Remembering Cory


Me, Jermaine Dye and Cory Lidle in 2002.

I’ll get to tonight’s game in a minute, but first I want to say a few things about Cory Lidle.

I considered Lidle one of my better friends on the team when he was here. There’s only a handful of guys that I could call up at any point, in-season or off-season, and just shoot the breeze, and he’s one of the few out of all the guys that I’ve played with. And I think a lot of guys considered him that way. I know Huddy was a big fan of Lidle, and pretty much everyone who ever played with him was, because he was like a kid. He played the game like a kid; he was just happy to be in the big leagues.

He was the kind of guy who was a straight shooter, and if he pitched a bad game or whatever, he’d tell it to your face. He was always accountable, and he would never try to scapegoat by putting it on the umpire or this or that. He was always accountable and had a lot of integrity, and those are traits that I take a lot of pride in having myself.

You get into a baseball clubhouse, and a lot of guys — especially the superstars — put stuff off on the umpire, the conditions, the weather, the coaches … anything that makes it seem like they can still keep their confidence. I notice that in a lot of guys. They want to maintain their confidence, so no matter what, it wasn’t their fault. And Lidle was the exact opposite, as I try to be.

Being a young kid and seeing Lidle come through here in ’01 and ’02, I was always impressed by him. You know, he had the No. 4 starter’s spot, but he didn’t take it lightly. He went out and shoved and always gave his all, and I think that’s something we’ll all remember.

I wasn’t actually playing today, but I think I can speak for the team in saying that it kind of shook us up a little bit — especially the guys that knew him, like Chavvy and myself, who were here the whole time he was here. I kept in touch with him for a couple of years after he left, but I hadn’t spoken to him recently. And it’s almost like you don’t have to. That’s how it is with friends. You could just pick up the phone out of the blue and pick up where you left off.

He wanted me to go to his celebrity poker tournament last year, but for some reason I couldn’t make it, and that’s something I’ll always regret now. That would have been a good last memory of him.

But I’m sure he’s happy now, and he’s in a good place. If it was up to him, he’d probably have us all take the tragedy lightly and not be all serious about it, because he was never that serious. It’s still unreal sad, though.

As far as baseball goes, being down 0-2, it’s tough. We’ve never been here before, 0-2 in an ALCS, but this team has certainly come back from some adversity this year, so I don’t really consider this any different. And I don’t think we should handle it any different. We shouldn’t panic, and we shouldn’t feel like we have to do anything but be ourselves.

If anything, we can learn from these two games and tell ourselves that if we’ve been pressing at all to just relax. The Tigers are obviously the favorites now, so let’s surprise some people.

I don’t know if we’ve been pressing as a team because I’m not in the heads of most guys, but I know I put a little too much pressure on myself in Game 1 to come out and be perfect instead of just being normal. If I’m just normal Zito, I pitch deep into the game like I normally do. But I think I fell into a trap that a lot of guys fall into, which is treating it like a totally different situation, totally different baseball, blah, blah, blah. No. It’s all the same. It’s just the surrounding stuff is more intense.

Having a day off now will probably be a good thing. It’ll be good to just chill out and go get familiar with Detroit and with their field, the cold weather, get settled, and have a whole new fresh approach for Friday.



    Hi Barry,
    Sitting near the bullpen for the last two nights, we noticed that something has changed. We’re not sure if it’s the pressure of trying to be “perfect,” but the team just doesn’t look the same. The overall dynamics of the team has changed from the offense, to the needed clutch hits and the defense… Boy, do we miss Ellis out there!

    When in Detroit, know that the fans will be rooting for you guys all the way. I think that the team just needs to relax & have fun (if it’s possible). That’s one of the things that separated the A’s from the rest of the bunch… the love of the game and joy of being on the field playing some good ‘ol ball.

    My heart’s with you guys!!!

    See you in Game 6,



    That was a really nice tribute you wrote for your friend, Cory. It is always sad when someone so young dies, especially when he had so much to look forward to. It does not matter what team he was on, I think the baseball world shares the grief of losing a great player.

    As for the game, I was there tonight. Even though the loss, it was sure exciting and fun. There were some great moments.

    So, you’re all down 0-2 going into Detroit. You can still pull it off. Hey, everyone thought we would lose in Minnesota, and we beat them (I say we like I am actually a part of the team. I mean you all). That just means that you all get to win this thing at home with your fans. We still believe.

