One step at a time

Rogers_1Just because it’s the playoffs, it doesn’t make us immune to what’s going on, so I was able to appreciate what Kenny Rogers did tonight as a fellow pitcher. Kenny was probably the best we’ve ever seen him, and he’s been really good against us in the past. He’s had two of his best games of the year here in the playoffs, and I can definitely appreciate that.

I don’t think we need history to rely on, thinking about what the Red Sox did a couple of years ago. If we can just stay focused and worry about playing the game one step at a time, one fundamental at a time, we won’t get too far ahead of ourselves and feel like we have so much to overcome. It’s definitely possible for us to win the game tomorrow, and if we can do that, we move on to the next day. We don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves and say, "OK, boys, we have to win four straight," because anyone who does that is going to come up short.

I think Rich Harden came out a little juiced up, a little amped up. This was his first playoff start, and no matter how you think you’ve prepared, it’s just a different situation, and I think that’s why he was throwing some balls to the first couple of guys. He was just juiced up, and that’s kind of been his pattern. Once he gets past the first inning or so and settles in, he just dominates, and that’s kind of what he did today. He started finding control with his heater and his change. Monroe hit that fastball good; it was a decent pitch that was down. But other than that, there was nothing, and Rich really showed a lot after coming off a tough year with a lot of injuries, and he really did what we asked.

He just happened to go up against Kenny on one of his best days.

Kenny was changing speeds and throwing everything for strikes when he needed to, and then he’d get guys chasing balls out of the zone. That’s what his M.O. is when he’s ahead, and that’s tough on our guys. Kenny makes his money on balls out of the zone, and that’s kind of the way I am, too.

I watched Glavine pitch yesterday, just a crafty lefty getting it done, and then today I watched Kenny completely on top of his stuff. That just goes to show you that you don’t need blazing fastballs to get big-league hitters out. You just have to change speeds and hit your spots and have an idea of what you’re doing.

I feel good about Dan Haren tomorrow. I’m sure he’s excited to get out there, and he’s got nothing to lose. None of us have anything to lose. We just need to play with a lot of heart tomorrow and not play like we have to protect anything or play not to lose. We can’t worry about anything that’s happened earlier in the series. We just have to let it all hang out, play with heart and not hang our heads.



    Barry, first off thank you for sharing your thoughts with all of us.

    Although the results thus far have been less then what was hoped for it is not over yet. The A’s wouldn’t be the A’s if they didn’t fight till the bitter end. Tomorrow is another day simply make the most of it, one moment at a time or in this case one pitch, one play at a time.


    Hey Barry!
    From what I have observed, everyone seems really tense out there. I see it in Swisher’s face when he steps up too bat. Everyone is being too hard on themselves. You guys have enough talent, and enough heart to win, you just have to believe it, and you’re right, take one step at a time. Thank you for posting this blog, I have so much respect for you Barry! Stay warm, it looked cold out there!



    I for one would like to see you pitch at least one more time in green and gold. Good luck tomorrow, kick some Tiger butt. I believe in the white elephant club!


    (The biggest A’s fan in Washington D.C.)


    You guys need to get back into your ALDS mode! But you can’t put too much pressure on yourselves, you know you can at least win over the Tigers tomorrow. And you can work from there – like you said- ‘one step at a time’.
    I also agree with Karly from above, I’d like to see you pitch again (because it may be the possible last time as an A. And you want to leave a good impression). I’m still cheering you guys on.

    -jD =]


    One thing I know is that I want you guys to walk with your heads up!!!!

    You guys did a great job and personally it was one of the best seasons I had with the A’s team. So proud of ya all.

    One thing that makes me sad, is seeing the Heart of the A’s go to another team.

    We want you back in the green and gold man, the color red, blue or pin stripes will not suit you good.

    BTW, let’s try to spoil Tigers celebration a little, will ya?

    Love always, Sasha!!!



    Thanks so much for blogging during this time. I think it’s really fun to see inside people’s heads and you write incredibly well.

    I believe in you guys…whether or not things work out, I have a lot of faith in you and your ability as a team. I know it’s hard to face the odds, but I don’t believe that history repeats itself(people just make the same decisions in similar situations) so anything can happen, and I agree – one step at a time. You never know.

    Thanks again for blogging!

    Take my luck and my positive energy – I have an abundance of it, plenty for all of you!




    You’re right about the “one step at a time” philosophy. I remember last year when you all were 14 games behind first place. The A’s were dead last! I told my husband, “All they have to do is think of it as four games behind third, then once we pass that, three games behind second, etc…” Before we all knew it, you all we battling first place with the Angels. I also remember the game when Jason Kendall ran home when the Angel’s pitcher dropped the ball out of frustration. What a year that was for all your fans. No, you did not “win the Division,” but you all fought hard, and put pressure on all those teams.

    I believe you can do it again. The odds are against us, but that does not matter. Just go out there and have fun. I, for one, would love to see the A’s win the whole thing, especially if this is your last year. I want that for you and the team so badly.

