BARRY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  44. ediddy1144@hotmail.com

    Barry thanks for everything man. We love you here in Oakland. It made me smile today to see my boys advance to the ALCS. Good luck to you all next round!

  45. guru_mgv@yahoo.com


    I’m so proud of you and your team. You set the tone, “Hitting your spots” in game # 1 against this years likely Cy Young winner. I am so excited for you and your team to be moving on to the 7 game-ALCS. I’m also glad that post season baseball has priority over the NFL season which won’t disrupt the home schduling for this series.

    Note-I’ve been an A’s fan since 1973 when as a 7 year old I began playing baseball. An old home movie show I was wearing my green and gold billed cap I went to my 1st tryout camp. I was spoiled during that time when those teams were in the middle of winning 3 straight World Series Titles.

    I’m hoping for a throwback series of you all facing the New York Mets in this years WS.

    I’m also a member of the CA Air National Guard for the 129 RQW at Moffett Field. It’s very honorable for what you have ongoing with the “Strike Out For Troops” program.

  46. oakathleticsfan@netzero.com

    Great job Barry. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said ” We?ve broken that curse of being the great team that can?t get over the hump, all that b.s. everyone talks about. It?s over. ”
    That’s is so true. Being an Athletics fan and hearing “CHOKELAND” over and over again for the last 6 years has been a bit rough. Thanks to you and the guys those words will never be uttered again. What a relief. Now tell the guys to go out there and play every game like it might me there last. Good Luck

    Rick from Pacifica

  47. princessjenjen75@yahoo.com

    I was watching from home and I’m so happy for all of you. I’m really going to miss you when/if you leave but I will be watching your career closely. I’m looking forward to the next round and I really feel you guys are going to take it all the way. And I’m especially happy for Scutaro…He kicked some serious A-S-S. He literally stepped up to the plate on all three games….Go A’S!!

  48. jeffyouthpastor@earthlink.net

    Barry – Awesome job, man!! I’m so stoked right now. I moved out of the Bay Area to a small town in Missouri last year. I miss being a season ticket holder SO BAD! I’m kinda hoping you all end up playing the Cards in the WS, so I might possibly get to see you out here. (Not that I could afford it, but I’m sure I could sell a kidney or something.) Keep up the great work. (From a fan who never lost hope!)

  49. aronwhitehurst@yahoo.com

    Thanks man! You guys are like family to me. If I could afford to I’d pony up to keep you in Green and Gold for the rest of your career. I promise you this, where ever you end up, I’ll never root against you. Give em ****!

  50. sweetmax01@yahoo.com


    Congratulations to you and the A?s! You guys did an awesome job and I can?t wait to see more of it. Celebrate, get plenty of rest and let?s kick some a-s-s on Tuesday!!!!!!!…8 more WINS to go!!!!!!

  51. mrwhite07@msn.com

    Mr. Zito,
    You are my idol. Ever since I was a little kid you were my role model. To see this happen for you is overwhelming. I don’t think I could put it in words. You are a great role model and I just want to say that you are doing an excellent job, just keep it up. I will be rooting for you until the end!!

  52. scifigeek@gmail.com

    Barry —

    Thank you so much for this blog. It means more than I can say that you’re sharing these moments with us.

  53. compu_robin@yahoo.com

    Barry, thanks for sharing all that with us. You’re so right about Chawy’s performance yesterday and what it meant for this team. I was just so emotional at the ending.
    I live in the Dominican Republic which is very far from Oakland but I love this team so much that I can not express with words all I feel right now.

    Again, thank you Barry.

  54. kpthorman@yahoo.com


    To echo everyone else – this has been absolutely amazing! You guys are phenomenal!

    The only thing that’s killing me is that I’m on the other side of the world from you guys. My parents were at the game last night, and kept texting me updates. I’ve managed to find some sports bars here (Paris) that will show the games, so it’s been amazing to get to see you guys play again. Fingers crossed, maybe I can come home if you guys go all the way, because I’d never forgive myself if you guys went and I missed it.

    Congrats again!!! LET’S GO OAKLAND!!

