Leaving town 2-0 — Whoa!

Wow. To be honest with you, being up 2-0 in the series is something I don?t think any of us expected. Coming in, I think we would have been happy with a split, because nobody could have thought we?d come in and win both.

That just goes to show you how huge Game 1 was for us. That obviously feeds your fuel to go out and win Game 2 and just drive the nail in, so Game 1 set the tone for everything. It kind of put their backs against the wall, and it kind of put us in the driver seat. All of a sudden we had the leeway to lose Game 2, which makes you play a little bit looser — as opposed to being down 0-1, when all the pressure?s on you to get back to even. Conventional wisdom definitely did not have us leaving here 2-0. Kotsayparty275

Mark Kotsay?s inside-the-parker is obviously the big story today, and that was unbelievable. The fact that Kots can go out there, after playing in the league for 10 years without making it to the playoffs, and have a great moment like that, it?s storybook stuff. Amazing. And I love seeing him get some credit for once. The guy is so good, and defensively, he?s second to none. He should be getting Gold Gloves, and it is ironic that his homer came at the expense of Torii Hunter, another Gold Glover. It?s just great to see Kots absolutely thrive in his first playoff series. That he can come out and not worry about screwing up and just play his game, that shows you what a pro he is.

What Huston Street did today was huge, too. He had to battle some injuries this year and actually pitched through some of them, and he had a tough time there at the end of September. But here he is, 23 years old and on the biggest stage of his life, and he finds a way to get it done. Without that crazy ball in the ceiling yesterday, it would have been a 1-2-3 inning, and today, yeah, it was dicey there at the end, but the bottom line is he went out there with a three-run lead, and we won by three runs. Last time I checked, that?s what closers are supposed to do.

A lot of people have asked me how this team is different from the 2001 and 2003 teams, and I guess they think they?re being sneaky, asking me about us blowing 2-0 leads in the first round those years without mentioning the blowing specifically. But come on. I?m a jock, not a dumb jock. Nobody?s that dumb.

But for the record, here?s my answer, from the heart: Every team is different, even from one year to the next. Different players, different personalities, different mindsets. And I?m not going to say this team is better equipped to avoid blowing this kind of lead, because that?s a shot at those other teams, and I loved those teams. I never thought in a million years we?d blow those leads. But this team, I can assure you, is not in any kind of freak-out mode, thinking, ?Oh my god. Here we go again. Hope we don?t blow it.? It?s not that at all. We?re just a bunch of guys who play hard and will keep playing hard until they tell us we can?t play anymore. We don?t have many guys who experienced the whole A?s playoff saga. There?s probably 21, 22 guys who weren?t here for any of it, so they?re not like, ?Man, we gotta find a way to get out of the first round.? That?s not what they?re playing for, so it?s not in their psyches.

So now we?re heading home for Game 3 on Friday, and I?m so excited to see Dan Haren pitch for us. Haren is a great friend of mine. I love Haren. I love the way he pitches, and I love how he deals with pitching. We?ve had a lot of deep talks about pitching and mindsets and stuff like that, and I?m just looking forward to sitting back and watching my boy carve.

I?ll check in again from the workout Thursday in Oakland. Thanks for reading — and for writing in.


  1. yodeirdre@theathletics.net

    What a fantastic game! I loved it! How about that Mark Kotsay? I have two A’s shirts: Zito and Kotsay. I am so happy for him – he looks absolutely glowing. Hard to believe he wasn’t voted to the All-Star team. He deserves it. He always plays hard and is such a pro. Let’s keep it going. When is that plane coming in from Minnesota so we can show our support?

  2. tsimshatsui.geo@yahoo.com

    I’m so proud of you all! Just keep the intensity! Even though we are up 2-0…it’s not over and keep the mindset that Friday is a MUST WIN! We’ll be ready in green to cheer the team on this Friday!

    Go A’s!

  3. dgadd18@yahoo.com


    Great job in Game 1. It’s nice to see your excitement on this blog. Not IF, but WHEN we win the World Series, will that have ANY affect on you possibly returning to the A’s? PLEEEASE!

  4. cooldolphinz@yahoo.com

    hey, great games so far. ^_^ can you let Dan Haren know he’s really bad at updating his bolg? thanks

  5. nikinaka02@hotmail.com

    i’ve had to track the past 2 games online while stuck at work, which meant i had to try and keep my cheers to a minimum. but it was **** near impossible to contain myself after i saw kotsay’s computer generated ball fly towards centerfield and drop like a good little ball for the in-the-park homer! (fortunately i’m going to friday’s game so i can cheer to my heart’s content.)

    you all deserve every minute of this. as a fan i say thanks for taking us along for the ride!

  6. csssdw@yahoo.com

    congrats to you and the A’s. Hey barry, what happened to Zito files and surfin w/ zito?!…. Are you gonna update your blog during the off season?