    Get some rest and have a safe flight to Michigan! Thanks for taking time to “write” for your fans too.


    I’m so sorry for your loss.Sounds like he was an honorable man.When he was with Oakland,during games he wasn’t pitching,he’d stand at that rail you guys lean on and he would have his back to the field not watching the game,but talking to fans ,waving,smiling,always smiling.Thats how I’ll rememeber him.Again,sorry you’ve lost your friend.


    Cory is with Bill now and both are rooting for the A’s to pull an upset and take the series!

    GO A’s!


    I know I’ve been a loudmouth Tigers Fan in the last blog but in all seriousness My heart and prayers go out to Cory Lidle, his family and friends. He is a great loss to the baseball community. I saw him pitch last Saturday in Detroit and you do really realize how fragile life can be when this happens suddenly just a week after watching him take the mound. I wish peace to his wife and child.. He died doing something he loved and I believe he is in a better place. He and his family are in my prayers tonight……..


    Thanks for your comments on Lidle. I felt like I knew little about him, but he was a decent pitcher and he was a big part of that exciting 20-game winning streak a couple years ago, going 5-0 during that stretch. And I love your attitude Barry. We are not giving up. Any team at this point in the playoffs is certainly capable of turning around and winning 4 games in a row. God forbid we go down 0-3, still, this is baseball, the A’s are a great team, and anything can happen. Just ask the 2004 red sox… Aight, go get ’em in Detroit! It’s payback time now! LETS GO A’s!!!


    Thank you so much for your dedication to the game and to the fans. I am very sorry to hear about your friend today. I was glued to the TV in disbelief.
    On a brighter note, you guys still have baseball to play! That’s exciting. Most teams are thinking about next season already. Mow them down in Mo’Town. Crank the music, and feel upbeat. You guys certainly are superb at that!

    Much love,

    Benny Beaneball =)

    Let’s Go A’s!!


    I woke up to Wolf Blitzer’s voice this afternoon, and the TV’s never turned to CNN unless the world is ending. Pretty unreal wake-up call, eh? Seeing flames spilling out the side of a New York highrise is jarring enough, but to hear that it’s a ballplayer? To hear that Cory Lidle, an Athletic, a Philly, a player with a familiar face, a familiar name, a familiar number, a dozen familiar memories? Unreal.

    I live in Vancouver and I don’t get to see nearly enough ballgames. I kind of remember him with Oakland, and I certainly remember him with the Phillies. I followed the team and his play in the papers and online. I saw him a couple or ten times on TV, mostly against the Cubs or the Sox on cable. I know him. I knew him. I saw him pitch. I called him Cole Hamels by accident a couple of times. People die every day, I know this – fathers, sisters, sons, wives – but when there’s a recognizable human face on the tragedy, it always burns.

    I’m not the type to pray or light candles, but my thoughts went out to his family and his teammates and those affected by the death of the instructor. I ached for them, and I tried my best not to ache for myself. It wasn’t about me. None of this had affected me. Feeling sorry for myself would be selfish and wrong, but something burned. I’d said harsh things about his pitching when he was on the Phillies. I’d said harsher things about his attitude and sportsmanship when he spoke out against the Phillies after the trade to New York. I force myself not to believe in karma, but I’d said terrible things, and now the man was dead. Loss has a harsher sting when it’s combined with remorse, eh?

    The baseball game that afternoon didn’t really seem important, and I was going to watch the Flyers/Habs game instead. I turned to Sportsnet instead of TSN by accident and got a little caught up in the game previews and reportage of Lidle’s accident. At points they were just talking about the matchup, the pitching and the game, and it seemed so wrong – he died, he’s dead, he’s gone, we’re raw, how can they just be talking about the game? – and I couldn’t figure out if I was angry or sad because of it. Baseball’s just a game. Death is death. Death. That’s all I was thinking. Death, remorse, loss, and empathy. Death.

    But then you were there on the screen, all sunglasses and ballcaps and tattered shirtcollars, looking so -you-, and you were talking about -life-. Not about his death, not about the what-ifs, not about the never-weres, not about why today was such a terribly sad day. You were talking about life. You were talking about Cory’s life. He played pranks, he liked ice cream, you guys called him ‘Snacks’… I always hear people saying not to mourn death, but to celebrate life, and I’ve never really forced myself to consider that. Today, you showed what it meant.

