This is gonna be a blast

Obviously I?m excited to get back to the playoffs myself, but it?s also exciting to see a lot of our young guys get to experience the game at this level. Guys like Huston Street and Nick Swisher, they?re in for a really cool ride. And the fact that we?ve also got great veterans like Frank Thomas and Jason Kendall and Mark Kotsay, it feels like we?ve got a lot of fuel behind this effort.

On a personal note, it?s good to be able to start Game 1. I?ve been to the playoffs four times, and I?ve never pitched that first game of a series. I?ve pitched Game 2 and Game 5, and I pitched Game 3 a couple times, but it?s all on me right now to set the tone for the series, and going up against Johan Santana, you couldn?t ask for a better matchup.

I only faced the Twins once this year, but I feel good about where I am. They?re at home and they?re gonna be comfortable, and the Metrodome is going to be unreal loud, but no matter where you are, if you make your pitches, you?re going to have success.

Their home-field advantage is the best in the game, no doubt about it. And it?s mainly because that dome keeps all the sound in, and it just pours over you from every direction. I pitched Game 3 there in the 2002 ALDS, and before that game I actually warmed up with earplugs in, and I threw my pre-game bullpen with earplugs in, too. I took them out at the last minute, though. It was just too weird to have my first earplug experience in a playoff game. But we won 4-3, so I?m looking forward to going back in there and being a little more comfortable with everything.

Facing a guy like Santana in the postseason is what it?s all about. He?s a Cy Young candidate this year, and when I pitched against them in 2002 I was a Cy Young guy, and if you?re a fan, you can?t ask for anything more than to see us go head-to-head in the playoffs. That?s why the playoffs are so great: You get the No. 1 guys matched back up with each other. During the course of the season, rotations get changed and you don?t see those guys face each other as much as you?d like, but the playoffs brings them back together, and that?s definitely cool.

Being one of the veterans with a few playoff experiences under my belt, I might call a meeting together before the game on Tuesday. Maybe I?ll talk to Big Frank about it first, because he?s the ultimate vet, but I think it?d be good for some guys to hear from us. You don?t want anybody to feel like they need to try to be over and above anything they were in the regular season. Just be what you are right now. The great players in the game are the ones who execute the fundamentals consistently, and if we execute fundamentals, we?ll be as good as we?ve been all year.

I think you?re always confident going into the playoffs. That?s another thing that?s great about it. There?s always this restored sense of optimism; kind of like going into the start of Spring Training every year. It doesn?t matter what?s gone on in the recent past. Anything that?s bad that happened during the season is behind you, and now it?s just going out and trying to win one game, one series.

I love what this team has become. We overcame a lot of injuries to win our division, and that in itself gives us a lot of confidence. We?ve got a great bullpen, great starting pitching, great defense, and our offense was great in the second half of the season, so we?re feeling pretty good about ourselves.

Any team that gets to this point is a great team, and we?re no exception. Now it?s time to show that on the big stage of October, and I get to kick it off for us, so I?m way psyched. This is gonna be a blast, and I hope the fans have as much fun as we plan to have.

I?ll check in again after Game 1.



    Barry, Congratulations to you and the team on a great season!
    I took the family to several of the WBC games to start the season. Got to go to quite a few A’s home games this year. What a great way this would be to end a FANtastic year of baseball!

    This team has good karma! Billy has done a great job assembling a special group of players. It’s been a great family experience following the team this year! It still amazes me how my daughter’s will go and put the A’s game on TV rather than other programming.

    Good luck against the Twins. Just keep playing like you’ve been! (Having Fun) Guess it goes without saying that we hope to see you back next year.

    Abby Katie Kathy & Dan


    Twins fan here. One that’s always liked watching Barry pitch.

    Imagine this Barry. Imagine a rotation with Zito-Santana-Liriano-Radke-and Bonser.