  55. mcclimonp@aol.com

    Barry ~

    Congratulations!! Just wanted to let you know how many fans, from all over the country, are rooting for the A’s. My 11 year old son, Mickey, is one of your biggest fans. He is a pitcher too and models himself after you. Mickey has been bouncing off the walls since your big win on Tuesday and especially last night! You’ll appreciate this – Tuesday he called me from school asking if I could pick him up-claimed to be sick…just wanted to see you pitch. Sorry, school does come first…We live in Philly so it isn’t easy rooting against the home team, but he wore his A’s jersey with pride! Best wishes from the East Coast. With the team’s mojo, you will go all the way! Namaste

  56. j_rotst@alcor.concordia.ca





  57. sonomahartleys@comcast.net


    Congrats and enjoy! You guys are awesome!!

    I loved what Chavey said about there always being a star before (Giambi, Miggie, etc) but this was truly a team effort. And the crowd was so great today!

    Thanks so much for blogging. You have no idea how cool it is πŸ™‚

  58. sharp4you@aol.com

    Wow! It was so exciting! The crowd was finally into it. Closing the upper deck makes a difference. I’ve never heard it so loud and I’ve been coming to the games since the late 1980’s. Another treat for me at the park was seeing Rickey, he walked right by us in the stands. Well good luck, we will be there cheering you on, be SHARP!

  59. jimbos1@ntlworld.com

    Loving your Blog Barry !!Very inforamtive and puts right there with you. please pass on all our Congratulations and best wishes to all the team from the UK – We have been up all night this week cheering you boys on ! I have supported the A’s since 1981 (We had an unforgetable holiday -a major part was seeing the A’s !)
    Just remember…CARPE DIEM !

    (SEIZE THE DAY !) We are all with you -all over the world.

    Take it all the way.

  60. dprnesq@earthlink.net

    Hi, Barry!
    I really enjoy hearing your observations and love your writing style. Add journalism to your many talents!

    The Colesium totally rocked on Friday, didn’t it? We sit in 116, just behind the plate and a little to the left if you are looking from the mound. We have a great birds-eye view of the pitches. Yesterday I brought a pile of paper signs, each with a green “K”, that we posted on the railing with each strike out. I loved the rally towels and it was amazing-wonderful-glorious to see the whole place waving towels and screaming throughout the afternoon. It was very special for the fans to share in this win since we missed the first clinch. Many of us grizzled vertern fans said to each other at the end that it was the VERY BEST GAME WE’D EVER BEEN TO!!!

    So, Barry, we share in your excitement about this continuing journey and we will be cheering loudly for each our Oakland A’s as we go forward.




  61. gocubsgoas@gmail.com

    Congratulations πŸ™‚ I’m so happy and deeply moved by A’s WIN!
    I wish A’s keep going. A’s will win, win, win, win and win and will be the champion! Love you and Love A’s ^^

  62. mverderame439@aol.com

    Barry, I just wanted to say thank you to you and all your teammates. I’ve been a fan of Oakland through all the recent hardships but it all seemed worth it for that win. I watched it in my dorm room at college and had nothing short of a mental breakdown when Scoot hit that ball to clinch it. I just want to say thank you to the entire team, thank you very much.


  63. bster-67@sbcglobal.net

    Barry – it is really cool that you take the time to blog for your fans. It makes us cheer that much harder (at home or at the game) when we know guys like you are on the team who really care about us.

    I did notice that you were not in the pile, but I did see you jumping up and down as you ran onto the field! That must have been one of the greatest feelings in the world, knowing you can get out of the first round and into the league championship round.

    Good luck and I can’t wait to read your blog during the Series!

  64. patty_nicolas@yahoo.com

    Congratulations Barry! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. It was awesome to witness and be part of history at the coliseum! I love this team! I will be cheering for you and the team loud and proud all the way! GO A’S!!!

  65. c_lillard@yahoo.com

    U My boy Barry. You have made me feel the happiest ive been in a while and im so glad ur in the ALCS. I love how the Twins fans are not sayin **** anymore on here. you guys really shut em up:) I know you guys are gonna take it home and ill be in cincinnati still 😦 cheering for you guys. The first thing im doing when I get old enough is moving to Oakland to see you guys and the raiders play. STAY IN OAKLAND.tell everyone grrrrrreaatt job and Haren to go down to visit Pepperdine. my brother goes to college there

  66. avsfan12@yahoo.com

    Thank you Barry Zito, to you and your teammates for putting pride back into our Oakland Athletics team. We die-hards always knew this team was something special. I was at Game 1 against the Yankees, where some may have had the “here-we-go-again” groans. But I knew this team had the potential for great things. Thank you for a great first round…looking forward to watching the A’s of 2006 win eight more games to the championship!