    Regardless of the outcome, I will always remain a loyal fan. I was at the games when the ballpark was half empty, and was there when it was sold-out. I have had the opportunity to go to my first play-off games ever, one for the ALCS and one for the League. What memories!

    Just win tomorrow’s game. Worry about the next one later. You never know. I say this all the time now, it is taken from one of my son’s favorite movies, “Angel’s in the Outfield,” “It could happen!” I believe it will! πŸ™‚


    It’s so awesome that you take the time and share you’re thoughts with the fans. Good luck in the next game.


    Hey Barry, First Of All I Want You To Know That Your Fans Have Your Backs And That No Matter What Happens You Guys Will Always Have Us I Want You Guys To Walk Onto That Field Tomorrow With Your Heads Held Up High And Let Nothing Get You Guys Down Always Keep In Mind That All Your Fans Back Home Are Cheering You Guys On And That We Are With You Every Step Of The Way We Love You All GO A’s!!!


    “You’ve gotta have HEART
    All you really nead is heart!

    When the odds are sayin’ you’ll never win

    That’s when your grin should start!”

    But then I’m only a cockeyed optimist πŸ˜‰

    I am still enjoying this tremendous season and holding out hope for a monumental final battle, or at least another glorious win or so. Go be big **** heros and make us all grin a few times, but know I for one am happy to have baseball I care about playing at this time of the year no matter what happens tomorrow. Summer isn’t quite over yet.

    Let’s go Oakland!


    Hey Barry…tough lost tonight. But at least you all tried thats what counts. You’re right, you can’t count on history and what happened to the Red Sox in the past. But at least you know that it is possible. I can tell that you guys play every game with everything you got. But you guys still have what it takes to win it. But regardless what happens tommorrow you guys worked hard to get to that point. So, don’t be too hard on youselves. Tommorrow you guys have to play like you never played before. Don’t think that, that is the last game. So I want you guys to go out there and just play, don’t think. Good Luck!


    bz … thanks for posting despite what must be a cold, irritating night. hang in there! there are a million of us out there pulling for you guys like it’s 0-0 in the first inning of the season. ain’t nothin to it but to do it! now go out there and bring it back to o-town!



    Ok, I’m the loudmouth Tiger fan that’s been talking about spanking etc. But this time I want to say something a little different……You A’s fans are showing tremendous class and support for your team by the posts you’ve made here!! Zito, It looks you have some of the greatest fans this side of Detroit. Props to all of you and I look forward to a good game tomorrow. I’m impressed by what I see here and refuse to gloat. It was so easy to hate the Yankees and their fair weather fans but not so easy here. Hats off to you guys!!!!


    It’s great to hear what everyone’s thoughts are in the clubhouse going into the biggest game of the year. I have a great feeling that this is going to turn out like the Red Sox when they fell down 0-3 to the Yankees. I was at game 2 and the vibe was great in the stands, and I feel if we can get this back to Oakland we’re in good shape. I have tickets to game 7, and I fully believe that it will be played next Wednesday with us having an incredible swing of momentum. Like you said, “one step at a time,” and things will fall into place. I want to see another start from you his season… Your the man, and that will show again later in the series. Good luck and stay with us somehow! Get the fire going, we’re all behind you guys. Go A’s!!!


    It’s great to hear what everyone’s thoughts are in the clubhouse going into the biggest game of the year. I have a great feeling that this is going to turn out like the Red Sox when they fell down 0-3 to the Yankees. I was at game 2 and the vibe was great in the stands, and I feel if we can get this back to Oakland we’re in good shape. I have tickets to game 7, and I fully believe that it will be played next Wednesday with us having an incredible swing of momentum. Like you said, “one step at a time,” and things will fall into place. I want to see another start from you his season… Your the man, and that will show again later in the series. Good luck and stay with us somehow! Get the fire going, we’re all behind you guys. Go A’s!!!


    I’m not going to make any predictions about how or when this series will end. I’m just grateful we’re getting bonus baseball while 26 other teams are already done.

    I hope this team wins tomorrow so we can enjoy another day of A’s baseball, and put off an offseason of waiting for at least one more day. Barry, I want to see you get a chance to pitch one last time in the green and gold.

    Hopefully the team can rediscover the fun of just playing the game again and enjoy themselves tomorrow, and earn the chance to play again the day after that. I’ll definitely enjoy watching at least one more A’s game this year!