    Loss is a terrible thing, and there’s no easy way to confront it. The world lost a husband, a father, a teammate, and a friend today, and a lot of hearts are heavy. Death stings, but life is a beautiful thing, so why not take comfort in those memories instead of wallowing in the pain and regret? He was a wonderful man, and I know that I, at least, would much rather remember the warmth of his life and career than the sting of his death and my own guilt and remorse.

    A friend of mine was at the Phillie’s photo day this year, and she and I were looking at her pictures of Cory this afternoon. I took a particular interest in , and she told me this story to go along with it:

    “the little kid was upset because of missing utley and he threw his hat on the ground and he was hiding by his mom and lidle came by a few minutes later, saw the hat on the ground, picked it up, walked over to him and started talking to him. then he turned the kid around to face his mom, put the hat back on his head and took a bunch of pictures with him and signed a baseball. it was the cutest thing i think i’ve ever seen.”

    Cory was a great man, and we’ll all miss him. Thank you so much, Z. Maybe it seems silly, but your attitude in the interviews and again in this entry – that lively, happy-go-lucky, optimistic, zen attitude that we tease you about but love you for – really, truly affected me tonight, and I know that I’m not the only one. Maybe nobody will ever read this, but getting it out there in words was really cathartic, and I wouldn’t have had that chance if not for this entry. Good luck in the rest of the playoffs and anything that life might lead you to.

    Rest in piece, Cory.

    – Kaitlynn


    Barry, I?m sorry for your lost and for Lidle?s family, friends and fans as well. But as you said, he?s probably in a better place now. Good memories are always kept safe in our hearts.

    ?So we?re down 2 games..SO WHAT! ..just 2 not 4.

    I sense a lot of tension in game tonight, not like the bunch of let loose, free flowing guys that swept the Twins just last week. I agree, a day to travel will be good to built on fresh start. We?ll be rooting for you guys to bring it back home on Tuesday Night. Have fun!

    Btw, thanks for keeping us posted.

    Go A?s!!!!!!!


    Oh, Barry, thank you for your generous gesture of blogging us through all this. I am tad removed in that i was unable to attend the game
    tuesday or last night due to a new job which demands time, but visiting this site and seeing your blog for the 1st time inspires me that the A’s are still the beloved A’s. I experienced a brief exit to the “blah, blah blah” of surrounding Leaugue Championship visiting media–a strange land for a fan as well.

    When I came up to work tonight at midnight, one of my coworkers who knows I’ve been an A’s fan since 2002, told me of Cory’s death. I was first in shock, then put on the Ch.5 news after the Late, Late show with Craig, and witnessed all the images of Cory. Then on Sports, I saw your interview and your mention of him going to grab an ice cream bar, and I knew all’s well. Having read you sharing that you were playing your guitar reinforced further that all’s well.

    Thank you for providing, and so generously sharing with all of, us out here who not only believe, but who now get to be connected more to real life by virtue of your humanity and that of the Cory Lidles.

    Would you give Mark Ellis a hug for me? To enter my library account since summer 2005, my pin number there had been 7514, daily affirming that you and Mark play key to the A’s being in two 2006 October series.

    Be watching you guys Sunday on television in Game 5.

    Thanks so much, again,



    Cory will be missed. Of course that doesn’t change the fact that the A’s will soon be eliminated from the post season. I apologize for saying the Tiger will win in 5, apparently the A’s have given up. So shine up the brooms cause you are about to be SWEPT!!!
    To bad so sad, I knew this team was over-rated would not make it past the 2nd stage.

    In case you don’t know, no team has ever come back from a 2-0 deficit to make it to the World Series. One thing is for sure, your blessed A’s are not good enough to make up the ground. Have a nice offseason.


    Thats pretty tough talk coming from a team that lost the division that they once had a 10 game lead on…..and just so you know, a team has come back from 0-3 to win the ALCS.

    Just remember that you now have a 10th man on the feild. Cory seemed like an awesome guy, he’ll be there for you all.


    Play Ball, no looming Raider aura in Detroit’s stadium, so shake off the current coliseum spell. Tell Swisher the Art Shell stare into space doesn’t work. RIP Cory Lidle, Best wishes for the family.


    Life is short. Even though we all know this in our head, we forget to apply this knowledge on a daily basis. Let’s have an eternal perspective, and let us all continue to pray for Cory’s family and friends.
    As for Baseball, try to relax and have fun. I very much want to see you pitch again in Oakland, in an A’s uniform. GO A’s!


