An awesome day in Minnesota

My main thing going into this, even last night at the hotel, was to just come out and focus on doing my job. I think that might get a little misconstrued when you talk about, ?What exactly is a pitcher?s job?? Well, Greg Maddux taught me this in an interview I saw with him years ago. The interviewer was like, ?Oh gosh, you?re such an amazing pitcher. You?ve won all these Cy Youngs and you?ve done this and you?ve done that,? and Maddux told the guy, ?Look, all I do is make pitches. Everything else just happens.? And it?s that simple. A pitcher?s job is to make pitches, period. Do that, and that?s all you can do.

It goes back to a speedboat analogy I like to use. If I can just control the speedboat from up front and make pitches, then the wins and the ERA and the playoffs and the awards and all that other stuff is just kind of behind that, in the wake. Leading the way is me making pitches, and I can?t try to come out here thinking that single-handedly, I have to beat Johan Santana, and the Twins, and the Metrodome, and 55,000 fans, and the noise. You start thinking like that, and it?s like walking up a mountain trying to pull a two-ton trailer behind you, and it seems impossibleZito_blog_275.

And that?s the distinction when you talk about professional athletes as opposed to amateur athletes. The pros, the ones at the highest level, they know how to narrow their focus on what it is they need to do. They can compartmentalize. What is my job, exactly? My job is to go out on the mound, be totally mellow, and make pitches the best I can. Everything else will happen, and those guys will get themselves out, if I make the pitches.

So that was my main focus. I slept like a baby last night. I was actually under the weather a little bit last night, so I took about 20,000 milligrams of Vitamin C powder and had some TheraFlu to help me get to sleep, and I was fine. The tough thing was this morning, coming out and getting ready to pitch at 10 o?clock Pacific Time, because we were just on the West Coast for two weeks. You have to get yourself on a different sleep schedule.

Coming into this playoff game, I think it was different for me emotionally this year because before my career arc was like, ?OK, Z, you?re in Double-A, you?re in Triple-A, boom, you?re in the big leagues, and boom again, you?re in the playoffs. And then the next year — big leagues, playoffs. And the next year — big leagues, playoffs. And the next year, same thing. Four straight years that was me, and then I experienced a lull. No playoffs for two years. And I started to realize how rare it is, how important it is, how much pressure it is, and all of that. So it was a little different for me this time, dealing with those emotions. You realize, ‘Hey, I can?t take this for granted.’ I?ve been to the playoffs five years now, but it takes not going to realize how special it is when you do go.

As far as the game itself goes, wow. Johan Santana is my favorite pitcher to watch. Johan and Derek Lowe. I don?t know if I?ve matched up with Johan recently, but I actually did watch him a little today, and normally I don?t watch the guy I?m facing. So that was fun, watching his greatness and trying to match it. And it was great for us to get that 2-0 lead. That really helped me. I knew that if I just did my job and held them down, we wouldn?t have to beg for runs later on. You can?t ask for a lot of offense off a guy like Johan, so to get two that early was unbelievable.

The first inning was bigger than people might think. I walked the leadoff guy, which is never a good idea, and when Jason Kendall threw him out, it was so huge. And that just shows you something about Kendall. The guy?s a 10-year veteran of the big leagues, and he?d be the first guy to tell you he struggled with his throwing last year, but he has so much integrity and passion and pride, he went out and did something about it. He worked on it over the winter, and I don?t know exactly what the numbers are, but it?s been a different world for him as far as throwing guys out. His percentage has to be at least double or triple what it was last year, and to do what he did, gunning the first guy to go off him in the playoffs, that?s the kind of thing I really appreciate as a teammate. Not because it saved my butt, which it did, but because I know how much work he put in to make that moment possible.

Oak_thomas2_275And if that rally turned into something for them, that could have been a lead that we never got back. It would have put all the momentum in their court. Johan would have been pitching with a lead, and that could have changed the entire complexion of the game.

The biggest out of the game was getting Joe Mauer to fly out in the eighth. Runner on third, two out, AL batting champion. It was by far the biggest at-bat of the game for me, and it ended up being my last. I knew I was done after the eighth. I was exhausted. People don?t realize that in this atmosphere, in this environment, 92 pitches feels like 192.