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Zito. =) I’m so proud of all the boys on the team. Every win they had, every celebration they had I felt I was there even though I was watching from my T.V. I have alot of respect for the players on the team. It is great to share their emotions during a win and you can also feel their emotions during a loss. I’m sure you guys know us fans are behind you all the way. =)


    The biggest reason that I am a whole-hearted A’s fan, is that I LOVE the way you guys play. you PLAY – like it’s a wiffle ball game in the parking lot – you enjoy every second, and go all out. So many MLB teams have lost that, and I feel like maybe these past few games have lost that. Today I hope you guys go out with that “little boy” excitement, and forget the hype and the pressure blah blah blah, Enjoy yourselves – and it will surely show. I’m from the bay area, but I go to school in Ohio, and I stay up late to watch you guys, I sit in my dorm next to Tiger fans with my A’s hat on and my A’s beanie over top – with you guys for every pitch. Good luck, stay healthy, and let’s take it one pitch at a time…


    The last thing we all should loose is faith. Barry you guys are so great that?s why I love this team you all have so much heart. I know it must be frustrating to be behind 3-0 but never give up honey miracles do happen. Well I must say if our season ends today I’ll be so happy for what you guys have accomplish. Also I love you Barry but if you don?t return to the A’s, I’ll like to persuade you to come to my Cubbies. Well GOOD LUCK TODAY Luv You Guys



    Barry it’s wonderful to see the team get this far. I am happy to have had a chance to see a team with so many injuries make it this far. And like Chavvy said, “this team is the least talented team” he’s been on. Yes, least talented on paper, but this team plays with a lot heart and awesome pitchers (like you) has helped in so many ways.

    I love seeing everyone out there in their green and gold. With or without a World Series title I will always remember this season as one of the best I’ve had with the A’s and with you. I’m not sure where you’ll be after the season ends, but please know that you will still have a lot of A’s fans keeping an eye on you and you’ll always be in our hearts. We’ll miss seeing you on the mound and at Fan Feast. For me you’re the hardest one to let go because you’re the last one of “The Big 3.” (I have very fond memories of ?The Big 3?). Who knows, maybe you?ll stay?it?s just a hopeful though. If not, then goodbye Barry Zito. We?ll miss you tremendously! *hugs*


    Ms. Cheng


    Barry, I Wanna Wish You Guys Lots Of Luck Today Yesturdays Game Is Behind Us Today Is A New Day You Guys Still Have A Chance We Are All Rooting For You Guys Back Home In The Bay Area I Believe That You Guys Can Still Pull This Off Remember To Hold Your Heads Up High While Walking Onto That Field Today Let’s Go A’s Bring This Series Back Home



    It takes a lot of character to keep pushing and striving when you don’t have your best stuff, offensively or defensively. The A’s have shown a lot of character in this series and we (the A’s fans) love you even more for that.

    We don’t want the season to be over or the excitement to end just yet and we wish you all the best success in this push today!



    Pleasanton, CA


    I have been enjoying reading your thoughts on the game and hope to continue hearing game recaps until the end of the month! I’ve been watching you guys play for years and I know and fully believe that you guys can come though….if Boston can do it, so can you!



    Barry, look on the bright side… Atleast you don’t play for the Raiders!!! Now there is a real “winner” of a “team”. Love the A’s!!! Embarassed of the Raiders!! Atleast Oakland still has the A’s! Go A’s!!!!


    Hey BZ and all those A’s…Go out Saturday and “announce your presence with authoritay!!”

    We love you all!!!!!


    hey barry!! i have been an oakland A’s fan for as long as i can remember. My mom and grandparents grew up in Oakland and are huge fans so i grew up being one as well. there are pictures of me when i was 6 months old with an oakland A’s dress on. No matter what the outcome of todays game, i am so proud of you guys for getting this far!!! we love you!!!



    You are dressing in the visitor’s clubhouse as I type this after game 4. You haven’t posted yet, but you will soon. When you do, know that your time with this organization will never be forgotten. I wish you well in your new home (if you do leave) and hope that you’ll continue to enjoy life, put up “W’s” and look back on your time in Oakland with nothing but fondness.

    You will be missed, Barry. Enjoy the holidays, offseason and thanks for the memories.

    We will never forget you.




    Barry- you’ll always be my favorite A’s player. Thanks for sharing your heart with all of us- you truly are the heart and soul of the A’s. I hope you find your way back to Oakland. We just love you here… and you look hot in green and gold! 2006 was magical – I’m proud of what you and the team accomplished. Go A’s!!!


    I have watched you since you arrived on the scene. It has been a wonderful experience watching you grow and mature as a pitcher. It was a fun run with Mulder and Hudson and I thought we would have it again with Harden and Haren, but you won’t be here to “coach” them as they develop like you did. Thanks for the years in Green and Gold. You will be missed


    I just got back from game 4 of the ALCS!!!!!!!!!! Sorry Pachyderm thst apology is not coming!!!!!! The Tigers just have that look like the White Sox had last year and the Red Sox the year before. Like a freight train…I swear I could feel the field tilting in the Tigers favor. Again I give the A’s and all of their fans credit for showing a ton of fight and a lot of class. Now GOOOOOOOOOOO TIGER! YAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!


    It’s been great reading your blogs these past few days. You are not only and awesome pitcher but a nice-good hearted young man and a pretty good writer! Hope you enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Remember, you are the hottest baseball player EVER!!!!!!!

    Best of luck always…:)


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