Relaxed and ready for Game 1

Tomorrow night is going to be a lot of fun, not just for us, but for the crowd. We?ve had a lot of great fans over the seven seasons I?ve been here, and they?ve been there with us every step of the way, from us getting eliminated in the first round 2000 through 2003 to crickets for us the next two years, missing the playoffs, up to now. They?ve been with us the whole time, and now that we have the tarps up there covering the upper deck, they really have to make an effort to get tickets. It?s not like in 2002 where we had empty seats up there; that was a tough feeling seeing that for Game 5 of the ALDS. But it?s good that the fans can get back here for this. We?ve got a lot of love for the fans on our team, and I?m sure the fans can sense the relationships that we have and the characters we have, and they get involved in all that.

I think the tarps kind of have added to the whole intimacy thing here. The first two levels that are open to the fans kind of make it feel like they?re a little bit more on top of the game, not just dispersed intermittently across this whole football stadium. It?s been something that?s cool. I?m sure it?s an experiment for ownership, and I?m sure they know what they?re doing. If they were going to make money or lose money either way, I don?t think that mattered. I think it was more about testing a true baseball atmosphere, and it?s pretty exciting. Not to say I wouldn?t love more fans here in the upper deck, but if we can go as far as the World Series, they might consider taking off the tarps.

Today, I was asked about clubhouse chemistry in my press conference and how it?s changed. It?s kind of tough to really put your finger on a tangible difference between different teams, because you have so many different personalities brought into the mix. I can say overall that the consistency in the team dynamic has always been that we?re nice and loose, we?re relaxed. Billy Beane sets the tone for having kind of a pressure-free environment. He?s not this suit who?s going to come down to the locker room and grill guys and get on them and make big scenes and let everyone know what?s expected of the team.

But you can look at a couple different personalities on the team, like Mark Kotsay, who?s an outspoken leader on the field and off the field. He?s a great leader on the field. And then you have Jason Kendall, who?s one of the most die-hard, hard-nosed players in the league, and just the true grit that he shows every day. And you can look at a guy like Frank Thomas, a Hall of Fame guy who really leads by example and gives us all something to strive for. He gives us all a reason to work a little harder to be a little better, and maybe one day we can be in his shoes after 16 or 17 years. You look at Milton Bradley, a guy who brings fire to the game. There?s been some confrontations and controversies and some hype and everything about Milton, but the bottom line is that he brings a flair we haven?t had in Oakland. Eric Byrnes had some flair, but Milton has some flair in a different way, and I think he plays with a little anger, too. I think that fires us up. That?s something Milton shows us. He channels that anger by going out and hitting and making great catches and great throws in right field. It?s just a good mix in the clubhouse. Like I said, a lot of characters, and a lot of fun.

I?m really happy for Marco Scutaro right now. Scooter?s been our ringer. He?s been able to do it all over the diamond at different times, and whenever we?ve needed him, he?s been there for us. And more than being a solid backup, he?s just really come through in the clutch. The other teams sees this No. 8 or No. 9 hitter coming up, and that probably relaxes them a little bit, but Scooter just comes through, whether it?s against K-Rod or any other huge closer in the game, he just gets it done. And what he did against the Twins just shows you that the guy honestly believes he?s a huge part of our success, and he believes that he?s a great player and that he can contribute. ? He?s real funny, too. He does a lot of funny voices, and he kind of does parodies of himself and other players in the clubhouse, and he really kind of entertains us. He?s not really Latin even though he?s from Venezuela because his Dad is from Italy and his Mom?s Spanish, but with a lot of Latin guys, with the language barrier, they don?t get a chance to really blossom and show guys their true personalities. Whereas Scooter?s given us a full impression of himself. It took him a couple of years to settle in, but not he?s a huge part of the clubhouse, and he really keeps us loose, just like Kotsay.

As for me and my preparation, having a little bit longer between starts isn?t a big deal at all. My preparation has been the same. I?ve just thrown a couple extra bullpens since we had the extra days, but I?m just real focused on how good I can be on every pitch. And if I just focus on every pitch, I might find myself out there still in the seventh or eighth innings. I?ve pitched in rain delays in Cleveland — pretty bad ones — and I?ve gotten knocked off my routine a lot. I?ve pitched on three days rest. It?s just another start like any, and my arm feels good, and I think that?s all that matters.