    A’s all the way 2006,


  7. bubbasayless@yahoo.com

    Great game A’s…

    wow.. kotsay is a beast, same with that guy, barry zito…

    im stoked for the game on friday, ditching school to go.

    A’s finally not going to blow the playoffs this year..

    A’s all the way..


  8. mariak@graciefilms.com

    Sweet sassy molassy! It was excellent watching your ?creative mind? at work on the mound Monday. You are a rockstar. ?Just make pitches? is my new life mantra. Please tell the rest of the A?s thanks for making rocktober baseball so much fun to watch. P.S. Bull Durham is the best Costner baseball movie. ?I wanna throw the heater to announce my presence with authority.? Thanks for taking time from playing guitar to blog. I hail you.

  9. erica.framsted@gmail.com

    Barry, you write so well- definitely NOT a dumb jock.
    Please don’t leave us next year. Please.

  10. bongo91@comcast.net

    Great game! WOW!! I was able to catch the game in the library with a bunch of other guys. We ran into the library during break and lunch to catch the action, it was great!!!!!!!

  11. bennybaseball2001@yahoo.com

    Barry, Nice game pitched on Tuesday. Give my best to Haren throwing on Friday…I am hoping to see Harden throw too (even though I hope it is in the ALCS)…Best of luck from St. Louis, MO. Cards/A’s in WS ’06

  12. bigjoemoose75@yahoo.com

    i was born an A’s fan and have been asked why i like them? here is the answer b/c we have guys that want to play together look at Bradley and Thomas they were “thorns in the side” or “pre-madonna’s” and wanted by no other team. They say this has been their most fun year of baseball ever. But after going up 2-0 i am very disappointed in the press it seems like no writer is giving the A’s the credith they deserve they talk about the mistakes Minnesota made. GO A’s and I’ll be there til the end!

  13. cwebb_brasilia@yahoo.com

    Barry, just wanted to thank you for a great blog entry! Thanks for being honest and for talking up your teammates. I love the A’s so much, and it’s great to know that guys like you really care too! Great job in game 1 and good luck on Friday!

  14. myr.mlb@gmail.com

    I just saw the news on Ellis on the ESPN ticker – what a bummer! I know this team will find a way to deal, but man, my heart breaks for him.

    I’m so excited about Danny getting to start Game 3. We’ve all seen what he can do when he’s on. So here’s to hoping he’s on! And maybe he’ll have another complete game in him, because Good Lord – it’s sweet of you to have Street’s back, but you gotta admit he makes things… interesting. Though all’s well that ends well. And hopefully it ends in Oakland!

  15. gregoryroyalpratt@gmail.com

    Hey Mr. Zito,
    I’m a huge fan, from Chicago. I’m such a big fan I worked out a deal with a few teachers (I’m in HS, a Senior) so that she’d let me do my classwork for homework and let me go into another teacher’s room to watch your game Tuesday. Some people — which is my way of saying, “Me” but giving it a more dignified air — would put you out there in the playoffs against just about anyone and feel good.

    See, you bear down under pressure, and don’t collapse. That’s not true of too many people. In fact, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have pitch for me in the playoffs, although Freddy Garcia and Andy Pettitte are both pretty **** good in post-season play, too. El Duque as well. Smoltz. But nothing like you, IMO.

    I recently read an article about you by Mitch Horowitz about Holmes’ Creative Mind, and now I’m reading it myself. I’m with you all the way on that, mate. Be still and know. Changing my life, here and now.

    Best of luck, Mr. Zito. You’re the best. Please take a mild paycut over what the NY teams would give you and come to the Southside of Chicago. (But whatever you do, you’ll always be a source of inspiration to me.)

  16. movieman1415@aol.com

    Hey Barry, just wanted to say that I am a huge fan. I actually met you in Seattle and you took a picture with my wife, a lot of players wouldn’t have done that, but you did…..so thanks. You must be on cloud 9 going home with a 2-0 lead. Hopefully Danny can bring his “A” game and we can get this thing wrapped up. GO A’S

  17. ryan.heuer@gmail.com

    hey barry, I just wanna say thanks for always bein so good to the fans and signing stuff. I am one of the few A’s fans here in minnesota and love that everytime I go to the park with my little bros there is a good chance they will get to talk to you and get an autograph. Make sure the A’s stay hot! I want you in green and gold as long as possible!