  67. nick.kordesch@gmail.com

    Mr. Z,
    As a long time A’s fan, today felt like Christmas! ALCS! You guys have some work cut out for you and its going to be fun to watch! I always feel like “Duke before he has to pitch” when I watch the playoffs. Let’s go Oak-land!

  68. shelchris@juno.com

    Well-done, green & gold! I thought the Coliseum was going to start rising up off the ground when Marco hit that double!

    Hey, I saw someone’s comment about hoping to see you in pinstripes next year–I emailed him with my thoughts, but I just wanted to say that Mr. Wolf seems like he’s ready to offer you some good if not great money, and Oakland’s offer of love cannot be matched!

    Go get ’em in the next round–we’re all with you guys ALL THE WAY!!!

  69. ronnie1111@aol.com

    Hey There – You don’t have to be insiteful at a time of great bliss and joy. You and the guys that make up the team as well as the A’s Orgainization have alot to be proud of. I have been watching baseball for the last seven years and the humbleness of the team and spirit and love of the game that you all show on the field each season is enough to keep the fans happy. You all can be proud no matter what happens that you came this far. I know as a fan I am proud of everyone who has helped in getting you this far. It is your time to shine and I know that your fans will be behind you no matter what happens. Congrats. I am glad that you were able to touch base with Mulder and Hudson, since I know what a big part of the team they were when they were in Oakland. It is always nice to hear that they are calling in their congrats as well, especially since you might face St.Louis depending on what happens. Anway go get ’em and remember no matter what happens we are all proud to say that we are Oakland A’s fans. Nothing can take this moment away from you, so enjoy.

  70. bob.sylv@sbcglobal.net

    I have been an A’s fan since 1968 and I can’t explain how great it is to watch you and this team everyday. I live in Reno and luckily am able to get all A’s games. I have seen you pitch every game this year and you are a true warrior. I am so happy that you and Chavy, and all of you, have been successful accomplishing your goal of 2006. While I hope you stay in Oakland I also realize that probably will not come to pass.I thank you for priviledge of watching you pitch and and go about your business with class. From seeing you prepare in spring training to your performance the other day it has been a pleasure. Good luck to you, to deserve what you get on the open market but like me, you will be an Athletic forever.

  71. mvonwagner75@sbcglobal.net


    You can’t believe how many people are rooting for you guys now. A week ago I was out and my son is always decked out in A’s gear. Everyone was giving me the whole chokeland thing. But now it’s “the A’s are going to win it all.” I guess they saw how great you guys played and all that the team puts in to win.I hope you get your world series ring with the A’s, especially now that your future with them is unknown. CONGRATULATIONS and GOOD LUCK!!!

  72. jesssicafaye@aol.com

    Barry- I’m so proud of the A’s! Everyone has completely underestimated you guys, but all your fans knew this team was something special. The game was so intense, it was one of the best games I’ve ever been to.

    Keep it goin guys, we’ll all be watching and rooting for you! GOOD LUCK!!!


  73. mstevens@uclink4.berkeley.edu

    Hey Man-This is one of those times when words don’t reach where we ALL are right now, I can hardly speak after frying my throat at the game yesterday, just bellowing out the 6 years of frustration we all dumped and left behind yesterday afternoon at the coliseum. I totally relate to the stress of the 4-2 period of the game, I forgot to breathe several times myself and my stomach turned into a freakin’ blender, but you guys proved yourselves as GAMERS for all the world to see, and that’s all that matters now! THANK YOU!!!!

  74. ebc_julian@yahoo.com

    Barry just wanted to let you know we all appreciate what the team brings to the field each night. From someone whos seen the Hendersons, Consecos, Giambi, the Big Three, not knockin those guys but this team is some blue collar, hard nosed guys with the leadership of you, ChiVato (What we call Chavvy) and Thomas….We got somethin special!!! I’ll see you guys in game 1 of the WORLD SERIES! Oakland A’s 2006 World Series Champs has a nice ring dont you think?!?I know I know im gettin ahead of myself but c’mon now!!!!