I faced the Tigers once this year, early, back when I was good-bad, good-bad, that kind of thing. It was good. They?re definitely a great hitting team. They play small ball, they hit-and-run, they steal, they?ll bunt, and they?ll do situational hitting when they have to, hitting the ball to the right side and sac flies. So they?re tough. They?re not just out there swinging for the fences; you can always pitch to those teams a little easier. They?re gonna put the ball in play and they?re gonna put up a lot of hits, so you just need the defense to come out and play well like they?ve been playing.

You can?t ever pitch to their weaknesses. I kind of fell into that a little bit in 2004, when I was struggling a little bit, trying to really manufacture good outings instead of just letting them happen. I started to out-think myself, watching way too much tape on guys, things like that. If I stick with my strengths, which is what got me here to the big leagues and got me the Cy Young, nothing else matters. If I make my pitches, these guys will get themselves out. It?s when you try to do too much that you fall behind and leave balls out over the middle, that?s when trouble starts happening.

Tonight, I?m just going to chill out at my house. Watch a movie, surf the Internet, play some guitar. Just relax. Same old stuff for me. It?s just another start. Everything around me seems a little more intense or amplified, but my preparation out there on the mound is just about 60 feet and six inches, me and a catcher and a hitter, and if we win, we win. If we lose, we lose. Time will play itself out.


  1. Felix

    I think that McAfee needed that tarp, as it does lend itself to a more intimate setting. You guys are a good combination of gritty, hard-nosed players that should be on every team, and you guys play like you love the game, which is the only way to play the game in my opinion. I remember a interview that Marco Scutaro did for the spanish-language networks in NY and the dude is hilarious! You guys are playing really good right now, and I really cant pick a winner in the ALCS.


    The Life of a Yankee Fan


    Glad to see that you’re relaxed, Barry. Really, that’s what’s important. As excited as we all are for you guys, I just want to see you go out there and play your game tomorrow. Do that and, like you said, the rest will fall into place.

    Best of luck on the mound, man. And I hope that same good fortune is with you on into this offseason. Much love from your faithful here in Oakland.


    I’m excited for you guys! I will be at the game tomorrow, cheering as loud as I can! That’s great that the team chemistry is that good, it probably makes it a lot more fun! I love that picture, soccer skills! Definetly a good idea to stay relaxed, and get sleep. Your amazing Barry, maybe if I get to the game early enough, you can sign my ball! Guitars cool, but I’m a trumpet player myself! Good Luck!


    Good luck tomorrow Barry!! I am so excited to see you pich. I know that you will throw an awesome game. Thank you so much for updating us like this. It’s pretty cool to hear real life updates from you!



    Tomorrow will be a great day. It will be a lot of fun. I have amde a bunch of posters – pretty funny, if I do say so myself. πŸ˜‰

    Unfortunately, we are sitting up on the 2nd deck – 2nd row from the back out near the right field foul pole. Hopefully, someone will appreciate the posters besides me.

    Well, this is a wonderful year for all of us A’s fans – Let the games begin!



    Dear Barry,
    I have absolutely no worries about tomorrow’s game. Pitch-by-pitch, as long as you’re on the mound I know that what’s meant to happen will happen. While you’re “chilling”, I’d suggest listening to some John Mayer. I know it may sound odd, but his music can calm any nerves. I wish you the best of luck tomorrow! Here’s to a great game one!



    Good luck tomorrow Barry! Just do what you always do out there and send those hitters away. =) I’ll be walking around campus all decked out in A’s gear from head to toe tomorrow. I’m willing to do anything to advertise the awesomeness of this team!

    Hope you’re having fun playing guitar/relaxing right now! Thanks for updating this blog so frequently. =)

    Have fun out there!

    Your fan in Baltimore,



    There’s only one thing that people havent told you “Z”….

    Fight On!!!!!! Even though it was only for 1 year, you’re a true Trojan!


    Zito- I love watching you guys play. It’s obvious that you do it for the love of the game and that’s why you’ve gotten as far as you have. Game One is yours. Enjoy your night off and good luck tomorrow!



    It’s great to hear that you all are letting this experience sink in. I’ve been an A’s fan my whole life and would love to see the team make the World Series. I was talking to my dad about it yesterday and he really wants me to be able to go and see the A’s play in one. He went in ’89 and said he felt bad that I wasn’t able to attend because I was only four. I will make it to one of the games this year if you guys beat out the Tigers (which you will). Have fun and the Mills women are cheering for you all.


    Mr. Zito~
    Best of luck to all of you tomorrow! I see someone mentioned that Robertson is hard to beat, but so is Johan, and you managed that one, so I’m confident you can go out and pitch another great game.