  18. ryan.heuer@gmail.com

    Hey Barry, you guys rock! when i heard we were playing the twins and not the tigers i was bummed, but you guys have surprised everybody, tell everybody to keep up the great work and amazing pitching

  19. therealbobbypond@yahoo.com

    Unbelievable! 2-0! And the ghosts of the past do not mean a thing! The fans are behind the team and even my three year old says “Let’s go Oakland!” every time he see the green machine on TV. I KNOW the A’s will clinch on Friday night! It is going to be awesome! Then there will be the hated Yankees! I went to the 1988 WSG4 against the Dodgers for my 18th birthday and got my heart broken; in 1989 I was in USAF basic training when the earthquake hit SF; and in 1990 I was in the Gulf War with a tent mate from Cincy! That one ******! This year is the real deal! A’s over St. Loius in 6 games!

    and Barry, last year, you walked past a TV truck on a loss against the Phillies, in the TV compound and a TV dude told you to go in the locker room and wake up the bats and that your fans are behind you…. well that was me. Thanks for the BLOG and the memories… Win it for us; the fans!

  20. hrhodes@slc.edu

    Thanks so much for the well-written and amazing insight, Barry. We love it. And I’m excited as **** about Friday, and praying that you guys seal the deal in 3. That’d be awesome.

    You’re a great writer and pitcher, Barry. Tell your boy Danny to update his blog and pitch like you did in Game 1, and everything will be just fine.


  21. jonpan8@hotmail.com

    Zito – It’s Mikalis and Pan. We’re reading your blog right now. It’s pretty awesome. Great job yesterday. I was freaking out but you came through big time. Anyway, good luck and we’ll see you around. We’re going to Mauceli and Lindsay’s wedding this weekend in SB. Good times.

  22. soccermeg828@sbcglobal.net

    Hey BZ!
    2-0! I’m so happy! It’s too bad you guys just came back in time for the rain! I’m so excited for Haren pitching! I’m sorry, I just have to ask… I have always wondered… what’s with everyone and their goatees? Is it superstition?

    You’re so amazing Zito, and you’re right, you aren’t a dumb jock!


  23. svv31588@msn.com

    Hey Barry,
    I am a huge oakland fan. This is so great seeing you guys in the playoffs. It is great that the team is 2-0. You did an awesome job on Tuesday. I am so glad you won. Good luck the rest of the way. I will be cheering you on.


  24. momcat49@aol.com

    I am so glad that these games have been in the morning!! It has been fun to wake up early and watch the team win! Good luck on Friday, welcome home, and kick the Twins out of the park!!


  25. dougarias@comcast.net

    Zito- You guys are great. I live in MN and just want to say that i wish you guys best of luck on Thurs.

  26. dj3stripes@yahoo.com

    First of all, thank you for some inside feelings with this blog. This game was deffinately a good one, i was on the edge of my couch the entire time!!! Let’s finish the job and keep the good times rolling. I wonder who Barry would rather pitch to for the AL penant? NY or Detroit?

  27. peejeeparson@yahoo.com

    Congratulations on another win today! I’m all the way over here in Pennsylvania, and skipped school yesterday to watch the game on TV. And man, I’m glad I did!
    “When you pass through, no one can pin you down, no one can call you back” – Ying-An

    One more win. Let’s go!

  28. shoonkook@yahoo.com

    If there are somebody expecting us to worry about the past, they would be very disappointed on Friday..!!

  29. bonscottacdc@netzero.net

    Hey Zito,
    Awesome game today. I am happy for the entire team, but I gotta give it to Kotsay today. Outstanding play for a great guy. I look forward to having you guys back in the Bay to take this to the next level. One series at a time eh! Welcome home!

    Steve Evans

    Hayward, CA

  30. luvmm38@yahoo.com

    Thanks for the thoughts. Being a sport psychololgy consultant and fan of the game I love hearing the athlete’s perspectives of their performances. Congrats on the win today… it made for an excelent birthday present!!! My niece and I watched it together… she got to learn all about baseball and the A’s!! Kotsay certainly made it exciting!!!

  31. hthomas@verisign.com

    Thanks for the blog! It is a great read. I am taking a half day from work just to watch you guys get that series win! GO A’S. U mean so much to the A’s, never forget that.

  32. bowlermandy@aol.com

    It’s funny reading your blog. I remember growing up my dad telling me about these two high school players in San Diego that were going to be stars, you and Chavez. Now, I’m living in Oakland for college and still have kept my AL allegiance to the A’s despite growing up in North San Diego. My worst nightmare would be the A’s and the Padres in the World Series. You kicked it up on Tuesday and unfortunately I didn’t get to see the game but I heard you showed up Santana. Good luck to all of you and I hope that you decide to stay here in the bay for a long time to come. NYC ***. ;P

  33. davisranch777@yahoo.com

    hey Barry,
    Truly awesome effort on Tuesday. Thanks for interacting with the A’s fans here in Dallas over the years. Praying you do not sign with the Yankees. Good luck the rest of the way. GO A’S!!