And what can I saw about Frank Thomas? Just ridiculous, that guy. And as big as that first homer was, the second one ended up being even bigger because of what happened to Milton Bradley in the ninth, losing that ball in the roof. This place is crazy, man. For whatever reason, they put a white roof on it. I guess nobody told them baseballs are white or something. We need to bring back those orange glow-in-the-dark balls we used to have growing up for games here. That?d be a lot easier, because even the Twins guys, if you look back in the archives, their guys have lost tons of balls here. So Milton loses one, too, they get a cheap run, and all of a sudden Frank?s homer is the nail in the coffin. Without that homer, if what happened in the bottom of the ninth had still happened, that just takes the spirit right out of you. You?d be like, ‘Oh man, we just battled these guys for 2 1/2 hours, and now we?re gonna go extra innings? Uncle.’ But hey, Frank sets the tone for us. He?s the best. MVP. That?s why he?s a Hall of Famer.

People are gonna say this series is over because we beat Johan in the dome, but they still have the best home record in baseball, and obviously Johan didn?t pitch in all those games


they won. It doesn?t matter who you throw out on the mound for them in this place. We can?t let down at all. Boof Bonser is pitching for them tomorrow, and we can?t say facing a young guy is an automatic win for us by any means. The guy?s in the big leagues and in the starting rotation for a division champion, and you have no idea what the playoffs pull out of guys. If Boof Bonser is a straight gamer, he?s going to come out and shove. And me and Eric Chavez know more than anybody, even a two-game lead isn?t safe in these things. We?ve been on teams that blew those leads, and we?re not taking anything for granted. Let?s wait until that last out of that third win until we even think about the series as a whole.

One last thing, about the noise here. You know that Kevin Costner movie, "Love of the Game"? You know when he talked about, ‘Quieting the mechanism?’ I don?t know how I did it, but I quieted this crowd in my head today. Last time I pitched in the playoffs here, I?d look in for the signs, and Ramon Hernandez?s fingers looked like they were shaking from sound waves bouncing around. But today my focus was so sharp, and it was like I just turned the volume down in my head. It was just me and Jason, pitch and catch. That, more than anything, was the key for me today. It?s not easy to block out 55,000 people, but I — we — did it somehow. Just an awesome day.



    Awesome stuff, Barry. Thanks so much… I was sweating bullets today about facing Santana. I think you guys can do this, and I’ll be cheering you on all the way from NY, where I’ve gone for college, and where the West Coast night games will start at 10 PM, but I’ll be there.

    Love reading about how you approach the game. You turned in a gem for us today. And one more thing: tell Haren to update his blog. 🙂

    Go A’S!!!


    Barry, you’re my hero! you pitched such an awesome game today! given the pressure and magnitude of this game, i must say that this was your best outing of the season. what a game!! If at all possible barry, STAY IN OAKLAND!! you are our ACE and have been for a while…


    I was impressed by the way you got the Twinks to swing at so many pitches out of the zone, dude, and even Joe Morgan (not the brightest light on the tree) saw that. You were like Judo Zito out there today, using the adversary’s aggression against him. Very fine performance, one that should be part of instructional materials for young pitchers for years to come.

    Thank you.


    Hey Barry **** of a game! You prooved to everyone that your a big game pitcher and can do it all. Without you the A’s would be in trouble you a crucial to their success. Your a class act! Thanks for a great blog!

    Greg, Jays fan cheering for Oakland!

    p.s. if the options available why dont ya come to toronto? I know thats the last thing on your mind but keep that in mind 😉


    I think a musical analogy could be in order here… you made fretting a diminished thirteenth chord with the minor 2nd in the bass look like a straight open strum in DADGAD. I know it’s your job but what you did today in the Terrordome was commendable and difficult, but you made it look so straightforward because you stayed within the game plan and you were fearless in and out of the zone.

    As you well know, we are what we repeatedly do, and no matter what else happens you have given us years of class and excellence and memories to last a lifetime, and we want to know you are very much appreciated. Now stay focused razor-sharp and maybe you all can win 10 more games and give us and yourselves the ultimate gift, the gift that dreams are made of.

    One. Game. At. A. Time.

    Thank you for everything Z,




    Barry, what can I say…you are amazing! You’ve been my favorite player since I saw you pitch in college and nothing has changed, you have yet to disappoint. Today was no exception, incredible.
    I can’t imagine Oakland without you and I just keep hoping that if we win it all, Beane will keep you here forever! Thanks for everything.