    First off, congrats to you, Barry, and all the guys! Its been great to be a part of this awesome season! My mom and I have a partial season ticket package, and even though I’m a full time student at Sacramento State, I think I must have caught at least 30 games, mabye more.
    It has been a pleasure to watch you pitch these last couple of years and regardless of where you go, though I will be very sad if you aren’t in Oakland next year, you are by far my favorite pitcher in baseball and I will always appreciate the times that I got to watch you pitch in Oakland. Good Luck with Game 1!




    Congrats!! Icant till tuesday Ireally hope this is our year I believe it will be!I was at your first game against the angels when you struck anderson,vaugh,and salmon with the bases loaded it was an awesome moment and I expect even bigger things from you this post season!! I hope this your last year in an A’s uni if it is thanks for all of the great moments and bring home a ring b4 you leave!!


    Hi Barry,
    I once took some weird internet quiz called “Who is Your Baseball Boyfriend?” and, well, apparently, it’s you.

    So even though I am happily married (and a Twins fan), I wish you happiness (if not victory) in the ALDS.


    I’m a Twins fan, but I’m incredibly stoked for tomorrow. Should be a classic!




    I can’t wait for you guys to win the world series! I just bought game 5 tickets in minnesota (I live in Mn), and I’ll definetely have my Zito jersey on. If you beat them in 3 or 4 games I will be a little dissapointed but I will get over it. Oh and you’re better than Santana, he hasn’t lost at home all season, but he hasn’t faced Barry yet! Good luck!



    Twins fan here. Just letting you know that you’re going to get rocked tomorrow. Don’t worry. There’s really nothing you can do about it. It’s not like your Johan Santana or something.


    Dear Barry Zito,
    I am from New York and I’m a huge A’s fan. I know you’re a free agent this year, but if you leave Oakland I wont be sad; I wish you sucess and happiness more than anything because you are my favorite player. I think your personality and outlook on life is just great, and that is extremely rare among players today. Good luck on Tuesday, I’ll be rooting for you all the way dude!


    Joe Cavanagh


    Barry, I can’t wait to see you pitch tomorrow. I KNOW you’ll do well. As a matter of fact you and your boys are going to WIN the World Series. =)



    You are a mad man Barry. Just go out there and do what you do, dominate. Bring the trophy back to Oaktown.


    Enjoy your visit to our Twins town. We’ll treat you MInnesota nice until game time. Looking forward to seeing you pitch tomorrow against our ace.


    Yo barry whats up its good that you get to pitch the first game. you give us (the a’s) a real chance to win the series and the penant. I just hope you do well and then Huston can close the door. Anyway peace out and i hope you never leave the A’S.


    Hiya dude!!! First of all Congrats to you and the A’s for winning the west!!! it sounded like you had one heck of a party! I am so psyched i can’t even begin to tell you. gonna have a little party during the game tomorrow!! there is gonna be alot of screaming and yelling for you and the team!! Tell everyone i wish them all the success in the world!!! gonna do this right i just know it. don’t forget to throw mr bendy alot.glad you are finally going to get to pitch in a game one situation!!! i’ll either be watching or listening. not sure which as of yet. look forward to hearing your comments after the game. lexy


    Congrats, dude. I’m sending all my love and prayers to y’all. It’s exactly like you said–executing fundamentals is the key.

    Good luck and have some fun!


    Congratulations Barry for a great season! You continue to be the Ace of the team. This year the A’s have overcome so many obstacles and there are only 3 teams that are in the way to get that ring. Basically, if everyone goes out there doing what they love, which is play baseball, success will follow. The Key Words are to have FUN, RELAX, and PLAY BASEBALL. I’ll be rooting for you like always. My hope is that the A’s win the World Series so that you can stay in Oakland. Keep being the down to earth person you are and let’s stun the Twins with your nasty curve ball. Good luck and have fun.

    Wishing you the best,



    Man, is there any doubt in the world this is gonna be a **** of a fun ride for the fans? Tomorrow’s got potential instant classic written all over it. Chavvy’s sermon on the bus led to some good things – I vote for pre-game meeting! Good luck tomorrow, man, and with this series. The talking heads aren’t giving you guys much of a shot, but then no one’s given you all much of a shot all year, and look where you guys ended up.