  34. ericinsac@hotmail.com

    Game 3 has to be a must win. We can’t give them any momentum. Danny sounds like he’s ready to go and I’m very excited to see how he pitches. I will be there Friday and Saturday (even though I really hope it doesn’t come to that.)

  35. minnievho@yahoo.com

    I really have a good feeling you guys will go all the way.Just make sure you clinch it this friday.Only a sweep in the 1st round will chase away all the doubts of the Oakland A’s getting past the first round.Even though I would love to finally watch you guys play live.I would rather have you guys take care of business this friday.(The past two games I’ve had to watch it taped and let me tell you it wasn’t easy going thru the day at work not knowing the results.)Way to go today for Kotsay!These were the plays we were not getting before.No stupid mistakes please in Game 3(A’s notorious for that in Game 3’s)Good luck all the way!!!

  36. mverderame439@aol.com


    Great job going up against Santana, you pitched like the all-world pitcher you are. That was a huge lift for the team and definitely for all of us fans. It was nice as a DIE-HARD Oakland fan from NY to hear the A’s getting some well deserved credit instead of the Yanks. Oh, and by the way, i’ve been a fan through all those other postseasons, but just know as a fan I still have all the confidence a fan can have in you guys. Just play hard, play smart, and swing away(or in your case, drop that curve in for strike 3). Good luck Barry, and thanks again.

  37. droptop97@aol.com

    GREAT job on Tuesday Zito, I KNEW you had it in you to out pitch Johan and I’ll always believe in Frank and Magic Marco. I LOVED the jab at the Baseball Tonight guys today(Wed.),that was pure $$$. You better blast Eric Byrnes for taking the Twins in this seris before the start of Game 2. I hope to see you guys in the World Series, I’ll be joining the LF bleacher fans in Oakland all post-season.

  38. lisancal@aol.com

    Man, Barry, you really are a great guy.(((hugs)))

    Kotsay is outstanding! When he hit that inside-the parker, I had goosebumps for at least 2 minutes, I’m not even kidding…That was absolutely exciting stuff there!

    …and geez, just watching Street close it out ~ He’s truly blessed.


  39. 4ever_b_me@cox.net

    Hey this is great! I love when the A’s are up in a series. I hope that you guys make it far! I have faith in all of you. But I guess it takes Faith,positive thinking, and dedication to get the job done.

    Good Luck,


  40. kapers@sbcglobal.net

    Hi Barry. I’m in Texas and it’s killing me that I can’t be at the game on Friday. I watch the A’s whenever you come to town, but oh, to be in Oakland… I love reading your blog, giving us a peek at what players are thinking before or during a game. I, too, have to follow the games on the internet at work and keep my excitement to a minimum (that “cube” environment). Thanks for all the excitement you’ve brought to this team and in echoing the sentiments of so many others, I really want you to stay with the A’s. I do NOT see you in pinstripes and the thought of you pitching with a halo against the A’s is depressing. But that is down the road and I know your sole focus is getting another W in your next start. Thanks for the blog and thanks to your parents for raising such an awesome son.

  41. conradprenticewhite@yahoo.com

    I thinkk that it is great that you guys kick some butt.You guys were dealing. Great Game. I am a High School Senior just up the street from the coliseum and I am a worker at the oakland athletics and I hope that you guys can finish the series off in Oakland. Lets hope you bring the bubbly back to Oakland

  42. modynamics@jccomp.com

    Wasn’t a doubt in my mind going into game 1, no doubts now! “Un-hing” and enjoy the ride, you and the A’s deserve it!
    Judy & Rott’N Dance

  43. baseballfan042@yahoo.com


    Hows Ellis doing?

    I know he got hit in a hand and has a broken index finger on his throwing hand.

    That could be a huge loss if he cant play, not only with his superb defense but his bat as well.

    Bring this series home Z

    Go A’s!

  44. olson041@csusm.edu

    Born & raised in the Bay Area, been livin’ in San Diego for 7 yrs (next store to Zito’s high school). Been rootin’ for the Oakland A’s since I was a kid watchin’ the infamous Bash-Brothers bring home the tittle. This team reminds me of that era; the chemistry & intensity is perfect. I’m drivin’ up there for game 3 & I plan on tearin’ up my ticket for game 4 on the way there. Im proud of you boys & Barry you are the brand of my team, keep that 12/6 breakin’ … From the HEART. Erik Olson

  45. jrliff@hotmail.com

    This is our year. I have been a diehard A’s fan for 11 years (i am 14 years old now) and i have never felt so confident about our team as i am now. The teams first-game performance going up against the sure Cy Young Winner Santana his remarkable team (Let’s face it, the Twins had the most remarkable comeback this season, but we still are better!!!) told the world that the Oakland Athletics are for real and we are going to wear the rings this season. Game 2 was even better. Showing that we’re so good, that we can win using style such as Kot’s inside the parker and Chavy’s awesome play at third to end the inning. Esteban had a pretty solid game except for that back-to-back slip that he had. Scutaro’s been getting the job done just as well as Crosby even though i wish he were in our lineup. To wrap it up, Yankees, watch out, because it’s A’s brand now!