  75. jreinstedler@gmail.com

    Keep it up Barry!

    Everyone is cheerin for you… even folks like me and my wife, who now live all the way over in Connecticut. She still has her “I (heart) Zito” shirt and wears it all the time. We’re so glad to have you on the team and look forward to seeing you in the future! (pls!!!)

    We would love to see you take down NY, but it looks like its going to be Detroit at this point. Definitely a tough series it will be, but we know you and the A’s will pull off a great win. I can’t wait to come home to Oakland and see you all in the Series for the first time since ’90. I was only 8 then, and it was really hard to see my team go down, but this time, it will be the A’s pulling off the stunner and all these hard years of work for you will pay off!

    Thanks for everything!


  76. heatherdaniels@yahoo.com

    Go A’s! I’m so stoked to see the A?s win the series. As a die hard A’s fan that moved from San Fran to NYC, I’ve had to watch all the previous playoff series from enemy territory and believe me it’s been rough! I knew you were going to do it this year though. That was an amazing game you pitched and the bats were just awesome. Speaking of enemy territory– please don’t sign with the Yankees, Barry. Not only will you break mine and every other A?s fans heart, you’ll end up breaking your own as well. New York is an amazing city, but everything that is amazing about it has nothing to do with a team full of overpaid individuals who know nothing of team camaraderie– something I know that you and the A’s quite enjoy. Good luck in the next round. On to the World Championship!

  77. grantandmary@yahoo.com

    While watching Kenny Rogers Roaster last night shut down the Yankees, muttering to himself, I was reminded of you. What are you saying to yourself in between pitches? It looks like you’re either cussing out the batter (my wife’s theory), or cursing yourself for missing/hanging one/whatever. Anyhow, thanks for the years of fun. Hope you get a big fat contract (even if it’s in L.A. or NY), daily sellouts, and a bunch more postseason starts.

  78. scolb001@gmail.com

    I think I speak for everyone when I say this, Please don’t leave the A’s this offseason. WE NEED YOU!

  79. tomd@sonic.net


    Great game against Santana! A Masterpiece. Playoff baseball adrenaline.

    Did you see Kenny Rogers dropping his own vesion of Mr. Bendy on the corners to both right and left handers against the Yankees? WOW.

    You have the energy of all A’s fans behind you (the force). Whether it is the Yankees or Tigers, go get em!

    Remember, use the force. πŸ™‚

    All the best to you,

    Tom (47), Jack (9), and Marie (7)

    San Jose

  80. dave00@gmail.com


    I can safely say that I’m the ONLY A’s fan that was there in 2002 to watch you pitch game 3 in the metrodome in person. I know because I never saw another A’s fan the entire game, and even had a local news crew interview me during the 4th inning when you still had a no-no going. Your performance in both of those games were nothing less than stellar. You’re an Ace in every sense of the word. A big time pitcher that comes up big when his team needs him. Best of luck the rest of the way and the rest of your career. I know you have to do what’s best for you, but the A’s fan in me is begging for your return next year. This young club can be doing this for the next few years, and it’ll be a lot more special with you here. Good luck.

    -Dave (26)

    San Ramon

  81. julieadams261@hotmail.com

    I have chills and tears in my eyes! To walk out on the field everyday to play baseball and to get paid for it is has got to be the most amazing feeling. The energy of the crowd must be exhilarating if not almost overwhelming. And now to come this far all those feelings must be intensified. I?m so proud to be just a small part of that as a fan. We all can?t wait till next week to be there with the team to continue this rockin season. Keep up the good work!!!

  82. wyblizzard82@yahoo.com

    Outstanding! As a life-long A’s fan, it is such an exciting time to be one series away from the World Series again. I might be a thousand miles away but I watch all the games on my dish. Such a fun year! Something special about this team this year. Reminds me somewhat of the early 70s teams. Pitching (Barry!!!), defense, timely hitting, quality at bats, and critical intangibles. Good luck Barry and please convey to all your teammates how much we’ve enjoyed this year. You guys deserve it. Let’s take Detroit now!!! GO A’s!!!!!!!

