Don’t bet against us

WalkGeneral thoughts: I just got away from my game plan of focusing on every pitch. I think I was nitpicking a little too much out there instead of just coming after them. A lot of times with an aggressive team, a pitcher will start to throw more balls out of the zone, and I think that’s what I did today instead of just coming at them with strikes and let them get themselves out.

There’s quite a few aggressive hitters with the Tigers, and I was throwing balls in the strike zone at that point. I think overall I threw nine out of 21 first-pitch strikes — not good. And then probably only about 53, 54 percent strikes overall, and I think that was the difference because when I come out commanding the zone early, I put teams on the defensive, and I don’t think they ever felt like they were on the defensive tonight.

Even early, when I was getting guys out, I didn’t have great fastball command. Guillen popped up a ball that was kind of in the middle of the plate, and I got away with some things. I threw some good changeups off the plate, but more than anything, fastball command sets up the offspeed, and if I’m not throwing the ball in for strikes or away for strikes, they don’t really need to worry about it. And I think tonight they knew that the changeup was the only consistent pitch I could throw in the zone, and Pudge hit a 2-1 change to the opposite field for a homer, and Inge hit a 2-0 change for a double to left-center. Both very good pitches, but we didn’t get to them by throwing fastballs in the zone.

They were gonna make me throw them strikes, and that’s just something I didn’t do. I think a lot of teams that face me, if they’re not swinging, it’s either because they’re trying to time me or because they’re going to make me throw strike one, and I didn’t throw strike one nearly enough, so I take full responsibility for the loss.

It would have been nice to come away, opening at home, with Game 1. But the reality is we didn’t. I think we got a good feel for what the ALCS is about, though, and hopefully we can go out there tomorrow and get a split out of this little series within the series and just take it back to their place. Obviously it’s not ideal, but I don’t think it’s the end of the world because it’s a seven-game series.

The bullpen was outstanding, and you could say that we didn’t have clutch hitting, but when I put us in a hole like that, it changes the momentum, because you never know. If it’s 0-0, maybe we do have some clutch hitting. It’s all about momentum in the playoffs.

I just have to pound the zone, simple as that. Everything felt good. My mechanics felt good, my arm felt live. I think it’s just a mindset of attacking them and making them inflict the damage on you instead of trying to nitpick and pitch away from contact, and I got away from that.

The layoff between series might have affected us a little bit. Whenever you have a few days off like that, you kind of start to maybe chill out too much, and having that day off Saturday was unexpected for all of us, but it’s something we have to rebound from now and not worry about it.

I would never bet against this team. First of all because it’s against the rules, but also because we’ve been through so much, and we’ve been counted out many times. If we can just refocus and clean the slate for tomorrow, I think things will start to look up for us.

I feel good about tomorrow with Esteban going. He’s probably been our most dominant pitcher the last three months of the season. He pitched great for us in Minnesota, and I’m looking for him to come out and get us back in this thing.

The crowd was outstanding tonight. The energy was electric, better than I’ve ever seen it. I remember in Game 3 of the ALDS against the Yankees when we had a chance to close them out, and it was a very similar feel. We probably had 20,000 more people then because the upstairs was open back then, but tonight we had 35,000 and they sounded like 55,000. That was pretty impressive, and I’m sure it’ll be the same for Game 2.



    Four games, Barry. That’s all you need. You all can win four games in a row. You have done it so many times in the past. You’ll do it again. I believe it, and so do the rest of the A’s fans.

    We’ll be cheering you guys on all the way! πŸ™‚


    Hey Barry, I think we’ll be just fine. When Robertson had runners on second and third with nobody out, Leyland apparently just told him to forget about the runners and he struck out the side. I am confident you can do the same if your grit gets tested in Game 5.

    I also don’t think you need to be so hard on yourself. Anyone can look back and say they should have done better, but you had some hard luck with your defense and some calls in the strike zone today. You’re still our ace and the fans still have a lot of faith that this team can turn the page and bounce back. Go A’s!



    You wore it like a soldier and I pity those kitties if you have to face them again in this series. As they say, “fool me once”..I doubt you’ll have to though.

    E-Lo will rock tomorrow and I wouldn’t be suprised if you guys finish this in in 5 with Rich and Haren after that. Stay hot and keep your eyes on the prize.

    The sun don’t shine on the same dog’s butt every day (unless of course he’s a lefty lookin at Mt. Davis’ glare during a 5pm start).