    P.S. Speaking for the A’s youth, Barry, we are gonna miss you like ****. Whatever team you go to, i am gonna buy your new jersey.

  46. don.wong@comcast.net

    Your performance in Game 1 was absolutely inspiring! I love your approach to the game (ie. focus on executing the fundamentals, and success will be a by-product) – a page right out of John Wooden’s book on leadership. Thanks for taking the time to share your personal thoughts and feelings with A’s fans around the world!

  47. spankysmom01@yahoo.com

    Hey Zito! So glad your chi was aligned properly to show the home crowd at Minn what the A’s are all about. So interesting to listen to all the Network blowhards commentating on all the stats for the Twins but are so perplexed with what the A’s are doing… hmm maybe that’s because they don’t pay attention to the West Coast if it’s something other than Bonds? Let’s keep them guessing… To win on Friday would be sweet! I bought my big screen for the 21 game streak and I just bought a DVD recorder in late July so my family would have some games to watch for the off season.. do you realize how many winning games you all have under your belt since then? Quite a few.. I think I can only think of maybe 5 and that’s alot of games won. Lots of good games to watch for sure… lets add to that number! My sister has a thing for Swisher and has a shrine of him at her desk at work! We are all rooting for all of you to get the job done and win the World Series.. some how I can feel this just may be the year- I have a candle lit and the bobbleheads lined up for every game!

  48. susiemoran@comcast.net


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What a great 2 games for the A’s! Your pitching was beautiful on Tuesday. Thanks for being such a great role model to our kids. If at all possible, please stay. If not, i wish you the best wherever.

  49. stewartb@stanford.edu

    Barry – truly appreciate you taking the time to write great stories about the games first hand. I have spent a few years travelling the country for sports too and I know how you are always rushing from one thing to the next while trying to stay rested and ready. People in the bay area are fired up for you guys to come home! we’ve been skipping work all week to watch and come to the game on friday. my favorite thing is that i can tell how much fun you are all having every minute you are out there playing. good luck to everyone – you guys rock!

  50. chelle_young@yahoo.com

    I swear, you guys are going to be the death of me! LOL! I watched Street up to the last out (By the way, he’s cute when he sticks out his tongue and pitches. It reminds me of my son concentrating on his homework), said to him, “Okay, Buddy, you can do it,” then walked out of the room. Could not handle the pressure!

    I am so excited for you all! I have heard all the “experts” say that there was no way that you would beat the Twins, and you proved them wrong.

    Now, I hope you can clinch it on Friday! It would be great to finish it then, but another reason for me wanting you to win is that I get to go to the game. I want to be there to celebrate the victory with all the fans. Besides, you all deserve to win it at home! I am so excited!Talk about “deafening sound!” Wait until they hear all us Oakland fans on Friday! Haha!

    Get some rest, have fun, and make us proud! By the way, even if you don’t win, we’ll still be proud of you all!

  51. cmamon@ucdavis.edu

    Hey, what do you think about ESPN and their lack of faith in the A’s. I mean I was used to it but today I saw that even Eric Byrnes was showing lack of faith.

  52. achang@writeme.com

    Hey Barry,
    Thanks for taking the time to write these blogs. I’ve been an A’s fan for about 5 years, since my days at Cal. Love the way you pitched Tuesday and how well the team executed in these 2 games. I’ve only got tickets to Game 4… but wouldn’t mind if you guys sweep the Twins. Let’s go A’s! =)

  53. stephen@ncsquare.com

    I am excited for Oakland, coming home in game three with the chance to wrap of the series. I am taking the day off to go to the game. This is what baseball is about, a Friday day game with a chance for the home team to win the ALDS.


    Stephen Robinson

  54. toomuch4diabolicslugs@yahoo.com

    You know Barry, I’d have loved you forever anyway, but on Tuesday you really set the tone to imbue this season/postseason/career as an A/go as far back as you like, with an absurdly poetical glistening. So I’m going to continue enacting my calling as a most ardent fanatic seeking to avoid clich fangirl screaching but still partaking of the myth and the mania, and ya’ll continue to play like, well, yourselves, and enjoy oversaturating each moment with glee and significance because I sure as **** will be.

    And I’m stoked that you’re writing this blog, because I never feel familiar until I’ve read someone’s writing. And thanks for the thrilling heroics.

    Have fun back in the bay! Wish I could be there….

  55. christorres78@hotmail.com

    Hey Barry,

    Awesome two games in Minnesota for you and the A’s!!! I caught the end of both of the games during my lunch break at work and boy, I swear I probably was more nervous about those games than you players were.