    Theres still alot of baseball to be played…… Go and get’em. Lets GO Oakland! Bump Bump Be Be Bupm!


    Yesterday’s news really put me in a downer. I can only imagine how it impacted the team. Eric Byrnes was on a ESPN pre game show.. he looked stunned. When asked how you go out and play ball after finding out a past teammate has died.. he said he didn’t think he could. He had nothing but the best to say about Cory. You can tell Eric still has a kinship to the A’s team. So many A’s players go on to other teams but they will always have that bond. It’s the unique atmosphere the A’s have that allows the players to be their best. Cory was a part of that. Life is short, at least it can be said that Cory Lidle was living his dream and left here fullfilled. As far as the game goes… the team hasn’t had that same spark they normally do. They don’t look loose in the dugout, joking and laughing. Smile guys! Be your normal, goofball selves. Play hard and have a good time doing it! Get er Done!!!!


    Bucky, you can’t handle the truth. The A’s are done. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    The new A’s mantra: Get spanked, get swept! Cause’ thats how we roll.

    By the way I’m not even a Tiger fan, I just love to see the A’s lose. They shouldn’t even be in this position. I knew the couldn’t last.


    Zito- my heart goes out to you and all of his friends and family- as well as the A’s. Don’t worry about the game- you guys had a lot on your mind. I don’t care if the Tigers are favored- I still know you’ll take it all the way!


    Why do the A’s fans think they have the ghost of Cory watching over them. That’s just plain wrong. There is no 10th man in the outfield. He played with the A’s for two seasons (or whatever), but he also played with a number of teams. I’ve heard he played with somewhere around 7 and 9 teams depending on what news agency is reporting. As unfortunate as it is the A’s can not use that as a distraction for the playoff. That seems to be what’s happening here. Maybe the team and fans should focus on actually winning a game…


    To post above, this blog entry is about Cory Lidle. Don’t go off the topic, which is disrespectful to Cory himself and his family. Stop posting comments here, you trolls have gone too far. Thanks for the memories, Cory.


    I’m sorry for your loss. It must’ve been a real shock….I do see a difference in the way you guys are playing and I just would like it if you guys relax. You guys look so tense. Tell Swisher to smile more. I do see progress in game two though. We got a lot more runs…I will be here in the bay area rooting for you guys….


    I am being honest, I am not good at talking about people that have died, but I am really sorry about Cory, he was a good man and now in a better place. I can relate feeling the guilt you feel (about the poker tournament)becasue when my father died we did not end on good terms. You shouldn’t feel guilty at all, Cory knew you cared about him and that is all that matters.
    -God Bless, Natalie


    To Bucky:
    From ESPN Online: Detroit left the Bay Area with the comfort of knowing that all eight road teams to take a 2-0 lead in LCS history have gone on to reach the World Series.

    Sorry, I worded that incorrectly in my first post.

    Pachyderm: The A’s losing the game is part of the blog too…right??? Oh, you must be one of the fans that is in denial that your team is about to be done. Don’t be so wishy washy!

    Princessjenjen: Yeah, I’m sure Swishers smile is going to make the A’s turn this around.


    I’m sorry this had to happen…There’s never any right words to say regarding anyone’s untimely passing. All I can say is there are many people hurting right along with those who knew & loved Cory. Sometimes knowing you’re not alone w/ the thoughts, makes it easier to deal with. I know from experience…

    Please, tell Nick to keep his head up too. It seems like he’s bothered by something & I, as well as his other fans want to see him happy.

    …besides “Baseball”, people seem to forget that you guys are also “Human” and I just want you & the team to know, that win or lose, there are fans that care about you guys even beyond “the game”.

    (((hugs))) to Milton ~ he was AWESOME last night. And Kotsay, what can I say , he’s having a great post-season.

    You guys do real well on the road & I know that a win could turn this thing around in an instant.