    I’m pulling for you guys to take it all the way this year…since you had to go and cream my Twins right out of the chute (turnabout is fair play, I guess) Like I’ve said for some time, if I hadnt been born a Twins fan, it’d be the A’s. I just like how you guys play the game.

    Good Luck!!!!! Go on out and stick it to those Tigers!


    Hey Barry,
    I just know you will go out and pitch a great game tomorrow.I finally get to watch you guys live.I’m so excited! This team makes me so proud.Like I said before hope to see you in person at the World Series.


    I really appreciate your blog simply because of the access that it gives fans to the team, not just as athletes playing the best game in the world, but as people.

    I am so excited for the ALCS to start up tomorrow I just can hardly wait. Go out there, play hard, and have fun! I’ll be cheering as hard as I can up here in Idaho!



    Hey Barry,
    I’m am really excited that you guys made it to the ALCS. Words cannot describe the feeling I had when you guys won. I am so un believeably proud of Marco Scutaro. He’s done such a great job ever since the day he first played with Oakland. It’s kind of funny how the media is barely noticing how good of a player he is. I’m proud of all you guys and I wanna wish you the best of luck in the ALCS. Just know that true fans will stick with the A’s no matter what happens in the ALCS.

    Go out there and do your best. I’ll be cheering for you and all the guys.

    Good Luck!



    I am so excited that you guys made it to the ALCS. Just relax. Don’t think of it as the ALCS, just think of it as any other game. I hope you guys make it to the World Series, because I have never seen the A’s play in one.

    Go out there and kick some Tiger Butt!!!




    Here’s an original and poignant take on the tarped upper deck:

    For my part, every day there’s a new reason baseball is not only exciting but also meaningful somehow, thought provoking, and, my favorite word, poetic. Tomorrow I’m sure all those reasons will come into play, plus some new ones. I even enjoy the frustration of wishing it were tomorrow, 5pm. As Richard Greenberg says, “Democracy is lovely, but baseball’s more mature”. I’m stuck at school in Irvine, but my dad and brother will be in Oakland cheering for you in person, so I’ll try and convince them to be as ostentatiously exuberant as I would be if I were there.

    Be cool tomorrow,



    Hey Barry! Thank you for taking the time to write these blogs. One thing that I have always really appreciated you for, is that despite becoming a huge star, you have always shown appreciation for the fans. I’ve seen you spend 45 min signing autographs…and that means alot to us, it really does!
    Anyway, I was there to watch you guys clinch the ALDS. It was the best game I’ve ever been to!!! Good luck in the next round. I know you guys can do it, if you put all your hearts into it. Oakland and it’s fans have been waiting for this for a long time…and WE BELIEVE in all of you guys! WE BELIEVE!!!

    ~Sandi Cornett

    Modesto, CA


    Best of luck tomorrow. Hopefully you can throw the hitters off and your defense will do the rest. I’ll be watching from Minnesota (although still upset about the Twins!) and rooting for the A’s! Take it one game at a time, you guys have a great time this year and as you have already proved, can go far. Good luck!


    Off field talent. Barry, that was the funniest and most honest answers I have ever heard from any professional athlete. I know it was said as a joke but I have watched sports my whole life and am so tired of the “safe” answers to questions. You seem to down to earth to be concerned about the “first five rows” as Eric put it, so I suppose you could take LA out of the equation, although they may come in handy if you got in trouble while surfing. You should look for “real” talent, not talent that “corks the bat.”

    San Francisco


    Good luck Barry!!!!!!

    Not only will you have the best defense in the League backing you up but the whole Bay Area cheering for you and the A?s! WE BELIEVE.

    See you at the ballpark!

    Go A?s!!!!!!!!!!


    I thought I was the only person in the world that referred to the shortstop as Scooter. Thanks, Barry, for making me feel like I’m not alone in the world.

    Kidding aside, tear it up out there. Have fun. You all deserve to be exactly where you are right now; enjoy it! All the best to you guys.


    I?m sending you all the luck in the world tomorrow. I’m so excited to see you all play again. You all play as a team and that is fun to see. Everyone’s contributions show at the end of the game.

    Just go out there relax and have fun. I definitely like your way of thinking. It is just any other game. When you start thinking about it too much then that’s when your mind wants to play games with you. It is just you, Kendall and the batter out there. I’ll be rooting for you like always. I hope you are enjoying your night off. I can’t wait until the next blog. I really appreciate you taking the time to give us an insight to your thoughts. Thanks πŸ™‚

    Sending lots of love to you and the A’s,


    Let’s Go Oakland!!!