    (And tell Haren to update already! Some of us actually like knowing what’s going on inside that head of his. Especially when he’s growing facial hair like he had last homestand. Because that was kinda special.)


    Hey Barry Zito,

    Winning Game 1 will good for your market value during the off-season. Hope, this game won’t be 11-10 game. Good Luck, and more blog entries.


    -Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan

    P.S. Relax, it just a kids game. The pressure is on Santana and the Twins.


    Barry, dude. If you are reading this, you really need to go to bed and get some sleep. It’s almost 1am in CA, which makes it 3am in Minnesota, and because MLB and ESPN are so unbelievably East-coast-centric, not to mention thoughtless of other teams’ fans (for scheduling 3 straight day games in this ALDS), you start in 7 hours. Go to bed! And good luck!

    PS. You looked good in Anaheim.


    me (aka LAXile)


    Hey Barry, I know Santana is a real good pitcher, but you dont know how many arguements I got into with people saying that you’re better. Thats why we are gonna prove whose the better pitcher when you win Game 1. Everytime you pitch I always expect an automatic win. Man I dont know how I’d react if you were to leave us next year. I was so mad and sad when Mulder and Huddy left. You’re the only one left Barry, please find a way stay with us. You need to get a 15-year extension with us. By the way congradulations on your game 1 victory that I know you’ll win.


    Hi Barry, I’m a big time baseball fan from Texas but you are my favorite player–I love to watch you pitch. Good luck to you and the guys in the playoffs–GO OUT THERE AND KICK SOME TAIL!!!!
    Yeah baby!!

    Luv ya



    First, I think you should have pitched with earplugs in, because really, that’s not that weird for you. Just kidding. That’s what we all love about you.

    Anyway, congratulations to you and the rest of the guys for a great season, and good luck in the postseason! You’ll be great.

    (also, I’m with myr up there…tell danny he is seriously slacking. ;))


    Dear Barry, I’m from Curacao, an island in the caribbean sea, next to Aruba. I’m huge Oakland fan because in 2002 Miguel Tejada came down here to my island and I met him in the A’s uniform and he was so friendly and kind to me. That’s when I became an A’s fan, even when he left the team I stayed an oakland fan because I love this ball club.
    I really wish you all the luck in the world and let’s show everybody out there that we can win this first round.

    Remember, make the pitches hard and let’s hope for a win today.

    Good luck, kisses…



    I’m a 45 year old geezer who grew up on 74th and MacArthur, taking the #57 bus to watch Sal, Reg, Catfish, Campy, Rudi, Vida and Rollie do their thing. I just want you to know that you are a special one who will no doubt someday have his uniform number retired in Oaktown (cmon, who else would wear 75 anyway?) and be enshrined in Cooperstown.

    My 10 year old doesn’t hesitate to say “Barry Zito” when asked who his favorite player is. There is a reason for that and it makes this Dad very proud. You are a 100% class act.

    Knowing that you are taking the Mark McGwire/Jason Giambi/Tejada/Foulke/Damon train outta town soon is painful. I am holding out hope that you’ll find a way to stay put for years to come. Regardless of that outcome, I firmly believe you will earn the respect of all during this October. You will win today and bring home a ring and a trophy for the fans in the weeks to come. This is your time to shine, Barry. Go get em!

    And again…thanks for sharing your talent and great attitude all these years.


    Good luck this morning Barry. I’m an Oakland native and I’ve been going to games all 31 years of my life. I’ve seen the ups and the downs. I know you guys aren’t letting all that talk about not getting out of the first round recently, get you down…and you shouldn’t. This is a different team then we had during those years. Just go out there and play your best. Oh and tell Macha that I hope I’ll see him at the Park St. Starbucks when you guys get back into town. Go get em’


    Let’s Go OAKLAND!!!
    I am so excited about the PostSeason, but no matter what – it was a GREAT year!! I’m 4m the Bay Living in L.A. and I am having a GOOD time rubbin’ it in for you!!!

    Have a GREAT outing and just have some F-U-N!!!