  83. andytriviany@hotmail.com

    I didn’t really mind the outcome of this series since the twins and the A’s are my two favorite teams in the MLB besides my Blue Jays (but they’re not there…) Best of luck to you in the rest of your playoff run. I’m pulling for the A’s. Every single person on your team is an inspiration with all of your hardwork and heart. Zito, watching you pitch is a treat. Also…tell Harden that Canada luvs him!! πŸ™‚

  84. chocolatechick1980@hotmail.com

    Hey Zito, congrats to you and the whole team. You guys deserve it.

    Hope to see this team in the world series, Let’s play the tigers the sama way!!!!

    Have some rest please,

    Muahhh, Sasha

  85. ibecerra@horizon.csueastbay.edu

    Heck yeah!!!! Go A?s!!!!!

    Congratulations Barry and to the rest of the team. You guys totally deserved this sweep. I knew since yesterday morning that u guys were going to sweep the Twins. I was praying the rosary in my car on the way to school and I asked God, ?O God, please let the A?s advance to the ALCS. Even though it?s not necessary, have them get it over with it today by sweeping the Twins.? Right after I said this I saw a broom in the middle of the freeway and I immediately had a big smile on my face.

    So it?s going to be against Detroit, good. It would be nice to see you guys kill the Yankees, but they don?t deserve to go to the ALCS. I?m glad both Detroit and you guys shut up all the critics.

  86. cadiman2000@aol.com

    I am 24 and been a A’s fan since 1987. It’s odd since I am born and raised in St. Louis. Espically, having a grandmother(RIP) who might of been the biggest Cards fan ever. But, Oakland has always been my team and always will be. Great to see you and the team get through the 1st round. Good luck the rest of the way. You and the team are in control. Lets bring it home to St. Louis.

  87. missmaiorano@yahoo.com

    Congratulations on making it to the ALCS! Your Game 1 start was HUGE! I knew I made the right decision staying home from work that day. Thanks for writing! It?s funny you mention about hanging out ?on the fringe of the pile? during the celebration on the field. When the last out was made, I thought to myself, ?Please don?t go crazy, Barry, and get hurt in there? and then I see you on the outside. Good move!!

    JILL ? Your # 1 Fan in New Jersey ? Thank God for MLB Extra Innings!!

  88. jasrob2005@hotmail.com


    You kids are something special! I’ve seen lots of A’s teams play ball(1st one was Hunter’s perfect game)and I must say this team is poised to take top honors. Keep on keeping on!

  89. tblack2@emory.edu

    You guys are poetry in motion. All the A’s should know that they are loved by their fans, in a more special way than any other team’s fans. Let’s-Go-Oak-Land!

    -Tyler Black

  90. gregsuen@hotmail.com

    Great job, I am happy for everyone! Now I know you are facing the Tigers, go A’s!

    John So

  91. k_byer@comcast.net

    Congrats on sweeping the Twins! Chavvy said it best that you play like a true TEAM. Zito, if you do move on, I wish you the best! Scutaro is Mr. Clutch. I like the fact that you can fill a position with another quality player and keep on truckin’. I am proud of the fact that I am from SoDak and have been able to watch my man Ellis! Makin’ me proud from a no name state and you had 2 errors all season (MLB record!). I picked up my ALCS tix for Game 1 and Game 7 (although I don’t think you’ll need 7) and hoping to win a lottery spot for the WS. I saw the July 4th game against the Tigers and it was close. Suffocate the offense like you have been doing and your hits will come. Keep the machine rolling, you guys are peaking at the perfect time!

  92. chris.thenatural@gmail.com

    Barry. Good Job! I was at the game Tuesday and Wednesday. I got to play hooky from school. I’m a Twins fan but when I found out that my two favorite pitchers were going to be pitching against each other. I was nervous. For both of you. I like your wind up. How long did it take you to find a confortable wind up? Good luck with the Tigers.



  93. mgirls0204@comcast.net

    Barry, I am so incredibly excited for the A’s right now! We were at the game yesterday, right there behind home plate. The emotion, and the excitement was incredible. I have been an A’s fan my entire life (even though I am only 28!), and I am so, so happy for you guys. I LOVE watching you pitch, and I cannot wait to see you in Game 1. Barry, you will dominate! {Mechanism ON!} Have fun out there!