    Barry…… Wow, the A’s are once again proving that the game of baseball is alive and well in America! With all the bad press over steroids and baseball strikes etc, the game really needs a role model team. Mr. Beane has put together a group of talented young players with some older guys most had passed on as too troublesome.****** if they didn’t go out and prove most everybody wrong. Who needs superstar power or huge money players when you have true teamwork? But alot of us longtime A’s fans have known from the start-you can’t hang your hat on a group of stats when it comes time to face Oakland. Unless of course, you like chokin’ up all those crow feathers. Give em **** tomarrow Barry. I’ll be right their screamin’ for ya!


    Good luck tomorrow. I’ll be sitting in front of the tv, wishing the tarps were off as I would have loved to see you pitch the game in person. I have tixs for Game #6, but hope you win sooner than that to rest up for the World Series!!!

    Best to the entire team.


    Hey Barry!
    From me to is all the luck in the world to go out there and win this game! Good luck…I have faith in you and the rest of the guys that you can get this done. Have fun!



    You couldn’t be more right about the relationships on the club and how fans pick up on that. I really appreciate the synergy you guys seem to have; the only other club that made me feel that way this year was the young Marlins. It absolutely makes you guys a blast to root for, because you genuinely seem to enjoy each other. It makes me want you to win, together. I get so tired of hearing about how baseball is just a business. Watching you guys interact, I’m reminded that it can be more than that, when you have the right pieces.

    Marco Scutaro is made of awesome. It’s amazing what he does. (I didn’t know about the voices thing; that’s hilarious!)

    I’m glad you’re so relaxed! I’m nervous enough for ten people. I have all the faith in the world – I’m just so amped to get this series going. This was my dream matchup for the ALCS, and I can’t wait to see how it plays out. Best of luck, man. To paraphrase, I think all of Oakland (and many places beyond – I’m writing from VA) will be looking forward to sitting back and watching our boy carve.



    I’m sending you good vibes from Thailand. Hopefully my internet connection can hold up to




    Hey BZ,

    Can’t wait to see you pitch later on today. Win, lose or tie, we are all behind you.

    Elephants crush tigers any day of the week.



    All that ESPN and Fox Sports want to talk about is the Yankees,A-Rod and Joe Torre. Talk about no respect–

    Howz about you guys give ’em something else to talk about on tuesday??

    Keep on keepin on!



    I have benn watching the A΄s Since i was a child. In fact the first World Series i saw was that one in 1990, and i really can΄t describe the felling oh seeing the A΄s finally in the ALCS. It΄s an amazing thing.

    Please send some greeting to Marco. Here, in Venezuela people starts to realize how good he is.

    The obvious thing to say is that we are all confident with you pitching the Game 1, and of course with all the team.

    Anderson G

    Valencia, Venezuela


    Good luck today, I’ll be waching from Mexico city and hopefully you get the win.

    Thanks for everything you do on and off the field.


    Mexico city


    You are going to rock that game tomorrow. Everyone is cheering for you! Its been such a great season and we are lucky to have such an amazing, down to earth, pitcher like yourself. Good luck tomorrow and take care.


    PLEASE dont go to the Yankees…



    Good luck today!! The only thing that scares me about the Tigers is that they play with heart, just like you guys do. I think that is what the Yankees are missing. Once you pay players that much money then they lose that part of the game. I hope it always stays with you πŸ™‚


    Barry, I am not a practicing Catholic but I do believe in St. Anthony (the Patron Saint of lost things).
    I am not going to pray that the A’s win. I am going to pray that you and every teammate do their very best, that you and the team remain safe and healthy and that the officiating is fair and consistent (on both sides). I am going to pray to St. Anthony that he helps YOU FIND where you need to be next year in order to be happy and to continue loving what you do. (As you once told me you did back in March).

    I can’t pray for a win but I can pray for all those other things and like you said, “Time will play itself out.” And lastly, I am going to pray for the troops that you help support through “Strike Out for Troops,” because you and I know that they are the real heroes. Have fun tonight! I will be at tomorrow night’s game but will be listening or watching it on TV tonight.


    San Francisco


    As a Yankees fan, I have always held a soft spot for the A’s (especially now). Just go out and play your game and throw that curve ball, and I’ll see the A’s in the World Series. Yankees fans want to see the Tigers lose, so you have our support as well. Best of luck!