    Tell all the guys HI – n’ we’ll all be waiting for you @ HOME!!!

    Much Love ❤


    Hey Barry-

    Congratulations on making it to the post season! Just wanted to wish you and the team good luck. Would be awesome to go all the way. I am super excited to be at the game on Friday to watch you all beat the Twins!



    This is what its all about. It could be your last start in green. Your legacy may be decided today. Go do you what you know you can do.

    Take it home


    Go ACE! Hope you love the yellow roses I sent over with the photo collage. It’s mentioned in all the papers out here 🙂 See you in post-season!!

    xoxo Lil

    (dinner on the diamond/metallica t-shirt)


    Go, Barry! It’s been a BLAST watching you with the A’s and we’d love it if we could say that for MANY more years. Stay on your game and mow down the TWINS.
    Deborah from Pleasanton

    25+ year A’s fan


    I have all the faith in the world that you will make Oakland proud in the post season. Thanks for making my experience as an A’s fan so incredible.



    good luck today! You and the rest of the A’s are great and very talented! Even though i don’t live near oakland, it’s great to watch you guys play when i can. Hope to see you in Mets uniform next year =]


    Barry Zito is a stud! and my hero. I’ve lived in Jersey my whole life, but as a fan of the game, and teams that don’t take themselves too seriously, teams that actually have a little fun when they play, I’ve got nothing but love for the A’s. Rock on guy’s, and you in particular Barry!



    You have always been my favorite pitcher since you came up in 2000. You are doing FANTASTIC so far (bot 6 gm 1 ALDS). Keep going, Barry.

    I notice you wear the fleece shirt with the pink ribbon on days off. Thank you for that. I was diagnosed Stage IV Breast Cancer on 2-3-2005. I was 39 when diagnosed – but I plan on blasting through that 5 year mark with no problem. A’s Baseball has been the one thing that takes me away from all of the cancer b.s. I have been to many games this year since I have been feeling better. I went to the last 7 home games – whew!

    Thanks also for taking the time for your fans by signing as many autographs as you possibly can during pre-game. You are a standout in so many ways (I love my newly signed baseball – you signed it on Sep 23rd – it is my prized [baseball] possession)!

    I wish you all the best.


    I am watching the Game 1 right now and had to pause it for a second! I think I am going to have a heart-attack! 🙂

    Anyway, best of luck today! I will be sad if you leave Oakland, because you have been a part of “the family” for a few years. I am sad when anyone leaves.

    If you stay or go, may God bless! (BUT PLEASE STAY! HAHA!)


    *smiles*smiles* That’s all I can do right now Barry! I am so happy for you! and the team! I am SO delighted at Big Frank Thomas. Good job with setting a tone for the ALDS. =)


    I wish I had a TV with ESPN/FOX because you can’t really scream at a nice restaurant or even at a bar. MLB.TV won’t let you watch the games until 1 hour after the game is over. Wow! You were great out there! I am still feeling the high!!! I saw 7 innings and had to leave the restaurant…I was so nervous I had knots in my stomach. *sigh of relief* Congratulation on your first win…and good luck with your next start(s). I know you’re going to do well. BTW, I am the first, second and third person to leave a comment on your blog after your win. =) Just thought I’d point that out. Wait til I tell my boyfriend, he loves you!!! (He’s teaching a poetry class right now).


    I’m psyched! I love this team, and really was pissed that the A’s have not been getting any love in the media. Way to stick it to minnesota Barry! The vets played great, and what can you say about Big Frank? Kotsay is a gold-glover, no doubt about it. It’s just one game, but I’ve been an A’s fan since I was 5 years old (1973), and there haven’t been many games as satisfying as this one. My all-time favorite A’s player is barry Zito…I love this guy. Money pitcher.