  94. lexybclassy@yahoo.com

    Barry-you did a fabulous job communicating your feelings regarding the sweep. i too am glad for chavvy wash bb even macha and he is not always my favorite manager. i’ve been a little hard on chavvy-and probably should say sorry. because things are not always what they appear to be. Congrats on starting game one against the tigers-you are gonna do really well i just know it. yes,you should wait until it is time to celebrate the a’s ws victory before you jump into that pile. freaky kinda things can and do happen. just wish you could stay an oakland a for a long time. i know that may not be possible. but hey,you never know. just gotta wait and see. can’t wait for the victory party when y’all beat the tigers!!!!! go a’s go. peace,love and happiness!! go a’s go!!!!

  95. xtinemann@sbcglobal.net

    Great blog Barry. Words cannot express how great this feeling is at the moment. It almost feels like we are in the World Series. From Game 1, I knew the A’s had the mojo. As you guys clinched and we were waiting to hear who would win the Central or the wild card, I was secretly hoping Detroit would win the Central. There was always this doubt about the A’s matching up against the Twinkies. When the Twinkies won the Central, I had this eerie feeling come over me and knew that it was the A’s ALL THE WAY! I knew that you would stand up strong and Santana would crumble. I knew it even in Game 3 when Chavvy came up to bat and all I said was.. It’s your time to shine and yes.. He did – with none other than a HR. It was beautiful! I walked into the Coliseum and told someone.. It feels different today, doesn’t it?! I have faith in you guys that you will make it all the way!

  96. hansoeri@mnstate.edu

    Hi, I am a die-hard Twins Fan…but I have nothing but respect for the A’s. Your pitching staff is right there with the Twins, even with Liriano. Your tenacity, resiliancy, and toughness will push you past the Tigers. I have the upmost respect for how you guys play the game, the way it is supposed to be played. And Barry Zito, man, your curve is so sick, reminds me of Bert Blyleven. Best of luck to the A’s, I know you guys can do it, And we Twins are right there behind you guys, cheering for you all the way to the World Series, Good Luck!!!

  97. eaharris@student.umass.edu

    I’m so excited for you guys!! You guys have been such a solid ball club this year and you deserve it more than anyone. I’m not gonna lie I’m a Yankees fan and I am beyond depressed about that right now, but I am still so excited at the same time for you guys!!! Good luck, and take home this series!!! The east coast is cheering for you!

  98. afskycop@yahoo.com

    Thanks for the blog Barry. I’ve been an A’s fan for forever and I’m loving this year. You guys have the chemistry going, it’s wonderful to watch. The media isn’t giving the A’s a lot of props, I hope you all can go out and prove them wrong. I know you guys can do it. Thanks again and good luck!

  99. 4ever_b_me@cox.net

    Hey Barry!!!! OMG!!! I was going wild when I found out about you guy going to the 2nd round! I was jumping around the house screaming! lol! Oh g…I probably made a fool out of myself telling you this! Anyways, I wish you guys all the luck in the world! Love Ya!

  100. technogeek74@yahoo.com

    Good job and congratulation A’s, FINALLY! This was sweeter than the A’s leading any of the play-off’s of 01′-03′(2000- 1st appearance w/ the upcoming Triple Ace’s- will always be the special year), I beleive our train has come and it’s set to arrive at the World Series!

  101. jmendez033@cox.net

    Barry Zito. Are you really going to read this? Everyone is soooo happy about this sweep over the Twins, that I REALLY hope that they don’t forget about the Tigers and the World Series. Good luck in your future. Win THIS time, and the future is yours. You are such a good pitcher…. RUN SUPPORT!!!! GETR DONE!!

  102. dsbender@gmail.com


    When you come to NY for the Worls Series against the Mets. I’ll be the one screeming at you from the bleachers before the game. I grew up in Monterey and before I left for the military and eventually NYC, I used to rush home to watch you and the others play everyday and I felt like I shared all of the good and bad times with you since. I’m so happy for you all to have come this far. I can’t wait for the dirty looks from the Mets fans when I’m cheering for you and you trounce them to win the WS.


    P.S. Don’t leave Oakland next year. The money’s not worth it. Ask G or Tejada. There’s nowhere like NorCal.


  103. jnesbitt@rice.edu

    Congrats! As a longtime A’s fan, I love to see a group of guys who don’t act like spoiled brats and who play spectacular defense and otherwise good fundamental baseball WIN. Congrats, you deserve it.