    I think you deserve sooo much more than you actually get, but I think it’s great how much you love your team and how much you support them like a second family. I truly admire that. I think you’re wonderful and GOOD LUCK!!!
    Jeannie πŸ™‚



    I partially agree with, that, as a Yankee fan I have a soft spot for the A?s on account of guys like you, Eric Chavez, and Mark Kotsay. However, that is not just to see the Tigers lose, rather, I just want to see you guys finally win?and hopefully, next year we can see you in pinstripes = ) Best of luck!


    I can’t believe thae A’s still can’t get no love from ESPN. Lets show everyone including them just how wrong they are to assume the Tigers are a better team. These moments make you the pitcher you are, so do what you do. So far the A’s are 52-8 over the past two seasons when I have gone, and my girlfriend is 17-0, we will be there rooting. GET SOME!!


    Thank you for appreciating how all of your TRUE fans have stuck by the team through the years. It’s the mark of a great professional, and we do everything we can to support the amazing year you continue to have. I just hope you are one of those athletes who can spend your entire career with one team, and the fans who love you. Good luck tonight!


    I made the mistake of listening to all the ESPN “experts” before your first game with the Twins. It made me so angry. I have decided this time that I will not watch anything, except the game. I can listen to their “advice” after the series! Haha!

    Anyway, I wish you all the best of luck. I believe if you play the way you all did last Friday (well, all three games, really), you can do anything.

    You’re a great team, and I mean team. I love that there are no “big shots,” but that everyone has their moment. I love that when they do, the rest of the team is there is cheer them on and congratulate them on their success.

    I always hate when the season ends because I know someone will leave the “family.” It always makes me a little sad, but each year, someone joins the family as well. I cannot imagine the team without Bradley, Thomas, or even Scutaro now. But, at the same time, I cannot imagine the team without you.

    Wherever you go, I wish you all the success in the world! You deserve it, just like all my other favorite “A’s” who have left before you!

    Good luck today! Hey, I am one who will actually pray that you all will win! Haha!

    Oh, and I was surprised with tickets to tomorrow’s game. A “Yankee Fan” had bought them in advance thinking they would need them. Lucky for me, they didn’t! Yay!


    I am looking forward to watching the game on TV tonight! I wish I could be there, but maybe my screams and cheers will be heard all the way out in Oakland. πŸ˜‰

    Good luck on tonight’s game! You have shown yourself to be a great pitcher this year and I hope and pray that you will be able to do that again tonight!

    I hope that you stay with the A’s for at least a few more years to come (in other words, if the Yankees make you an offer, DON’T PLAY FOR THEM!!!) I am sure that other teams might be able to offer you more money (like the Yankees) but the A’s are an awesome team and they have great fans. Sometimes there are just more important things that money!!! Remember: Great teams are grown not bought!

    Whatever you chose to do, good luck for tonight and for your great career that continues to stretch out before you!



    Yo Barry,

    Did you read the article by Mychael Urban on A’S site. It is about you starting in Game 1 with some opinions from your old buddy, Tim Hudson. During this series, Huddy will be an A’S fan and “Z” fan, too. Those Tigers are tough, they’re also on a high after the ALDS. Good luck.


    -Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan.

    P.S. Don’t pitch like Opening Night.


    I can’t wait for your first pitch tonight. I enjoyed the 70’s and 1989 Championships but will REALLY enjoy this year’s. ESPN and the others do not respect Oaktown – Kiss my A’s!

    I wish you much success for this year and your remaining career. Wherever you play, I’m sure you’ll make some good money. Therefore, I hope you consider what TEAM will be best to obtain future acheivements



    Hey Mr. Zito,

    I’m looking forward to your start tonight. You’re the best. I model my curveball after yours when I throw it, down to the grip!

    Love the attitude, too. And Creative Mind is the best book I’ve read in a long time.

    Best wishes from your biggest Chicago fan,

    –Gregory Pratt


    I can’t wait to get home and watch the game tonight. Here in LA I probably won’t be able to find too many people who will be watching and cheering the way I will be ~ but too bad for them! I’m so excited I wish that I could go home and watch the game with my dad and my sister! We always go to the games together. For now I will make some noise so that everyone knows where I’m from!
    Go out and have fun!



    You’ve got this Barry, I have complete confidence in you!

    My brother seems to think the Tigers are going to beat you guys easily, so I bet him $100 that you guys will be in the World Series (and win that too if my prediction is correct) πŸ˜€ I’ve never been less worried in my life, I already thanked him in advance for the hundred πŸ™‚



    Thank you for doing these blogs. No one really knows how A’s players feel aside from the interviews on TV and in the papers, which, can be tweaked to the writers liking. So thanks for giving it to us un-cut.