    That was just an awesome game and to have beaten Santana makes it all the better. Go A’s!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Great baseball, great blog (and of course, great hair). I have been an A’s fan since the days of Vida Blue, so I have become intimate with both elation and heartbreak. I’m the one who made the huge sign at Game 3 of the 1988 Series that read NO MORE MOOD SWINGS! That’s why my favorite part of your blog today is: “You don?t want anybody to feel like they need to try to be over and above anything they were in the regular season. Just be what you are right now. The great players in the game are the ones who execute the fundamentals consistently, and if we execute fundamentals, we?ll be as good as we?ve been all year.” Thanks for the Zen.


    someone remind me, what did Kruk and Wells predict was going to happen?? WHO was supposed to dominate pitching???


    Angels, NO. Dodgers, maybe. World Series with the A’s, YES! Barry I hope you’re reading ALL our comments. =) Again, job well done.


    NOBODY from the national media is giving us props, and that’s just fine with me! I honestly feel that being “under the radar” is the best thing for us, keeps the troops motivated!!!

    Maybe the best game that Barry’s pitched since Game 3 against the Yankees (certainly not Barry’s fault that we lost that one).

    We won game 1, but let’s not be satisfied with splitting! Let’s put ourselves in a position to clinch it on Friday.

    We should have beat Minnesota in the playoffs a few years ago. We were the “better team” on paper. Maybe this year we are not, but doesn’t matter, as you really have to follow the Green&Gold to understand why this team wins. Simple reason, they get CLUTCH performances, led by Barry and Frank.

    Go A’s!!!


    ESPN’s Jon Miller was so biased towards the Twins for the entire game. That ******!

    We beat those Twin’s and Barry delivered the smack-down on Santana’s home game win streak. That ROCKED!

    …what a burn on Jon Miller.



    Congratulations on winning Game 1! I’m so proud of you and the team. I really hope that this is the year! It has to be.

    I completely admire you, Barry. You’re so cool and you don’t care about what other people think, and that’s a quality I want for myself. You’re also intelligent, down to earth, spiritual, open-minded and care about your fans and the community. It’s no wonder you have so many fans! You signed two items for me many years back and I will forever cherish them. I look at you for inspiration in my life. You’re exactly the type of person I want to be when I “grow up” (okay, I’m just 8 years younger than you are haha).

    Best of luck!


    I suppose baseball could be reduced down to what the coach of the Bull Durham Bulls said, “You hit the ball, you catch the ball, you throw the ball,” but Barry, you and your teammates have shown us that it is so much more than that. Baseball is full of emotion and propelled by momentum. It has been a real pleasure watching this team from the advent of the season at Spring Training till now and I can’t wait to see where all this talent and emotion takes us, the fans, and the team. I say, all the way. All the way. Congratulations on a great win. And may you always enjoy what you.


    hiya barry dude!!! you pitched one fabulous game. really sweet. i got upset with joe morgan-he was yacking and quacking what a better pitcher santana was over you!!!! unreal!! (shut him up quickly when hurtman hit the second jack!!) off to a great start. oooohhhh yeaahhhhh!!! congrats again! a’s all the way in ’06!!!


    …I love it!!! No one…and I mean NO ONE gave you guys a chance in **** of winning against these odds. You did it. You pitched great! I’ve been a fan since I was little, living in the bay area but now I live in Florida. (I stay up late to watch all the games.) It’s been hard the last couple of years, watching you guys get so close…but I feel it this year. I do. You guys have been playing great all year long and you get some much needed run support. I realize that you might become a Yankee next year…that hurts. But you got to do what you got to do. Just do me one favor…beat em’ this year. Oh…and the stikeouts for troops…nice. I love seeing that. A positive role model for the whole sport that little league kids can really look up to. Keep it up Barry, and maybe the next time you guys are playing the Devil Rays, I’ll come see ya! Maybe we can play some guitar together…
    Chris Burns


    Barry, AWESOME job. I’m from Connecticut and have to hear all this junk about the pukestripes. Great job and tell everyone good luck.


    I watched the whole game, first to last, and you were amazing. I think the A’s really have the most complete team of those in the postseason – you had both the defense and the offense (aka Frank Thomas) working for you today, besides your own strong performance. Good work in the Metrodome, of all places, against Santana, of all people! Nobody, and I mean nobody, of the “educated” baseball commentators gave you a CHANCE to win that game – you sure shut them up!