    July 4,2000. I saw you walk along the outfield warning track before you guys took on the Angels. No one noticed. Because you were still Barry the invisible man.
    That was over six years ago. Where did the time go????????????????????????????????? Go A’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Nice game, Mr. Zito. You made a lot of people really happy, and a whole lot of other people very unhappy. A beautiful game, pitcher.

    David (LAXile)


    Im driving to the game tommorow from Iowa. It’s going to be my son’s first game. Im so excited! You pitched so great all year, and Im hoping to god, that you’ll be the one A’s who resigns with the team! You’ve been so much fun, dont sign with anther team and make me use a voodoo doll on you. Lol, Good luck Barry!



    I was a work and only had the opportunity to watch game cast, so I couldn’t feel the emotions of the game. I remember look at the score in the top of the 4th or 5th and noticed that you haven’t given up a hit. Then I know that today was going to be special. Beating Yohan Santana at home was huge, and really make a statement in the series. It showed that great pitching, great defence, and key hitting, wins ball games.


    Stephen Robinson


    The Barry Zito “shrine” is shinning bright tonight! Now go pick up some groupies, relax, and have fun buddy, your the MAN!



    from what i saw today… you were awesome.

    i had to go to school, which ******.

    but in yearbook, around 11am Pacific time, i made my yearbook advisor turn it on…and yeah. there was only two other people in that class watching it. and yeah. we were glued to the TV… and all because of you, i ended up being late to my next class because of wtahcing the game. but it’s alright. i’ll get lunch detention anytime for ther A’s…good job today Barry!!


    oh and the next period, we weren’t doing anything, so me and like 5 other people were all huddled around my cell phone watching the game.
    stupid teaxcher wouldn’t let us turn it on…


    but yeah.

    love ya barry!

    keep up the great work!


    Barry your performance today was amazing and inspiring! Thanks for always giving it your all.


    Great game today, huge taking Game 1 on the road in a short series. All we hear about is the curve, but the placement of your fastball since the ASB has been clutch. I have been a lifelong A’s fan, also a lifelong Ohioan, which makes for many long nights with the MLB package. Thank you for being the epitome of a professional athlete and a true class act. It has been a pleasure to watch you play, regardless of where you end up next year, good luck(unless you end up somewhere in the AL West..hehe).

    Hoping your next start is in the ALCS and your next season with the ‘Green n’ Gold’!!!



    I am probably the old lady here (48), but I have been a huge fan of yours since you came on to the A’s. My husband got me watching and now, if he can’t watch the game, I do and report back to him! (It must be love!)But, I digress……..

    Great job pitching today. You were so on and it was great to see you so focused and in control. You are a true professional and a pleasure to watch.

    On another note, Please,Please,Please find a way to stay in Oakland!

    Thanks for making the A’s and baseball something I want to watch!


    Barry – what a great job you did pitching today! I noticed that much of the attention after the game was on Frank (and he did do big things) but without you keeping the Twins’ bats quiet, the game could have easily gone their way.

    I am a fan in Ohio but since my Tribe couldn’t pull it together this year, I am cheering for the A’s all the way! I am really an A’s fan because I am a Zito fan. I saw you at a game in

    Cleveland and you were being really nice to the fans there. I thought that was cool of you. I have followed your career since that day and I think today’s performance was your most impressive yet.

    Hopefully there are many more post-season starts to come for you.



    What a game! I took an extended 9 inning lunch at a sports bar on Capitol Hill in DC to watch you, and I was glued to the TV. You really set the tone for the rest of the series. You are my favorite, I have been an A’s fan since I was born in 1981. The Oakland Colliseum was my 2nd home as a kid! I am flying from DC to watch you guys this weekend and I can’t wait. This is our year!


    One of the best games I have seen you played.I sure hope you can bring this team to a World Championship because maybe this will be the only way the A’s can keep you.All I know is that the day you leave Oakland will be the worst day of my life.


    I had the chance to be at this game today. Spectacular dual. Much respect for Johan, like you said. Both of you were genuine ambassadors of the game. Proud to be in the crowd. I think there were maybe a half a dozen of green and gold bodies that managed to make it into that crowd of 55,000. It was simply a great ballgame especially for Oakland fans there and back in the bay area. Hopefully, you won’t have to worry about coming back for the noise of the homerdome. But if “quieting the mechanism” doesn’t work, you can always picture them cheering you on with your guitar in hand. See you back in Oakland.