    I know it’s probably out of your hands, but if you get a chance to have some serious say in it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign with Oakland. You mean the world to this team and to us fans. Your on and off the field work speaks for itself. Baseball needs more people like you.




    Z-Man……thanks for giving us A’s fans a great insight into your mindset heading into the ALCS. I know it won’t be easy, them Tigers are a good ballclub, but we match up VERY well. The world outside the Bay may not think so, but we’ve got the heart, grit and muscle to take this all the way. Your leadership is priceless. I’ve been telling all my friends, Scoots is THE man. CLUTCH!!!!!


    Barry Honey I wish you the best tonight.I’ll be watching the game here in Chicago and hopefully i will get to see you win game 1. Good Luck to all you guys I know we can win this. Much Luv to you HUN GO A’S!!!!!!!!!!


    Zito and Team,

    PLEASE be patient against Detroit pitchers and DON’T swing at bad pitches. That is what cost Yanks the BIG loss.

    Please Read the critics predictions regarding the ALCS, on Yahoo Sports under “Sport Stream”. Those guys believe that this World Series belongs to the A’s. Finally you guys earned the respect that you have deserved all year long. We believe in A’S.

    You guys ROCK!!!

    Do this one for the team and for the FANS!

    Once again: ((Be patient with those Detroit Pitchers, DON’T swing at bad pitches.))

    God is on your Side.

    Alex–Union City


    Tell the NOT TO swing at bad Pitches. Detroit pitchers are known for intimidating guys at bat and make them swing at worst pitches you can imagine. They Fooled Yanks. Don’t let them do the same to the A’S.

    Best of LUCK to all of you.



    Barry…Dude! We all know the A’s can do this. I’ll be watching from home on TV. My sister, Deirdre (who also posted, “yodeirdre…”) will be in the stands with those fantastic posters.

    Much Love and Best of Luck to you and the A’s tonight.

    – Erin



    I will be hanging on every pitch tonight! I know you guy’s can do it. Thanks to you and the rest of the A’s for an awesome season. Best of luck, and Go A’s!!!


    Hey Barry!
    Whats up! Nothing much going here. Glad to here that you guys have great chemistry. I think that’s the key thing to have in a team. It looks like you were having fun and just chillin’ by the look of your picture. Pretty cool…lol. Well, you guys have fun out there. I’ll be rooting for u guys back here in Boston. I’ll watch you guys on game day….lol Best of luck


    Barry, go out there and kick some booty!

    I like the tarps, it shows the opposing fans that we’ve (the A’s) have accomplished a lot in the past and will continue to do so. =) Good luck with tonight’s game! I’ll be watching from Rhode Island. =) (I am so missing out on this ALCS, but I’ll see you guys in NY when you guys play the Mets).



    hey barry..did you guys ever listen to that cd i made you guys a couple weeks ago? let me know if you have or not


    Good luck tonight guys…i have faith that you wil do fine…just remember the most important thing is to relax and have fun…no matter what happens…always have fun!!!!
    –Scott Travis

    Chino,CA(southern california)


    Dude, why do the umps always dog on us!!! We (the A’s) should be winning, but noooooo they didn’t want to call your strikes “strikes” ***! I am so angry!*****.


    I hate that the A’s always get cheated, esp. when it’s in post season.******. But it’s cool, you guys just gotta get out there and kick some a**.



    Barry, you and the A’s will be fine. I am watching the game and wanted to be one of the first ones for during and after the game… Better chance for you to read this. Just remember one thing, “you can’t win em all”. Get your guys’ heads on straight and come back tomorrow. By the way I still haven’t given up on tonight either. Go A’s!!!!


    I am sorry about the loss tonight. I am sure that it must be frustrating at least a little bit. But encourage your team to come back stronger tomorrow with a bigger hunger for victory! Take the next 4 games! I am still confident in the A’s! Good luck to your whole team on the game tomorrow! Get out there and kick some butt! Go A’s!!!!



    a bummer about the loss tonight, i had class but i taped it on tv and im still going to watch it because i wanna see you pitch. you guys are amazing and you guys can still take em. good luck tomorrow, my friends and i are having a party to watch it because we go to school in LA and cant go to the games, play hard so that you guys can keep going and hopefully i can fly home for a game. no matter what happens you are my hero and someone i look up to and we’re with you all the way. please stay with the a’s ill miss you!!!

    -Linelle Schultz

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