    Barry I just wanted to say thanks for the incredible season. I live in Pennsylvania, but I’ve been an A’s fan for as long as I can remember. You pitched INCREDIBLE today against Santana. Congrats on the win, and I hope with all my heart the trend doesn’t continue with high-profile players leaving Oakland as a free-agent, and you can sign a long-term deal and stay put. Good luck in the rest of the post-season to you and everyone else.


    Z – great, great work from you today. Nobody deserves the accolades more than you. This team is a special one and we’re looking forward to a great run!




    hey Barry Great JOB today! i’m from cincinnati but i have always loved the A’S and you’re my favorite player of all time. I was pissed i missed until the 7th inning because i was at school, but ESPN was showing your numbers and they looked great! keep up the good work and please stay in OAKLAND.


    Hi Barry – Great job! I was at work so I had to be super sneaky about watching the webcast, but I was glued to my seat nevertheless. One of my fondest early memories was being a five-year-old cheering for the 1989 A’s in the world series and watching Dennis Eckersley (though I think I like your hair slightly more than his mullet/mustache combo), so I’m really rooting for you guys. Good luck!



    You pitched a really good game, I was impressed. You’re an amazing pitcher, but I wish all of the A’s fans realize that Santana led the MLB (not to mention ran away) in pretty much every statistical category (ERA, SO’s, OPP AVG, Wins, WHIP, IP). Unfortunately for you though, you’re the only starter on your team that can go more than 5 or 6 innings, and the A’s have no bullpen. Twins in 5. Sign with them and they’ll have the best 3 pitchers in baseball, to go along with the best bullpen, hands down.


    Way to go, Barry. To outpitch Santana in game one was awesome. I’ve been an A’s fan since the Reggie-Bando-Campy-et all days. Although I’ve lived in socal my whole life. My buddy and I are guessing who you’ll sign with next season. We both say you’re staying on the west coast, I say the Dodgers but he say’s the Giants. I hope I’m right. Good luck the rest of the way.



    Great game Barry! The entire team is impressive. I know how excited I am, I can not imagine the energy that is running through you and your teamates viens. I read about people being “gamers”, and how they might not be well known or have outstanding stats but just bring it, day in and day out. I want to say that the Oakland A’s are gamers. The team is clutch, you guys find a way to win. I recently moved to Alameda from Sacramento, I grew up looking foward to the few games a year we went an saw. Now I dont have season tickets, but i have been to 1/3 of the home games. This year has been the best year of my life. For a lotta reasons, but definlently going to 30+ A’s games has helped. I look foward to watching th A’s this weekend, working on their way to deating SD in the World Series.



    Great game, Barry. Can’t wait for your blog entry. “Big Hurt” was awesome, too!


    -Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan.


    Great job! Keep it up.
    I didn’t think the A’s would

    maake it this far this year and

    you really helped them come to the playoffs.

    (Good job Mr. Thomas too)


    I’m so glad the great is over. I can finally BREATHE. I think I was holding my breath through the whole game.

    This pitching match-up was amazing! Both of you were at the top of your game, and I’m VERY glad you and ur athletics got away with the win. Congrats!

    As for the rest of the playoffs, this may sound corny….but…

    Enjoy it, and have fun 🙂



    Barry, congratulations from your friends at the California Health Club. That was a great game today.

    Diana & Earl



    Dodger fan here. Congradulations on a terrific performance yesterday. What a professional and gracious sttitude you have. Barry, I think we Dodger fans would much prefer you pitching for us rather than against us. That’s a hint come next year. Can Maddux and Lowe be of help with your decision? Good luck to you and the team. You are a pleasure to watch.



    Holy Frijoles! Excellent game 2! Does anyone know where and when the A’s plane will be in town? We should go show our support!

    See what you’ve done, Barry? The team is all ready to win! Woohoo!


    DON’T GO ZITO, DON’T GO ZITO. Remember what Tony Gwynn said, he is thankful for playing for 1 team his whole career, we hope u do the same. What a story it would be and what an example for future players. It is awesome watching you play. U are a true work horse! DON’T GO ZITO.