    Go get em tomorrow!



    Hey Barry!
    I was their tonight, and also was impressed with the crowd energy. It was great seeing all of those painted faces! I still love you Barry. Your right, It’s not the end of the world, but the important thing is how the team comes back mentally ready for tomorrow. It’s definitely not over! There is plenty more baseball to be played! Go A’s!



    we never doubt you put all of you into your game. remember your own words from yesterday’s blog – time will play itself out.

    on a higher note, you show your integrity in a loss as you do in a win. that is truly the sign of a great athlete.

    please let all the team know that we still believe.


    8th grade math is a beautiful thing. Guess you’ll be wrappin it up for us in Motown after all in Game 5. Like I said, they had their fun with you today, I feel sorry for them next time. Chin up Zeet.


    Barry – I’m in a philosophy class in Santa Barbara (an area i know you’re familar with) and we’re learning about the paradox of free will. Just remember what you said; time will play itself out. It’s funny that you mentioned For Love of the Game last blog as I just watched it on TV. For game 5 in detroit, I know the fans won’t be an issue for you. “Clear the mechanism,” remember your final goal, and use your ability to achieve it in the game and you guys will be fine. I wish I could be there cheering you guys on. Don’t let this get anybody down. GO A’s!!


    I knew somehow you would post you blog tonight. Thank you.

    It was a tough night tonight, but as you said it?s just one game and there?s still more baseball to be played. As always I will look forward to your next start in Game 5, until then I will be cheering in the stands for tomorrow?s WIN!

    Go A?s!!!!!!!


    Too bad things didn’t work out tonight. But it’s baseball — you win some, you lose some. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Probably could’ve had a little bit more help from the defense and umpire. Anyway, let’s put this one in the bag and go get them tomorrow!


    Barry Zito-
    Do me a favor, Turn that frown upside down…Things happen and we just have to shake it off, get a goodnights sleep coz tomorrow is a new day…you still have all of ur fans behind you no matter what…Good Luck with the rest of the series…We all know you guys will come through…

    Oh yeah, can you pass a message, Tell Pablo He’s Number One..haha, and that his two number one fans said hi…

    Let’s Go Oakland!!!


    ~~Elia From San Jose


    Let’s wipe our feet and move on . . . the A’s didn’t make the Final Four by accident. Stay aggressive, play your game, and enjoy the ride. We’re behind you all the way.


    Hahaha, your betting joke was funny!

    Tonight’s game didn’t go our way, but I’m totally looking forward to the rest of this series, including your next start in game 5. There isn’t anything better than playoff baseball!


    Hey Barry,
    Thanks for being honest and articulate. I know you’re a great pitcher, and maybe I keep saying it too much, but I’m eternally grateful for this blog and how it lets us all get to know you better. I’d never bet against you, for I’ve simply no idea what will happen; I only know you guys are entirely capable of winning this thing; I only know the reasons why I love you guys, and I won’t stop cheering until long after the final game, whenever that may be.

    Give E-Lo a good luck hug!


    the 1 is over. lets think about tomm. all of us. zito, you need to make sure your boys are confident and ready to win. you have the role of being the main man, leader, and champ. as the veteran you lead the guys we aspire to. zito, play some oct. baseball cause im still wearing that “theres in A in streak” “a hunt for a green october” type of stuff. for the peps


    Hey Barry,

    Don’t worry about this game. You can’t win ’em all, especially if several critical pitches aren’t called strikes. You’ll get another chance in Game 5, and we’ll see what happens then.

    As one of the older members of the team (ha!), I’m sure your leadership will help steer the A’s through the rest of this series. Good luck!


    Barry, I think you are outstanding no matter how it went for you tonight. Just remember how so many people are behind you, and count me as one of them. Next time you are chillin online check out my tribute to you on my myspace page. Take care.


    Hey Barry,
    Thanks for the quick post. Don’t be hard on yourself. We all have bad days at the office. If a few calls went your way or balls bounced differently the momentum would’ve gone the other way. Don’t forget we are all behind you guys and confident you can get it done. Feed off the postive. Good luck!


    Barry, I wonder if you have flashbacks of the past sometimes. I sure do. I love the Oakland A’s. I’m sure that you remember when J.Dye was batting and hit the ball off his leg. You guys were never the same. And now Ellis. Then when you guys were two games up on the Yankees and were trying to close it out, the crazy error, wierd hop ball, on Chaves. Just wondering. Come on A’s, best 4 of 7….. I still believe that this will be our year! Go A’s!!!!