    I’ll be cheering the entire way. KEEP YOUR HEADS UP (((HUGS)))



    Prayers go out to the Lidle family. It was really nice to read your post about a good friend.
    Now the A’s are a huge underdog, but you guys have been in that situation before. Just go out there and play. Like you said about Lidle, he was always relaxed and just happy to play in the Majors. You guys should take that same mentality. It seems like Detroit are like little kids in a big candy jar. They are relaxed, doing all the little things to help them win. If we can get a solid start from Harden and score some runs early and often off of Rogers, hopefully you guys take game 3. Just continue to be relaxed and patient and do those things that help you overcome all the injuries, etc. this season. We will be rooting for you. Payton said it best, until you lose 4 its NOT OVER. GO OUT THERE AND SWEEP THE TIGERS SO WE CAN CHEER YOU ON IN OAKLAND!


    Dear Zito, I really feel sorroy for Cory, may he rest in peace. Thanks so much for keep updating your blog, that makes the A’s fans feel good.
    So, we need to see each game as one at the time. Just forget the 2 losses we had.

    I have my hopes in Rich, he’s done a good job for us.

    If we lose that one, well it’s not meant for us.

    I just want to see my team play with more energy and with more fun out there.

    C’mon, we can do it.

    Love always, Sasha

    engserv01, leave this blog, you’re a JERK!!!!


    Barry, thank you for sharing your thoughts and memories of Cory. What a sad day for all of the baseball community.

    I only hope that sad day won’t be your last day in an A’s uniform at the Coliseum.

    Always a fan,



    Hey Barry-

    Living here in Milwaukee and being a life long A’s fan, I know Cory quite well. A few years ago when Cory was pitching for the Reds he had a bad game and as he came off the field I told him “Just like Toronto Cory!” At that point he took his gum out and threw it at me! I started giving him grief about it the next day and he apologized, said he didn’t know what got into him but that he was really sorry about it. We started laughing about it, and he gave me a signed ball.

    Ever since then whenever the Phillies were in town we would get together talk before or after the game about life or whatever was on his mind. One thing that was interesting was that when the book Aces came out he hadn’t read it, so I gave him a copy of the chapter that talked about him with Rick Peterson. He started laughing the next day and said that the story was right on point. He really missed Oakland and all of the guys on the team. This last time that he was in town we talked a lot about Bonds and the firestorm that came after his comments. He was a stand up guy and someone that really was a regular guy who could talk and laugh at himself in a way that you don’t see very often.

    I considered him a friend and he is someone that I will miss very much.

    My heart goes out to his wife and son and the rest of the Lidle family.

    God Speed my friend




    That apology you asked for in the last post…… it ain’t comin! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Also, the post you referenced was on topic the other folks who are making lidle a reason for the A’s to win is taking this a bit far… this is a place to honor Lidle and his memory but making him a martyr is pretty drastic. Once again you are wrong…….you must be use to it by now though..watching the A’s get spanked is priceless!!!!HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA



    I have to say that your words about Cory were touching. My heart goes out to you and his family.

    As far the games are concerned, I have been an A’s fan since I was a kid when Celebration just came out! One thing I know for sure is we can pull this thing off and get ourselves to the World Series. I was talking with my son last night about the game. I’m a Zito fan and he’s a Harden fan. (Not important, but I thought I’d share). He’s in little league right now and was REALLY upset at the last 2 losses. I had to explain to him that in sports, like life, there are ups and there are downs. It’s how we handle it during the down times that shows who we truly are. Go get em on Friday and make us proud!! We all know you guys can pull it off! Have a safe trip to Detroit and we’ll be here for you all when you get back!


    First I?ll like to give my sympathies to the Lidle family. I’ll have them in my prayers, and I know that Cory is in a better place.

    Well when it comes to the game I have to say that we still can pull this off. I mean you guys are great baseball players its going to be hard but don?t ever loose faith. By the way Barry you are such an amazing,caring and sweet guy. Anyways good luck in Detroit. GO A’S

    Luv Crystal


    Hey Barry. whats going on. Sorry to here about Cory. It’s horrible…he sounded like an awesome person. We’ll all miss him. Don’t worry about last night’s lost. There is still plenty of time. Just relax a LITTLE and get ready for next game. Well rest up…


    Barry, I am really sorry to hear about the loss of your former team mate and friend. Like you said he is in a better place and now he can watch over the A’s. You guys still have lots of time- Go get ’em!



    To all A’s haters:

    All eight teams in Championship Series history which has won the first two games on the road,has gone onto lose the series.

    Need I say more?


    First, my sympathies go out to the Lidle family, all his friends, and team mates. I was so crushed to hear that it was Cory in that tradgic accident.