    Barry- great recap of your game today! It was a pleasure to watch – that 12-to-6 curve makes my knees buckle even over TV! A great team effort- you guys look very focused. Knock ’em dead tomorrow!


    Hey Barry.
    Amazing game today. You outdueled the best pitcher in the league today right when we needed it. Good luck to you guys against Boof tomorrow.


    I am an out of area A’s fan in Buffalo and its blogs like that that make me happy you have been an Oakland Athletic all these years. You put on your game face today and pitched a **** of a game! Your focus and work ethic is always admirable, and the team can really build on a performance like that.

    On a personal level I just wana thank you for being such a classy guy, taking the time to talk to me in Detroit and Toronto this year and signing my things. Best of luck to you and the guys the rest of the way!


    Hey BZ!
    You are an amazing pitcher! Most of our teachers let us turn on the game during class to watch today. It must be hard to block out the fans in the dome, I can’t wait untill you guys come back to Oakland!



    Awesome game! I have been an Oakland A’s fan for about ten years and still cheer you and Chavvy on now that I moved from Oakland back to Minnesota (with its hideous joke of a Dome). I was the only one in the office (and probably in the state) cheering for the A’s today. If you guys keep playing great and continue in the playoffs, it may erase the painful memory of being at the playoff game against the Yankees when Jeremy Giambi didn’t slide. LOVE THE BLOG!


    Congratulations Barry on your brilliant performance today! You showed everyone why you are our Ace. It set a great tone and it’s inspirational for the rest of the team. That’s what a leader is all about. You’ve been one of my favorite A’s players ever since you came up. Thanks for a great game! Best of luck to you guys tomorrow! Go A’s!!


    Barry..if this is your last season with the A’s brother..Im gonna miss pitched one helluva game today. ive been an A’s fan since the days of Reggie Jackson and Jim Hunter..let me tell were every bit as good out there as they were in their day..It was quite a gutsy game you threw..


    I hope your team has a good run at the playoff but not to good because i’m a Yankee fan.Very big fan of you just to tell you


    Amazing game today man! It doesn’t get much bigger than that, and you proved once again that you were more than up for the task. Your years in Oakland have been a pleasure to watch and I hope and pray that there still might be a chance that you’ll remain an Athletic. If not though, our fans will continue to love and support you wherever you go. Thanks a lot Barry. 10 MORE WINS!


    Barry… great game bro.. I really hope you stay in Oakland. I can’t picture you in anything other than Green and Gold. If you stay, you’re a rich man and if you leave you’re just a very rich man. Are you ever going to spend the money all in one lifetime? From the looks of it, you enjoy being on the team and vice verse. Maybe happyness is worth a hometown discount?


    I’m so glad I came home from school to watch this game today. You pitched great and thank God for Big Frank. What an awsome pitcher’s duel. There’s nothin like this time of the year watchin the playoffs, especially when the A’s are in it. Congrats on the win and good luck!


    You looked amazing out there today Mr. Zito. No matter what comes of your contract at the end of the year, you will always be an Oakland Athletic. Thank you so much for all your strong efforts, and I look forward to as many more as possible. I hear LA and New York have horrible air quality anyways man. That may throw off the whole groove you have goin’ on. :p



    ZI – TO *clap* *clap*, ZI – TO *clap* *clap*. ZI – TO *clap* *clap*, ZI – TO *clap* *clap*.

    Great job!

  34. Kellia


    Congrats on making the pitches you needed to beat Johan in the NoiseDome.

    And yes, Frank Thomas is something else and I am glad he’s doing well. I saw him hit a homer at the Coliseum in July of ’05 and knew he could still hit. I know you ar glad to have him on your side now.


    Life, Baseball & Eric Byrnes


    Congratulations Barry! Once again you have proven to be our Ace. You were relaxed out there making your pitches and the A’s came out on top. If we continue just staying relaxed, having fun and playing baseball then we are going all the way. Everyone is playing like a team: united. Keep it up Zito and take care of yourself. Take all that Vitamin C, we need you 100 %. Go A’s!!!




    Hey Barry,


    I followed the game on the internet, I literally fell out of my chair when i saw how well you were pitching! I hope Billy Bean will keep you in Oakland. We love you here. I will cry if u leave.

    You are my hero.





    Well Barry what can I say… Awesome game!! winning the game one, against Santana and all that. But the best thing was the gem that you pitched today.

    Thanks for all the joy you´ve given me an an A´s fan. Like everibody i will like you to stay green and gold for the years to come, but i also know that business is business.