  104. cddorazio@ucdavis.edu

    LETS GO OAKLAND!! The best part for me aside from advancing to the next round is how we did it. We swept the second best team in baseball, behind us of course. And what I just love and hate are the ESPN ananlysts, who before every game, including the clinching game, chose the Twins to win the series. Not a single one ever chose the A’s. Then, last night, every last one of them chose the Tiger’s to win. Those guys just talk money, you’ve got to be a fool to not think the A’s have a chance. Congratulations, its been a long time coming, and lets finish strong!

  105. pstick15@yahoo.com

    Awesome. It really is… Im 19 years old and have grown up a huge A’s fan. I’ve been there watching through all the highs, and all the lows…I cant say how awesome it is to finally see my team bust through..Good luck the rest of the way, bring that title back!

  106. dlgallaher@verizon.net

    You have been a pleasure to follow all these years since I met your sister Sally. You have a great following here in Boston and I will be rooting for the team each and every day you play. You have the tools and you certainly know how to use them. What makes your approach different from the rest is most people dont aim high enough and miss because they aimed too low and hit!

  107. ug@ug.com

    Barry and Team – I have never posted on a web site before but I really felt the power of your last blog. Congratulations. Good luck against the tigers. I was born in Oakland and will always be an A’s fan and this feels like a really special season. You are the man. If there is any way you can find it in your heart to return next year, it would be the best present you ever gave to the fans.
    I am proud of you and your teammates. Thanks for everything – now go take care of business!


  108. jasmine05@comcast.net

    Congrats Barry!!!!!!!!!!
    I dont have the words to explain how i’m feeling right now. It’s amazing and I can only imagine how good u guys must be feeling. Well Barry good luck to u guys the rest of the way, u guys are so great I luv you all so much GO A’S

  109. zqueenabaseball@yahoo.com

    Hey Barry, I’d like you and the rest of the A’s to know that you have fans all over the world cheering for you in the ALCS because as luck would have it this bay area native is studying abroad in England this fall. I am still a very dedicated fan over here, even though the Brits could care less about baseball. I have seen all the games live online and plan to watch all the others at ungodly hours of the morning. Good Luck and Go A’s!

  110. erika_croxton@hotmail.com

    “When Jay Payton caught that last out and everyone went to the pile, I don?t know if anyone noticed, but I just kind of hung out on the fringe of the pile”

    I noticed. But this is funny, because I just posted a picture from this game in my blog with everyone in the pile, and you slowly making your way. If anyone would like to see, go here:


    Great job so far. Please destroy the Tigers. Thanks.

  111. hahayourefunny@aol.com

    congrats to everyone! I’ll be out there on tuesday rooting you on again. You all are amazing!!

  112. snorkelcrab@yahoo.com


  113. klc1@alfred.edu

    I am a New Yorker who became an A?s fan in 2002 when I worked for a summer out in Oakland. I had more fun at A?s games than any Yankee?s game I had ever been to! Being an A?s fan in New York is difficult but this year I am especially enjoying the comments. It?s nice to see you can?t just buy an amazing team!!! Keep it up, I am enjoying every moment!

  114. mmtr@yahoo.com

    Dear Barry,

    Thanks for all you’ve done for the A’s. Way to battle Santana! Can’t wait to see you pitch Tuesday — free Uncle Charlie!

    Best of luck!

  115. cowkid@mac.com

    I wish you and the other A’s good luck in the ALCS. I was going to go to game 1 to see you pitch, But I have Football and other things

    – your fan


  116. jinny0429@hotmail.com

    Dear Barry,


    As a fan, I’m so proud of all the A’s. Happy to hear that Mark and Tim also shared your win in the first game. I can’t wait to see you guys play in the ALCS.

    Let’s Go Oakland!



  117. hannejohnson@aol.com

    CONGRATS BABY!! You guys earned the right to be in the ALCS! Busted your butts and put your heart and souls into playin’ baseball! You all rock and I am waiting to see ya in the BIG SHOW! I know you guys can make it! All the luck we are all routing for you! GO A’S

  118. dmcewan1@yahoo.com

    You are the best. I miss Huddy and Mulder too, but they’ve got their own teams to help now. Keep your eyes on the horizon, and shut Detroit down!

    – Hollywood Dave

  119. mdmah81@gmail.com

    Best wishes to you and the A’s! Thank you for your hardwork and dedication. You’re amazing to watch every time you pitch! Go get those Tigers!