    All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. I love watching the A’s play baseball and can’t wait to see you win the world series.


    Hi Barry
    I’m a Twins fan, but I just wanted to say you have a CRAZY curveball. I was watching it in school with a class of mine and every time we were just like “Wow, was that a strike?”


    Thank Frank Thomas for your win. Thank the Twins for swinging at all the balls you threw, and grounding out. There was no domination, just luck. The twins aren’t playing their game. Torii doesnt ever make those not-so-smart plays, castillo always gets bunts down, so why are they messing up right now? Its gonna be a different story in Oakland.


    Congrats & kudos! This A’s team is what baseball is all about-having fun, a team where everybody contributes,

    a team where on any given day,

    anybody can be the hero! Where

    else could a back-up second

    baseman keep coming through in

    the clutch like it was second-

    nature?? Give us some more

    of those Swisher-Bradley victory dances! and keep on

    keepin’ on !!



    So happy for you all!! I used to chart the 70’s teams with my Mom as a little girl. We have watched for so many years and are so happy for you all. Bill King would be so thrilled. Know you have him on your shoulder.

    Go get the ring you all so deserve. I love the team showing that you belong there. Again, so very proud!!


    Sunnyvale, CA



    reading your blog is a really joy for me, last couple of days have been those of the happiest days of my life. Wow, what a great complishment for you and your team mates. It is your time Barry, you will take this team to the top of the world. I can’t wait!

    love the A’s!


    from San Ramon



    Congratulations to you and all your A’s teammates! It’s great to see you guys forging your way toward the 2006 World Series. As a little girl I watched the A’s play the 1972 World Series on TV in the cafeteria at James Madison Elementary School in San Leandro, CA. It was great fun then, and I know it will be great fun watching you guys make your way to the 2006 World Series. Thanks for a great year filled with base hits, home runs, strikeouts, and awesome teamwork. I’ve got the bubbly on ice at home. Good luck to the entire A’s team–GO A’S!


    San Leandro, CA


    Off field talent. Barry, that was the funniest and most honest answers I have ever heard from any professional athlete. I know it was said as a joke but I have watched sports my whole life and am so tired of the “safe” answers to questions. You seem to down to earth to be concerned about the “first five rows” as Eric put it, so I suppose you could take LA out of the equation, although they may come in handy if you got in trouble while surfing. You should look for “real” talent, not talent that “corks the bat.”

    San Francisco


    Mr. Barry Zito, I love you to death. You and the A’s had an amazing year. You guy deserve praises for defeating the doubters. Everyone counted you guys out from Game one. I did not see the entire game 1 you pitched, because I was in class, but I will never forget that game. Nor will forget the 7 amazing years you gave us Oakland fan’s. I will follow you were ever you go, just as I do Huddy and Mulder. I pray you decide to return to Oakland, but again Zito, I support your every decision. Thank You Barry Zito, for being a great inspiration in my life.
    -Mark Williams,

    Umass Lowell College


    Hi Barry, My name is Candy Zapata, I have been an usher for the A’s for eighteen years. You are one of my favorite players. I have followed the A’s since 1972.I truly love the game of Baseball! You had a Great season this year. I will never forget the curtain call you got at home right before the trading deadline. I also met your Dad joe in 2005. Barry he is a Great Person to talk baseball with. I wish your family well.I also heard your interview last week with your buddy Eric Burns on KNBR. It was a Great interview. I also was saddened by the death of Cory Lidle. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. I heard a Great interview on Larry King on the death of Cory Lidle. I was fortuate to meet Cory Lidle in 2003 at a Casino night for Special Olympics with Jason Giambi. Cory had a Great Personality. He will be missed.I just heard that Ken Macha has been let go. I wasn’t that fond of him. I hope Ron Washington gets a change Well Barry I hate to see you go. But I know you will make a big impact where ever you go. I will always follow the A’s and your career. Thanks Barry for all the Good times From usher Candy Candy Zapata Castro Valley Ca.

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