    Anderson Garcia

    Valencia, Venezuela


    Nicely done.

    Just keep in mind, we (the Yankees) will own you in the ALCS, as well as own you (literally) next year.


    hi barry
    I bet you don’t have time to read all these comments, but either way, that was one of the greatest games I’ve ever seen today-two of the best pitchers in baseball in their primes, two great teams. I grew up in Chicago but I’ve been a big A’s fan since I moved to Oakland a few years ago and you were always my favorite of the Big 3, especially b/c you’re not afraid to be different than the stereotype of ballplayers. I’ve been hella bummed out lately about a bunch of things but seeing that game you pitched today really cheered me up, seriously, it was a courageous effort. Whatever else happens this year (although I certainly want you guys go all the way) and wherever you go next year (although I hope you’ll figure something out with Billy) you’ll be always up there with the great A’s like Eckersly, Vida Blue, Dave Stewart, etc. and a number 1 class act.

    Kudos and all the best


    Hey there Barry! I didn’t get to see your game but I read about it. I am happy for you! You did a great job that many can be jealous of. I wish you and the rest of the team all the luck in the world to make it far in the playoffs.
    Jessica (Jessi)


    Reading your blogs, I see that you really have your head nailed on straight. Great effort out there! Keep the communication going with the other players. They need your advice. You been here before. Best of Luck in the playoffs. GO A’S!


    Hi Barry!

    Great game today! Watching you pitch totally made my day today — I really admire how you are able to bring your best when it really counts. I love how the A’s always exceed the expectations of all the sportscasters. You guys are an exceptional bunch of people!

    I had a chance to meet and take a picture with you in Baltimore right after the Red Sox series that you guys swept. That picture with you is hung up on my wall right now, and has made me an even bigger fan of yours. I’m already a hardcore A’s fan, but I will definitely be a die-hard Barry Zito fan in the years to come, wherever you end up pitching. (Just please let it not be the Angels or Yankees!!!) Good luck the rest of the postseason!



    Barry! Early this morning I was on the Kona coast of the Big Island (Hawaii) – totally nowhere, a rental car sitting next to an endless stretch of barren lava – but I was able to pick up the game on the radio (my boyfriend gave me a dispensation stay in the car and listen while he had breakfast – think it’s easy for an A’s fan to take a vacation?). I was beside myself with excitement! Amazing job. Now I’m back in Berkeley, looking forward to tomorrow’s game- congratulations –
    best, joanie


    barry, great job, took 1/2 day off work to watch the game. This team has a great future, and i know miguel tejada wishes he would have stayed with the A’s.!!, Hope you will stay with the A’s, I would like the A’s to sign you for 3 more years at 15 million per yr. total 45 million!! will you accept??



    Hi Barry!
    What a game today… You sure do know how to get my attention! Like you said, the first inning was definitely key in setting the momentum. But I had confidence that you and the team would be able to move past the walk. Your ability to move beyond the noise, the crowd and the pressure came through in your pitches today. I don’t doubt that you found something to work on though…alas, continuous improvement. I can’t wait to be at the Coliseum on Friday! These 10am games are really cramping my style at work. I can’t complain though… it’s a welcomed distraction.

    My best to you guys. Rock the Metrodome tomorrow!

    Until another awesome day,


    About your charity, how can I make a direct contribution?


    Barry, you proved once again why you are this club’s ace. Game One should have been yours all these years. I’m driving down from Chico on Friday to catch the game and I hope to see the clincher…if not I’ll be missing work on Saturday as well. The MLB Playoffs are so off the hook when your team is in it! Congrats on the masterful performance and don’t forget to remind these new guys not to let up when we get a lead in the series.



    wow what a game…u made my day great…your an awesome pitcher and hope you stay with the A’s forever… and if u do leave…take it easy on my A’s when u face them lol take care…ur the best…stay up.. playa


    Congrats on the most amazing game I’ve seen in a long long time. As a team leader, you took it to another level of focus and intensity. You, Jason, Frank, Marco…JUST AMAZING.

    It has been a privilege and delight to watch you grow and mature with the A’s…from your pre-game stretching routine to the smokin’ fast balls to that evil curve (slurve). I stood in a very long line early your rookie year to meet you at the Colesium and I marvelled at your poise. Thanks for the fantastic memories! Go forth and have fun making more….hopefully with the A’s for a very long time to come.