  120. ssherman@repworks1.com


    Take Dead Aim on Tuesday, this ride will be like 72, no hero’s, simply a group of guys with the right chemistry. Bring it on home to Oakland, the small market little engine that could!

  121. genagrho@comcast.net

    Thank you for trying to explain how it feels. You may not have been deep and philosophical but your genuine emotions are appreciated. My family, including my daughter with the “aviators” will be there cheering for you and the amazing A’s! You will prevail.

    All the best,

    Gena (Fremont)

  122. blumeani@usa.com

    NEVER A DOUBT! …there is something different in the air…go get those Tigers! You guys have the edge…even though you are still the “underdog”…

    …go get em’ Barry!

  123. heregoesmeg@yahoo.com

    Hi Barry,

    When I was a kid back in Milwaukee in the 70’s, my tomboy older sister took a souvenir Brewer’s plastic batting helmet, carefully made an “A” stencil, and repainted it by hand into a A’s batting helmet. A young girl in suburban Milwaukee? She was onto something!

    So here I am, 30 years later, and I’m the one living in California, and have seemlessly morphed into a true blue A’s fan, thanks in a large part your spirit.

    Thank you for a fantastic season, and I have a GREAT feeling we will go all the way this year.

    Just make the pitches!



  124. svv31588@msn.com

    Hey Barry,
    Good luck pitching on tuesday. I will be cheering you on even though my home town team is the detroit tigers. I will still be cheering on the A’s. So good luck and keep having fun.


  125. alrice22@yahoo.com

    Barry it’s Oaklandish.

    Big up, much respect for representing the Bay and West Coast.

    Thank you,

    Alex Rice


  126. dprnesq@earthlink.net

    Monday, 10/9

    Go Barry!

    Our awesome ACE BZ set to lead the defense in Round 2!!!!

    We live for this-players and fans alike!

    We’ll be there again in 116, “k” signs and all.

    Sending you and all the A’s good vibrations…



    PS What happened to Haren’s blog? I went looking to send him kudos on Friday but there is no link on the A’s home page??? Please give him our very very best, huh? Thanks. πŸ™‚

  127. susiemoran@comcast.net

    barry – thanks again for doing this. it adds your perspective as a part of the team – we already know how this feels for us fans. and we get to know you a little.. you write well, you are able to put your feelings and thoughts into words. it is touching how you talk about the rest of the team. it seems that there is great chemistry between you guys and i think that is just as important as what you do on the field.

    the win friday was awesome. you guys are playing great baseball.

  128. jdgarcia81@aol.com

    Congratulations! I’m so happy for You (Barry) and the whole A’s team. We, the fans, have been waiting for the ALCS since 1990. Now that we have reached the ALCS, we are going beyond that and bringing home a W.S. Pennant. Go A’s!!!! Destroy and Tame those tigers. You’re going to pitch great Barry!!!!! I didn’t get tickets to Game 1, But i’ll be there for Game 2 rootin’ and hollerin’ Go Oakland!!!!!

  129. mariak@graciefilms.com

    Zeets! ?When you were a baby the gods reached down and turned your left arm into a thunderbolt.? The A’s rule.

  130. jlhiserman@yahoo.com


    A’s fans are behind you and the team tonight! I’ll be on the edge of my seat…you can do it!

    Go A’s!!!

  131. karenverghese@sbcglobal.net

    Enjoying your blogs, as a Red Sox and Angels fan, I am not in a position to normally pull for the A’s but I have followed your career and also, the progress of the “Big 3, Hudson, Mulder and Zito” and always hoped that somehow you 3 would win a WS together. Although that is not possible, our entire crowd in So Cal will be backing you and the A’s to make it happen this year. You deserve one and this team has what it takes to bring one to Oakland. Throw well tonight, best of luck!

  132. jalvarad@unmc.edu

    Barry, If you ever read this I just want to share with you that you have made my son the happiest little A’s fan (he’s 10) in Nebraska! We took him to his first MLB game this year (in Kansas City) and between you and Chavez I will NEVER hear the end of it! He wants to be you when he grows up. He’s going to be you for Halloween this year! Thank you for being a great role model for Daniel. Good luck this post season. from a very greatful Mom, Jane

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