    In November 2005 my best friend, John, passed away. Hearing of Cory’s death just brought back the grief and the first thing I wanted to do was call John to aks him if her heard about Cory, but I couldn’t. John and I use to attend the games together. We were there for picture day (I think it was in 2001) and I wanted John to take my picture w/ Cory Lidle. Cory and I posed for our picture. John said, “Ok” when he took the shot. Cory asked him “Did you take the picture? Did you take the picture?!” John said, defensively, “Yeah, I took the picture.” It turns out Cory noticed that the shutter didn’t open/close….John hadn’t taken the picture. From that day on, when John saw Cory Lidle, he’d say…”Hey there’s your friend Cory “did you take the picture” Lidle!”

    Go A’s and see you Tuesday!


    R.I.P. Cory…….loved watching you with the A’s and always loved your style and approach to pitching. Death is always tragic but at least you went out doing something you loved.

    Barry, thank you for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us. As far as the game, i agree with the other fans here…..the team has not looked like THE A’s we are used to seeing. We aren’t nearly as loose, especially our starting pitchers. Its like Loaiza(and yourself) were trying too hard instead of being themselves. Bradleys right – we can’t expect to win games if we’re giving up 5,6,7+ runs a game. Thats not our forte.

    Guys – just take a deep breathe and remember…….you guys are the A’s……a bunch of guys who love playing this game. And i KNOW you don’t want the season to be over just yet so how bout we go out there and play OAKLAND A’s ball and let the rest take care of itself. Frank needs to relax cuz we have NO chance if he continues to go 0-for. I know we can do it and we are SOOO close. No pressure anymore, no one expects us to win so just let it all hang out.




    It’s sad…Knowing that Cory is gone. I’ve been thinking about him all day. It just makes me see how short life is. R.I.P Cory Lidle!

    As for the games I believe you guys can still go out there and win. Good luck in game 3 everyone!


    Hi Barry,
    I come to to check scores and buy tickets, but honestly have never read your blog. I will be a regular reader now – you’ve given me so much insight to the team and your mentality.

    I’ve been thinking about the Lidle family since I heard about the crash. It was shocking and for his father to have found out from hearing it on the news, it’s just horrible.

    I had to watch you pitch G1 on tv and saw the team last night. There was a noticable difference between what I saw and what I saw at Game 3 of the ALDS. I know though that stuff happens, jitters whatever – but I have faith in the A’s, and everyone I know believes in the team. We’ll all be cheering for you with our noisemakers in Oakland.

    All the best ~ annie



  40. Jennifer


    I am sorry for the loss of ypur friend,Cory. Cory was/is a great ballplayer and will always remain that way. You should not feel guilty for not going to play the poker with him that night. You and noone else could’ve predicted what happened. It is just the way of life. Barry,you have your memories of Cory that will live with you forever. If you let those die in you then Cory will too.

    For all the people whom have been posting rude comments about the A’s or any other team need to take the discussion elsewhere. This post is for “Remembering Cory”.

    My deepest sympathy goes out to Cory’s Family and the NY Yankees.

    Barry,you and Oakland Athletics can pull it off! I believe in you guys! Good Luck at Game 3.

    Go Oakland A’s!




    It’s hard to see anyone go like that, whether or not you know them personally or have only heard of them. I can’t imagine what it would be like to lose a close friend because I haven’t experienced it, thank godness, but I offer my deepest sympathies. It’s awful to hear of losses.

    God go with you, Cory.

    As for the team, Barry, I still have faith in you. I believe that you can overcome this. It’s not decided yet and I think it’s a mistake to assume the series is wrapped up and tied with string.

    I really enjoy your blog! Give Rich all my luck and positive energy.




    Dear Barry,

    It’s sad to hear of the loss of your friend Cory Lidle. My sympathy to all his family and friends.

    As for the A’s, I wish only the best for the team – know that there are many fans supporting all of you. We will be cheering you on this Friday and will look forward to a great game for the A’s!!!!!!!!!!



    Honor your friend and your brother with what you know how to do. Allow the child you described in him to be within you. You guys are the best in this type of situation and you all know it. Have fun even in the elements and play your standard hard Oakland Athletics Baseball and know that we are proud.


    My 84 year old father, Angelo, was in WWII 11th Armored Division with a Dominic Zito. They were in the band together and were very good friends. We live in NJ and are huge baseball fans. My father has always wondered if you and Dominic are related. I hope so, I would love to tell him.

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