    Barry-thank you for doing this blog. And posting in a timely manner after last nights loss. bummer! hey, i’m not worried. the tigers have plenty of surprises comming their way. Shoot win three four in a row and its all good. my a’s can do that. gonna get them tonight. estaban should have a super game. sometimes after a few days off it can disrupt the timing and rythm of a team. Heard and saw the crowds man it was great to see the maus rock!!!! reminded me of the ’72 series. sounded like 60,000…made me proud to be a long time a’s fan. those are the kinda turnouts needed everyday during the regular season. later barry-peace and love


    Picking the A’s in six, I shoulda put a little more thought into the whole thing where that means you guys will actually lose two along the way — I’ll be more specific about which two, next time.

    Last night was tough to watch; but you’re right, it’s done. Someone’s gotta win four to take this thing, and these teams are too evenly matched for it to be decided on one game. C’mon, green and gold!


    I was pleasantly surprised to see you posted after the tough time you had last night. That shows what character you have Barry.
    Everybody has a rough outing but you’re too good a pitcher and too strong a person not to over-come it.

    I’m sure they’ll show you cheering from the dugout and game 2! Good luck and don’t ever give up!


    Hey Peaches-tough night last night. Looked like when Inge hit the homer, it took the wind out of your sails and you lost your concentration–that happens sometimes, but don’t totally take the blame. There wasn’t much defense either and you guys were not having fun like you usually do. Today is a new day, time to start over and have fun doing what you love. Go out there tonight and kick some tail !! Go get ’em–Yeah baby.
    Luv ya.


    Hi Barry,

    I don’t think this is the end of the world…definitely disappointed, but I have absolute faith in you guys.

    I’m really excited to read your blog! You write extremely well!!

    Shoot for the moon — even if you miss, you’ll land in the stars!




    I think this proves my theory that the A’s are really not a World Series type team, they are not that good. Zito goes down in flames. The A’s are running scared, and will be defeated. I am sticking with my prediction – Detroit in five…see ya next year Oakland…

    P.S. Go Raiders!


    Hey Barry,
    Sorry to here about your tough night. I actually got a chance to check out what was going on on tv and was tough. But thats all in the past now and just think about whats coming up. Everyone has there off days and from that it just gives you more motivation to just jump right back into the game. I believe you guys can do it. You guys have what it takes to make it. Good luck to night.


    Can’t bet against Zito.
    Who dare can do that?


    Maybe in this offseason,

    I guess you will go to Yankees, I guess.

    Yankees or Cubs, soon be judged of your

    There’s too worry because

    one of hard pitcher Athletics’

    Harden maybe not on mound.



    I can’t believe it last game.

    That’s all I can say now.


    Yo, Barry!

    You are a veteran and you know that no one wins them all. We don’t expect perfection from you or the A’s. You gave it your best and that’s all anyone can ask. Let me tell you from section 116 [and Fosse will agree with this]we felt that the strike zone was way too dinky [maybe the size of a grapefruit…] against you in those early innings. It is tough when you don’t get the call on certain pitches and we know that’s not your fault.

    Keep your heads up and know that we are behind each and every one of you 100000%….and congrats to D’Angelo for his 1st post season hit for the A’s…and to Skip & Curt for the fun ahead in Japan… We’ll be there tonight to see you all come out tough and focused behind E-Lo…Go A’s!!





    Zito, you were terrible last night. How could you have done that? We needed a strong start from you, and you screw it up. If you are so articulate about what you did wrong last night, then why couldn’t you have thought about it when it mattered- ON THE MOUND! Oh and D’angelo blows. Anyways, I’ve been an A’s fan all my life and it’s tough to see them lose like that- just pitiful. Harden won’t be sharp, Loaiza will be shelled and Haren won’t be great. Good job getting swept.


    The guy that posted the comment above is the biggest A-Ho I’ve ever seen in my entire life! What a jerk, he’s not an A’s fan. An A’s fan would say, ?those f***ing umps screwed us!? They didn’t call the pitches that were strikes and I think that got to your head. And I believe that that’s not going to happen again. And we are NOT going to get swept. If I saw that person above I would B**** slap him. I’m only 5’0, but I’m very capable. Barry we still love YOU! It’s only one game. Get ready for the next game.