    The 2006 A’s seem like a team destined for greatness. You’ve got your solid starting pitchers and bullpen, the sage veteran in the Big Hurt, Swisher and his happy go lucky style, Chavy and his outstanding defense, Super clutch Marco, the great group of outfielders that always seem to get it done, and of course all the infielders who seem to turn all the tough plays that we take for granted. I’ve got nothing but respect for every single player on the current roster. As fans, all we can do is cheer, hope, and show our support for the guys who really get it done.

    Baseball is a game that people can show so much passion for. I’ve been a fan of the Oakland A’s since I was a kid back in the 80’s, so it’s been a great ride so far. I sure wish I was around in the 70’s when the A’s were the team to beat, winning three rings in a row.

    Anyhow, I love the makeup of your roster right now. Everyone seems to get along so well and there are no egos that put themselves ahead of the team.

    I grew up in the peninsula, which is made up mostly of Giants fans, so it is especially gratifying to be sportin’ the green and gold when out and about here. Here in the Bay, the Giants always get first billing in all the newscasts, newspapers, and what not. Now that the Giants have “gone fishin’, ” the A’s will be top billing here in the Bay for – what I hope to be – the better part of October.

    Congratulations on getting two wins most people thought you guys couldn’t get. Us A’s fans knew you guys could do it all along!

    Good luck in game 3 and see you all at the Coliseum! Let’s go OAKLAND!!!

  56. boliver@kqps.net

    Great to read your comments. I am living on the East Coast in Virginia. I teach high school and had to update the students every inning on the score of the game since it was during class time. Hope you can stay in Oakland. Bruce Oliver

  57. fanchevy@gmail.com

    Just writing from London and could not be more excited for my A’s. You all have made some big plays against a great team. My roomie over here is from minnesota and he has told me how crazy that dome can be. Way to step it up and I can’t wait to see Dan tear em up. Go Oakland!!!

  58. punkduck.prol@gmail.com

    I’m really enjoying reading your blog, Barry. I’m taking this writing course called ‘Tales of King Arthur’. When I read the beginning of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, I couldn’t help but think of the A’s. This green knight guy is a peaceful but powerful force to be reckoned with, and even when his head is cut off he continues undaunted. I love the way that the media and commentators are writing you guys off, because it will make it all the sweeter when you win it all. Green and Gold Baby!

  59. hckybear44@yahoo.com

    GO Scooter!, What an awesome game!, It’s so cool to see someone I enjoyed watching minor leagues do so well in the “big show”!Always believed you could make it if someone would just give you a chance! A’s you better do what you can to keep Marco cuz he’s a hot commodity !:)
    Much love to all the A’s from Indy! I feel a sweep coming !

  60. cowkid@mac.com

    Your the best man! I’ve checked up with you guys everyday. I knew you guys would win both game. My dad promised me If you guys made it to the world series, he would take me to 1 game. You,Frank, and Nick are the best. Keep on winning.


  61. nanetmari@comcast.net

    After 20 years of watching the A’s play I can honestly say this is the most exciting and most fun team I’ve ever watched. I vascillate between being hyper, confident, and having fun. All good things to feel.
    Watching you guys play is like a true baseball fan’s dream come true. Right now we all have the best of baseball going on so enjoy it.

    Don’t let those media guys get to you. We just laugh at the antics they call reporting.


  62. sonik02@yahoo.com

    This was an awesome game! i’ve been an oakland fan since i was born and this team just makes me love the a’s EVEN more, which i never thought would be possible. PLEASEEEEEE stay in oakland!!!! we love you and will miss you so much!

  63. croesrandy@hotmail.com

    It’s definitely a huge plus to take both games on the road, especially in Minnesota which has probably the loudest crowd in baseball. But to go home ahead 2-0 is fantastic. What I like most about this team is its depth; it’s unbelievable how good of a job management has done to take the team where it is today. Especially the pitching, I mean we have Dan Haren going in game 3, Rich Harden game 4, if needed, which I really doubt will be needed.
    Anywayz, keep the atmosphere up till the world series. Another thing Barry, just wanted to say tnx again for signing my cap for me last month when you guyz where in Tampa. Been wearing it while watching the game, haha. Keep up the great job!

  64. raymond@sportsbarinfo.com

    Right On Z!!!

    It looked like you were locked in pretty well after Kendall tossed out Castillo.

    I laughed because it looked like you were holding your breath on every pitch in the beginning. I was at Ricky’s in San leandro banging my djembe and saying, “Breath Barry, Breath”

    This team is my favorite since 1992 and I see the passion and fire of a winner.

    I was sitting in the bleachers

    playing my drum as usual when you guys were down 2-0 to the White Sox for the third day in a row. I turned to my friend, Duke, and said,”If they win this game they will win the World Series”

    All of August and September you guys were eliminating team after team.