    Pleasanton CA


    Hey I heard you pitched an awesome game earlier. I didn’t get to watch the game cuz I had class and plus I don’t have a t.v. in my dorm so ya.Sad that my Red Sox aren’t in the play offs but I’m rooting for u guys. Good Luck!!


    Great game today, Barry! All of you did so well working as a team! That is what I love about the A’s, you’re a “team.” There really are no “big shots.” Everyone has had their day of being the hero of the game, and I love it.


    P.S. “For the Love of the Game” is one of my favorite movies! 🙂

    I also love the fact that you all seem to really like each other. That makes a big difference out on the field. Those guys will do their best to help you get no-hitters, and no runs home.

    I was so nervous in the bottom of the ninth, that I had to pause the T.V. and walk out of the room. My heart could not take it! Haha!

    It seems like many people agree with me, you will be missed if you leave Oakland. I know that happens in baseball all the time, but I wish (and I can understand why you would not) that sometimes the players you love would stay with the “family” forever.

    Also, I know you will be missed by many of your players. I saw on T.V. you saying that Street was like a little brother to you. Looking at him, look at you, you could tell that you are a “hero” even to him.

    Good luck to you whatever happens in the future! I am looking forward to the game on Friday! I get to go! Yahoo! 🙂


    Dear Zito, Congratulations on yesterdays win, it was awesome and you were so good and focused in the last innings. I was on the edge of my seat, that was a good game to remember.

    This team is capable of doing great things and let?s show the world that the A’s can do it.

    Thanks for a great game; you and the A’s have a great fan base here in Curacao.

    Good job!!!!

    Kisses, Sasha…


    Well done, Barry, well done.

    I had to follow the game via the internet, and it kept me on the edge of my office chair all morning long. The entire 4th floor thought I was loony when I screamed at the finish.

    How in the world did you put together such a thoughtful, coherent blog after such a day?

    You had the focus, stepped up and led the team. You did your job, and you did it well. A’s fans far and wide have great respect for you. Wherever your road leads you, we’re proud to call you an A+ A!

    Have you considered a memoir yet?!?


    Fremont CA


    It might rain in San Francisco today. As much as I love the A’s, I simply can’t miss an opportunity to walk in the rain, especially since it hasn’t rained in four months. I will be listening to the radio on my cassette player though. Yes, they still make cassette players. Thanks for sharing your insight and thoughts with us Barry. You bring a personal element to the playoffs. Best of luck to the entire team.


    Well done, Barry. You never fail to amaze me with your abilities. The Twins are certainly a tough opponent, and you definitely helped the team pull through. I had to keep up on the game between classes via the internet since I have no TV!

    Good luck in the future. I (and I’m sure MANY others) would absolutely LOVE to have you stay with the A’s. It will be a sad thing to go to spring training next year and probably not see you.


    UC Davis


    I appreciate the fact that you realize that the series is not over until “Let?s wait until that last out of that third win until we even think about the series as a whole.” You and Chavez have been there before and been disappointed. Your leadership is extremely important to your club. I am a big fan of the Athletics and you Mr. Zito. I pray Mr. Wolff pays you what you deserve. It would not be the same without you. I hope you achieve the Championship that you deserve. Thanks for all the memories. Steve Evans Hayward, CA.


    Barry, you were an artist the other day man. People were doubting you, but I knew you would come through in the big game like you always do. You guys as a team are looking great. Keep it up boys!!!
    Mark Williams,

    University of Massacheuetts Lowell College



    When I was in the Air Force I used to email your Sally pretty frequently, and I remember how cool she was with me, that was great. Even though I’m out of the Air Force now, I still appreciate “Strike Out for Troops”. Oakland fans have to resign ourselves to the fact that you most likely be an ‘A’ after this year, and I can understand. I sometimes wonder how other players feel about taking the money and leaving, and not experiencing the same success as they once had, but its a life decision that you just have to make. Its bigger than “I want Barry to stay”, because this is your life. I second a previous commmenter, don’t become a Yankee, the Met’s are in NY too! Good luck in your life after this season, the A’s will be fine…..they always are.


    (Quote) ~Do that, and that?s all you can do.~

    You DID…And did it WELL!

    What a GREAT game , Barry.

    I was so happy , I dang near cried 😡

    You’re are an absolute treat!