    Well, the Yanks took game one from the Tigers, and we saw what happened in that series. I still say Green and Gold in 6. Just go out, have fun, play hard, and do whatever you can to SCORE EARLY.

    As for the “poet” up there forecasting your move to the Yankees or Cubs, I still say you – above ALL other major leaguers – have the strength of character to say “no, it’s not about money, it’s about staying with a great group of guys, playing a game I love, in a town that loves ME.”

    I think you once said you’d be happy “as long as I have a truck that I like and a place to live.” You have both here in Oakland, and you have the support of the greatest fans in all of baseball.

    Not to take the focus off the playoffs – but when the season ends, I hope you consider what it would be worth it to sacrifice some extra riches in order to go down in history as perhaps the most beloved athlete in the history of this franchise.

    Guys who wear high socks stay with the team that loves them. Stay old school, Barry.




    I need you to know that love and support don’t go away because you had an off-night. The Tigers’ weak links can be exploited, and I have no doubt the A’s will capitalize. All the guys did the best they could last night, and with the new knowledge of the opposition, we forge ahead. Show the world what the A’s can do! Go get ’em!




    Things happen. I have tixs for Games 6 & 7, but hope the A’s win in 5! Let’s go, Oak-land!!!!!!!!


    C’mon A’s fans. You should know when your facing a better team. As I stated earlier the Tigers will take the series in 5, but I am giving your team the benefit of doubt by saying they will win one game. However, if the A’s lose tonight they will get swept. They wont win any at Detroit…too bad, boo hoo. I could feel the A’s fans hearts dropping everytime Zito didn’t hit his spot (not the Ump’s fault) and Detroit came up and pounced all those hits…I haven’t smiled that wide in a long time…hehahahahe!


    Sometimes a Game 1 loss is the best thing… get the mistakes and jitters out of your system, and go to Game 2 and beyond with more focus, fire, and determination.

    Keep truckin’… believe in yourself and not the critics… make California proud!


    Man, that 3-2 pitch that the umpire called ball on Polanco, which was a strike by all means, sure changed the entire game. Had the umpire called that a strike, we would have been out of the inning just down 1-0. But hey, it’s the umpire’s call, and that’s something that we can’t do anything about it anymore. We just have to focus on today, and go off to Detroit with the series tied at 1. We’ll be allright. This is going to be a tough series, but at the end, Oakland will prevail. Our pitching is too good for us not to win, and it showed last night with what the bullpen did.
    All the best tonight, take it easy.



    Don’t be too hard on yourself. They were very tough last night, and luck was on their side too. Plus, that ump hardly gave you any calls! Just get in that zone for Game 5 πŸ™‚

    Have fun tonight and keep those guys motivated. I loved when Chavey tried to start a rally in the dugout last night πŸ™‚ You guys can do this!!


    “i pity the fool..[who bets against the A’s after last night’s game].” -Mr. T

    let the haters hate and the fairweathers fade away. y’all are gonna be just fine!

    p.s. you didn’t have to take accountability for last nite cuz we still have your back regardless..but you’re a true sportsman and it’s dope that you did!


    Zito you were horrible last night. I can’t believe the Tigers #4 start beat Oakland on the road. He pitched out of jams, you dropped the ball during the jams. You got lucky in Minnesota when guys got themselves out, this is the ALCS, guys dont get themselves out, you have to pitch them out, ie, see Nate Robinson strike out the side with runners on 2nd and 3rd, that is pitching, not oakland hitters getting themself out.


    Hey Zito! So your Chi wasn’t aligned perfectly last night.. that’s ok.. it’s a brand new day and the sun is shining. Looks like a great day for some A’s kicking baseball!! Some re-focusing after a loss and you’ll all be just fine. While I won’t be there tonight, my sister will and she’ll be yelling for both of us! Right now the team is the last bit of summer we have… lets make it last into the World Series. Tell the team to go out and kick butt and take names! BTW.. the network announcers really ****!


    You’re still my favorite. Just continue being the leader that you’ve been on and off the field the whole year and you guys will make it happen.


    Barry, thanks for posting an honest recap of last night. These things happen. We all know how good of a pitcher you are, they just got inside yoru head. Hopefully Loaiza will get it done tonight. We’ve been A’s fans for a long long time and there would be nothing better than you guys coming into our home state of Michigan and wrapping up this series with a clinch in Detroit. Stifle that Tiger roar!!!!