    Now it’s time to eliminate the Twins and give this town what we’ve been waiting for since 1992. A 7 game SERIES!!!!

    Go A’s!!!!!

    Come and join us in the A-Lot tomorrow, bring your guitar and let’s party!!!

  65. bob_short@astound.net

    Barry: great job although it’s depressing hearing ESPN calculate how much you added to your next contract with that performance. You and Billy should figure out a way to stay an Athletic – like a real long contract that has you working with Billy when you’re done pitching, and ownership. Do something novel. Experience the excitement of ALMOST signing the big deal with the jankees – and then announce you’re staying. You could get elected mayor. Keep it up kid, you’re a world beater.

  66. turincio@hotmail.com

    I lost it yesterday after Kotsay hit that inside the park home run. Even my 12 year old son told me to keep it down. YOU GUYS JUST KEEP PLAYING YOUR GAME!!!
    Oh Yeah…MAR-CO! SCU-TAR-O!

  67. adamb@runco.com

    good to see Uncle Charlie in excellent health in Game one. Make no doubt about it, you are the rock star of this staff. I’m pumped about Haren’s start in game 3 and loved your comments on his game. If Haren does what I think he’ll do in game 3, get that dude a Taylor (and just like your big 3 pitches) teach him the big 3 chords. Thanks for all the killer baseball man and take these punks down on Friday !

  68. lexybclassy@yahoo.com

    hiya barry!!! 2-0 wow! you are correct about that first game setting the tone for the series. you all should be proud. very psyched about getting the sweep on friday night at oaktown…haren should do well. glad street earned his second save-showed the twins if they thought oakland was gonna be a push over-they were wrong. Congrats on your fabulous performance.say,i hope mark ellis does not have a broken finger-but hey someone will step up if need be and that’s what it is all about. Kotsays’inside the park homer was beautiful….i sat there yelling go kots go you can make it home!!! pounding on the coffee table lets go oakl-and. Go A’s Go!!!! i had a ball watching the first two games. kinda made me proud again to be an a’s fan….this team is just GREAT!!!! what was the deal with milton,coffee and loaiza having to change his uni during the game? i realize it was an accident. the espn announcers were really getting on miltons’ case about it and i got upset (again). best wishes and lockup the party for friday night!!!! can’t wait

  69. jabiloxi@aol.com

    Great Game 1. That was definitely a legendary performance. I appreciate everything you have done for the A’s and believe that the team represents what is right about baseball. I catch every game, and love all the players. I think Haren will do well in game 3 and hope the team can pull out the series. I have a feeling the Yankees will be tougher than ever this year. But it is just one game at a time. You have been my favorite pitcher since 2000 when you first came on the team, I just hope that, win or lose, you will stay in Oakland. I am sure you get that a lot. Undeniably, I think you deserve as big a contract as you can get, but I along with every other A’s fan adore you and for that matter all your teammates. No matter what happens you will always be an Oakland Athletic.

    There is a chemistry here that is unmatched anywhere else. I wish there was more recognition for the players in Oakland, I mean why do we only have one all-star like every year? Politics aren’t so great, huh? Anyways, keep composed, you and Chavez need to lead the team and set good examples for the new guys. Sometimes it is not so much what you do on the field but what you do off of it as well. I really enjoy your blog and keep up the great play, I think you might be able to go all the way this year!

  70. yodeirdre@theathletics.net

    Hey Barry,

    I really enjoyed that huge article in the Contra Costa Times where you broke down the science of your curve ball. Amazing! I am practicing in the backyard with my fiance, Mark.

    See? Again, there you are, communicating with the fans. You are a standout.



  71. naflores@comcast.net

    Zito, I loved your comments to the boys on baseball tonight. They all need to be called out as “experts” because they were dead wrong that you and the A’s couldn’t defeat Santana and the Twins. You showed them that you’re one of the best pitchers in the game by carving up their lineup. All of them, including your boy Byrsnie, picked the Twins. I can’t wait the A’s advance past the first round so I can rub it in too all the weak-*** Giants fans I work with. Do it Z!

  72. lisa_nicole_4284@yahoo.com

    good job you guys! It will be amazing if there’s a sweep tomorrow night. Keep up the good work!

  73. pachyderm42003@yahoo.com

    Hey Z,

    Whoa was the same thing that I said about the Kotsay inside-the-parker as previously mention in other entry. As a fan of the Athletics, I enjoy watching Kotsay and Kendall playing in the post season. Those two guys work their butts off as you mentioned. Also, yesterday you were talking to Haren during the game, which is always a good sign. “experts” all want the team to choke, but you’re right it is different now. Plus, these same “experts” said Boston Red Sox were done after Game 3 of the 2004 ALCS.