    God Bless 🙂


    Thanks for taking the time out to write the blog- pretty cool of you. Your ability to focus in the playoff atmosphere is admirable! Thanks for being an swesome pitcher and for sharing your thoughts about the game. You Rock!


    Hey Barry,

    How could an awesome day be topped?

    Inside-the-park home run by Mark Kotsay. The “other” centerfielder of this series is more then that to us (A’S fan), and especially to yourself and rest of the staff. The “Big Hurt” and yourself were the heroes yesterday, but today goes to KOTS. Lastly, your blog is AMAZING like Haren’s when he updates.


    -Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan.



    Major congrats on the W Tuesday. Studying in London for a semester hasn’t kept me from following the A’s, and I was probably more nervous than you before Tuesday’s game, but you and the whole team delivered in heroic fasion. Your blog was an amazing insight for any fan to read, and clearly all your fans appreciated it.

    I know that you have to stay focused for the playoffs, but at the end of the season, I would like to personally propose a counteroffer of $1 for you if you can stay in Oakland. Hey, its not much, but if every A’s fan did it…you get the picture.

    You mean so much to us, Z. Best of luck, Go A’s!



    I like the way you give us a tension; 8-inning breath-taking battle. See the baseball is all about pitching especially in the postseason. I believe you will give us more tensions which would make us delighted again.


    Awesome Job Barry, You really stepped up and showed why you are the best. U mean so much to the A’s always remember that!


    DON’T GO ZITO, DON’T GO ZITO. Remember what Tony Gwynn said, he is thankful for playing for 1 team his whole career, we hope u do the same. What a story it would be and what an example for future players. It is awesome watching you play. U are a true work horse! DON’T GO ZITO.


    Great Job on tuesday. You pitched great. I watched the whole game because I had no school. I live near san Francisco and watch all your games. NEVER LEAVE OAKLAND!!! You and Frank had a great game.

    – Nick


    I just saw that movie on HBO last weekend!

    Awesome game Barry, every critic on the planet was for the twins for game 1, and you proved them all wrong. I sure hope you keep proving everyone wrong by staying in oakland


    Excellent first game BZ,It’ll sure be devastating to see you go buddy, you’ve been very dependable over the years I can definently say you are top quality man. But in anycase if you go I wish you the best. I know you guys will win tommorrow I know you guys can do it’s about time that the hard work over the last few years has payed off I wish you the best and GO A’s!!!!!


    dear berry,
    here in italy we don’t get to watch many games, unfortunately, and it must have been a great game, especially your effort. on top of that, reading your blog and the insight is brilliant!


    I live in Rochester NY and have been an A’s fan for 35 years. I take a lot of ribbing from Yankee fans, but players like you make it worth wild.

    Being a Buffalo Bills fan I can tell you that Jim Kelly played his whole carrer in Buffalo, and probably could have made more money playing some where else. He stayed and I’m sure if you asked him, He would tell you he never regreted not looking to go else where. You are to Oakland what Kelly was to Buffalo. A great player, teamate and citizen. Stay with Oakland and I’m positive 10 years after you retire you also would never regret staying with the OAKLAND A’S.


    Wow. This may be crazy to you but I am a huge Twins fan. Going to the playoff games in ’02 and seeing you pitch, I also became a huge fan of you. I even came to see you pitch in Oakland this year. I was at the game on Tuesday and although I am still upset that the Twins are out of the running, you pitched an amazing game. None of our key hitters did anything the whole game. I just wanted to say that it was amazing to see you and Johan pitch. And if the Twins can’t be in the playoffs, I’m glad to cheer the A’s on to the end.


    You get it. You get why I love baseball and why I love the A’s…The passion, the history, the importance of being a teammate, playing for the love of the game…You get it and I appreciate so much that you do. It?s a game, but it?s so much more than that, you know? Watch ?The Sandlot?, ?Field of Dreams?, or ?The Natural.? Read ‘The Teammates’ or ‘Lou Gehrig: A Quiet Hero.’ The A?s get it- like these movies, books, and most importantly like these baseball heroes before us. The A?s epitomize baseball at its core- having fun, getting dirty, and running down the first base line like it?s your last. Jokes in the dugout, diving for balls, and coming in on an off day to work on your swing. Ron Wash, Swish, Ellis, Thomas, Kendall and Kotsay for gosh sakes. Scutaro, Street, you, everyone. Dude, I?m pumped, I?m ready to go. You know I?ll be wearin? my A?s gear tomorrow. I F-in love A’s baseball!!!



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