    Hi Zito- I think what’s most important is that you recognize that it might have been a mental thing and you know exactly what to do to fix it. No one doubts you- we’re your biggest fans after all. I hope you and the boys brush it off b/c I certainly have. I’m not worried- you guys got this. It’s yours for the taking and I’ll be there tonight to see you guys get it. πŸ™‚
    – Betty


    Hey Barry, tough nite for all of you I think. Even Swisher wasn’t smiling that much last night…I still think your a great pitcher and I do believe you guys will turn it around. I’m rooting for the A’s all the way!!!!


    Don’t let your last performance get to you. You’ll be fine πŸ™‚

    Love ya,


    Brooklyn, New York


    Zito, you’re the man. You know alot is going to be on the line in game 5, and us A’s fans know you’re going to bring it to them on that night. Regardless of the close calls, errors made and tough pitches… you got no help. The boys swinging the sticks need to step it up, and they know that. 0-13 with runners in scoring position is not going to win ballgames, especially in the playoffs. Things will turn arounds soon, starting tonight. We got this. Stay up kid.


    Ahhh Barry honey dont worry I know the team will over comes this. Anyways you guys are great and I have a feeling Esteban will throw a good game. Keep your chin up honey. Take care ur number one fan
    ~Crystal Martinez~


    Barry you know I’m one of your biggest fans, but being a Detroit girl I have to root for my home team. Best of luck to you & the A’s during this match up.


    barry i thought that you had a good game last night a few bad strike zone calls was all that it was and i am rooting for you guys to go all the way i tell you if you beat the tigers it would make my whole family perhaps the happiest family in maine but any who wish Loaiza and the rest of your teammates good luck from old town maine GO A’S



    It happens. The Tigers are a good team, and this wasn’t the best game you’ve pitched. I’m sure the second time will be better against them.

    Yeah, we were loud…but many more A’s fans would have been even louder with the third deck open. I’m curious that you focus on the 2002 ALDS, when the ballpark was packed during the 2003 ALDS.

    In any event I’m very grateful for your willingness to give the fans some insight to your playoff experience. It’s really a rare privilege, so thank you again!



    There are three things that we have to do to win games, its been this way all year, and if we are to get past Detroit, we will have to continue to do it.

    1. Pitch

    2. Catch the ball

    3. Hit when it counts.

    Think about it fans, Barry didn’t do the job. Regardless of the ump or anything else, he didn’t do it. And that’s seemingly the way to beat Barry, just take pitches. That’s OK though, because it wasn’t just him. If Chavy makes the play at third, there’s one more out, and one less run. If Jiminez turns that DP, there’s one more out and at least one less run. If we bring home runners with no outs and guys on 2nd and 3rd, there’s at least two runs, making it a winnable 3-2 earlier on in the game. (Three runs assuming the other ones don’t score because or the defense)

    It’s all about momentum, Z got it right, and those missed opportunities killed OUR momentum. Here’s a good thing though, it wasn’t just one thing, it was all of those things combined that killed us, so big deal? How often will we misfire on all cylinders?

    Don’t get it twisted either A’s fans, these Tigers aren’t here on accident. They are a really really good team that deserves to be here JUST AS MUCH as we do. With a win or a loss yesterday, it still would have been just ONE GAME, so no need to celebrate or panic. I got tix for the entire postseason, so I’m doing my part, lets allow our A’s to do the same.

    “In the middle or ‘heart’, you’ll find an ‘A’.”



    The past is history, the future is a mystery, and the present is a gift. The A’s are in a 7 game championship series – how sweet is that?
    Sorry you had a tough game last night. You are so smart and that’s why you are so hard on yourself.

    keep on bloggin’ in the free world Z!


    Barry, I think you started out really good last night. I see that you’re taking most of the blame but I have to disagree. I feel that if the offense could’ve given you some run support early, it would’ve swung the momentum more in our direction, which would’ve made you feel more comfortable….Our bats weren’t on last night & we really need them to be, so our pitchers don’t have to be so pressured.

    That’s just my opinion…I feel bad right now 😦

    I just want you guys to keep your heads up & stay confident. You’re where you’re at for a reason. You guys are an awesome team filled w/ threats up & down the line-up & have THEE BEST pitching in the entire league. I KNOW you guys can win this ~ You just gotta BELIEVE.