    -Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan

  74. jav022@msn.com


    This is what its all about – playing hard through 162 games to set yourself up in a position to do special things in October. The Green and Gold contingent will be out full fledged equipped with drum sets, 510 jerseys, and loud voices. You are a special player and a special person. Lets go Oak-land! Clap, clap, clap-clap-clap!

  75. jasmine05@comcast.net

    All I have to say is WHOA. I love this team and I LUV YOU BARRY. I’m from chicago and a Cubs fan but my favorite AL teams is the A’s and i’m so happy that you guys are in the playoffs. We are up 2-0 LETS GO A’S

  76. eric.uddenberg@gmail.com


    Thank you for being so open and honest about the 2001 and 2003 seasons. This year is indeed different and you have been such a great mentor to the pitching staff, especially Huston and Danny.

    Game 1 was a masterpiece and it was truly a team effort – but it required your “Sandy Koufax A game” and you were so on it.

    You and Sandy are my favorite all time pitchers and I thank you again for all of your great accomplishments with the Oakland franchise – both on and off the field.

    Also thanks for the reference to ?Creative Mind and Success,? by Ernest Holmes ? it is a great book that many of us could benefit from.



  77. julieadams261@hotmail.com


    Great job Tuesday! Your enthusiasm for the rest of the team is great. I can?t make the game tomorrow but I?ll be there in spirit. How the home crowd helps the team out. Keep up the good work, were all so proud and exited!!!!

  78. julieadams261@hotmail.com

    Also, I made a jersey for my little dog in support of the team. Can I send a photo somewhere? It?s really cute! I gave her #43 for Eckersley my favorite player.


  79. anniwang@gmail.com

    Hi Barry,

    I am a big fan of you (your poster haging in my office). I always have faith in you when you pitch big games. I denfeded you when you had bad games, I love everything about you, your demeanor, your caring for others and especially your professionalism. You have proven over and over again that I was right. I am very proud of the way you pitched game 1 on Tuesday. I have a feeling that my beloved A’s will go all the way! I really hope that the A’s give you the ring that you so so deserve.

    My dream is that you will resign with the A’s, but if that can’t be done, please don’t sign with the Yankees or the Red Sox!!


  80. lfbleachergrl3@aol.com

    Hey Barry,You Pitched a fantastic game on game 1 I’m one of your Guest Service Team Members I work in the LF Bleachers just wanna let you know that we are gonna be supporting you and cheering you guys on like we always do.

  81. a.pullini@verizon.net

    You’re the best. I’m so glad you’re back on top of your game.

    Love ya,


    Brooklyn, New York

  82. strinmoen@hotmail.com

    great wins at at the joke of a stadium, the Metrodome….and it’s doubly wonderful being from st.paul!!!!…..Adam…Jay….is this great or what!!!!


  83. jennkesler@theathletics.net

    You guys are doing awesome! There is nothing better than October baseball, especially when your team is doing AWESOME! Kepp up the good work guys and I’ll be cheering you all the way. Just so you know, today’s my birthday and my birthday wish was an Oakland Pennant! Keep it up guys!

  84. alrice22@yahoo.com

    Barry, nice statements about your boys Huston and D Haren, I love the camaraderie you all demonstrate as a unit out there on the diamond – a thing of beauty to be sure.

    Just wanted to give you a big up with respect to the leading by example attitude you have lead with all year, it is refreshing to see and, as a lifelong A’s fan, makes me proud of you all.

    Furthermore, I loved the point about Kots getting it done his first time on the big stage. Poetic justice, right? I’d take his all-around game over Hunter’s any day of the week, and he never would have hung someone out to dry like Torii did, so I think that play speaks volumes about Kots being in the conversation of marquee CF’s in MLB.

    Great writing, Barry, we’ve all been enjoying it to the fullest, and appreciate your taking the time to make this possible – it is yet another example of your being a very thoughtful individual, and to the efforts you’ve made in giving back to the fans and community.

    Chant down MLB, Barry, on your March to October baseball, and chant down babylon while your at it!

  85. redsox_gurl8@yahoo.com

    Hey congrats on your win. I like how you view things. You have a good demeanor about things and athletes should be like that.It’s cool how you care about your teammates. It shows that you aren’t selfish. Again I couldn’t watch the game, don’t have a tv in my dorm. So, ya good luck today. To bad my red sox aren’t in the play offs. But ill be rooting for you guys. Your a smart dude. Good Luck!!

  86. mhill128@hotmail.com

    I gotta say I love that breaking ball! I got to see you pitch in Kc.
    I really have a good feeling about this year.

    Nothing would make me happier than a series win over New York!


  87. covermebadd@yahoo.com

    yo b,

    crazy george told me you are the one that really invented the wave.. is that true??? and didn’t you also invent fire????

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