    Oh yea’, and not to blow up your Blog or anything ( Blame Starbucks) but i’d also like to add ~

    The great mistake is to anticipate the outcome of the engagement; you ought not to be thinking of whether it ends in victory or defeat. Let nature take it’s course, and your tools will strike at the right moment.

    Good Luck!!!

    God Bless & Love ya much



    There was a lot more to the A’s defeat than how you pitched. So don’t feel like you have to take the burden of this loss. There were also some positives including the bullpen and getting runners on base. The A’s are all about this kind of series, and I know you guys can pull this one out. Both teams here are very similar, and that is what makes this such a great matchup. You are an awesome pitcher, Barry, and when you get the ball again, I am sure you will bury them.

    Good Luck,

    P.S. Let the team know they have a lot of fans in Mississippi!!


    Ah, the trolls come out. But let’s make a deal. You are some random person in front of a computer somewhere. You spend your time watching a Cy Young pitcher make a start in the ALCS. If you want to boost your ego by criticizing him, how about at least using some proper grammar before doing so?


    Oh steve, you are so classy and well educated….kinda like tigers fans!!! Your brand of comeback is about as strong as Zito’s outing last night. But then again I’m just some random guy sitting behind a computer. And I spent my time watching the TIGERS SPANK THE A’s last night!!!! It will not be an easy series. I think the A’s have a good team. But what happened last night is unarguable…The Tigers Spanked the A’s….period. (Gosh, I hope I spelled everything right)


    Got to see you pitch for the first time last night. Your box scores never tell the whole story. You have the nastiest curveball I have ever seen. I remember a sequence to Pudge where you pitched two consecutive curveballs (strikes) and then a couple high fastballs. He didn’t bite but I loved your strategy. You’ve got great stuff and it’s good to see you back in winning form.

    That said, I am a life-long Tigers fan and am down-right giddy that they took game 1.

    I hope Beano knows what great fans the A’s have and works hard to keep you in Oakland. If not, maybe we’ll see you out east very soon. Maybe then I can see you pitch a little more often…a real treat. thanks.


    I was watching the game, and I’ve read a lot about you (you are my favorite pitcher) and the first thing I thought, when your inning came apart and you walked back to back guys after the double and homerun, that you weren’t focusing enough.

    Get ’em in Game Five! I’m rooting for you from the Windy City!



    DAMMIT! I knew it, Lou Pinella started to say all this **** about Zito being the eccentric who just doesn’t want to be good, but a hall of famer, and i knew then it was a jinx. Blam, pudge or roidge or whatever he goes by hit the solo shot to start it all. Does anyone think Pinella sounds like a drunk rooster? All good. Barry, pick up the guitar, play some heavy covers, and support the troops till you’re out there for redemption. A’s Brand or Die.


    Ya its all Pinella’s fault that Detroits pitching was able to get out of jams when A’s pitching wasnt…


    Don’t fret, Barry! We all have faith in you guys. You just want to make it exciting for everyone, right? I watched the game on tv in my dorm, and i was so happy to see the fans SO cheery and spirited… it made me sad i wasn’t there. GOOD LUCK NEXT GAME!



    Dude throw that killer 12 to 6 hammer more often. Even if they are sitting on it they are not going to hit. That pitch is just that nasty.


    one got ******* last night. i could tell you guys just thought you were happy to be there,
    dont cry when you get sweeped



    All you Tigers “Nay Sayers” need to sit down and shut up. NOBODY picked the Tigers to beat the Yankees. NOBODY Picked the Tigers to go to the World Series. It’s tough to say A’s fans, but keep it up and you will be the next victim of Tiger PWNAGE! What’s up with the upper bowl being closed off? Not enough interest in going to the ALCS in Oakland? I can garauntee you that if there were an extra 11,000 seats available at Comerica Park, they would be filled. Maybe Detroit just likes their teams more. Look at the Lions! They are terrible and they still sell out! No fair weather fans for us. Zito, your first two innings were stellar. You got spanked the 3rd and 4th. Whoever said Pudge hit the solo homerun is an idiot cause it was Inge who hit it. And finally to you fans who say you can win the next four…HAHAHAHAHA. Your ace was pitching last night. Our Game 1 pitcher was the 4th best pitcher on the team. Good luck with our other three.


    Man I just heard Corey Lidle was killed in a plane crash! My prayers to him and all around him…


    Weren’t the Tigers spanked by the Yankees in Game 1 of ALDS? Also, did it the Royals spanked Detroit at the end of the regular season? So, out respect of Jim Leyland don’t troll around here. If you want to be a troll go back to your Red Wings message board. Your team is the favorite, the trolling is annoying. Zito is right, count us out is first mistake. Casey injury had impact on Detroit’s defense. So, when the Tigers lose be a man or woman write an apology.


    -Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan.


    Its only one game. With 6 more to go I’m not worried. I also wanted to send good thoughts out for the family and friends of Corey Lidle. I liked him when he was pitching for us a few years back. To all you guys who played with him when he was with the A’s, keep your chin’s up. Corey was a player and you know he’d want you guys to go out there and play your best.


    yes i also hope that maybe this game can be dedicated to Cory Lidle he did a great job when he was with the A’s and hopefully the A’s will win for him.

    Barry i was so surprised that you actually wrote this blog, thats great man. Your right it is the 1st game out of 7 and we still have 6 more chances to beat the Tigers. Hopefully youll get another chance to pitch, so that your last game in Oakland doesnt have to be a loss.


    Hey Barry. No worries about Tuesday night. I really enjoy watching you pitch, you are my favorite pitcher and my role model. Good luck in Game 5.

    tigers wont make it to the world series.


    Barry, We won’t bet against you. We are with you all the way. Thanks for sharing the ups and downs of the post- season games with us. We feel the emotions with you.

    Good luck tonight!!

    Becky in Phoenix


    Good Luck tonight. Win one for Cory! I’m a Yankees fan, this is deep. And Cory was one of your very own. I’ve ready alot of the postings, very classy!




    Keep the Faith!
    (yes, Red Sox fan here)

    But really, it’s just Game One. I know that you would have liked to set the tone for the rest of the series, but you can work your magic on the team in more ways than one.

    If this series goes 6 or 7 games like most people predict, then you’ll get another chance. And I think you’re ready. But it doesn’t matter what I think, YOU have to know you can whoop those batters behinds.

    Dude, if you have to, just pretend that your pitching against Johan every night!

    Oh yeah, and I know you can’t blame the entire game on this, but the umps certainly were NOT helping you. The one pitch that sticks out to me is that b-e-a-u-tiful curve you threw for strike two (but apparently a ball) and then the next pitch Pudge hit a home run. Ricky-diculous.

    Anyways, thanks for keeping this blog, you know we all love it, and good luck the rest of the series!

    P.S. if you sign with the Yanks, well..i’m not going to go there, just please don’t. We Sox fans worship our pitchers, and would love to have you.


    You just had some bad calls last nite from the umps and no run support.But it’s only 1 game.I have faith you guys will come back and win this series.(for the fan it seems like you have nothing better to do then to go on another teams website and check out their blog.why don’t you blog on your teams website.i know our website is better and you’re just jealous!get a life and just root for your team without bringing down some class!!!)


    Barry, tough night. Felt the whole teams frustration! Shake it off and Lets do this thing!!!! You guys are great and you CAN pull thru!
    A fan had a great sign at the game last nite. It said “There will always be an “A” in Barry!” Take care and “Let’s Go Oakland!”


    I appreciate the articulateness that you demonstrated (despite the ringing cell phones and mass of reporters) while speaking on behalf of your team and yourself commemorating Corey Lidle. It is hard to do any job when dealing with such sadness, especially when you are in the middle of a heated playoff race. Best to you and your fellow A’s as you play during this conflicted time.

  76. Jennifer


    I am sorry for the loss of a former Oakland Athletics pitcher. I found this link with you and Cory together.,0,3272607.photogallery?index=4

    He will be missed.

    Good Luck with the games in Detroit. I believe in the Oakland Athletics! You guys can do it! If you don’t you should be proud that you’ve made it this far.

    Jen aka A’s Lady


    Hay! someone removed all my Spanks!!! Well I was right wasnt I!!!!!!! Pachyderm 42003…no apology given HAHAHAHA The Tigers SPAAAAAANKED EM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! A’s stopped my heart at the end but ‘ol Jonesy came through!!



    So proud of you and your team through this tough time. You’re a leader and a strong individual. Good luck in Detroit and keep the blind faith!

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